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Word Crimes According to Weird Al

Word Crimes by Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al came out with a new album fairly recently, and my boyfriend sent me a link to his video for “Word Crimes” because, let’s face it, it’s me we’re talking about. For reference, in case any of you aren’t as aware of Weird Al’s affinity for grammar, he’s a self-described grammar nazi, and this song is a clear indication of that fact.

Kill Your Darlings For Fun and Leisure

Kill Your Darlings

When writing a series (or even just a really long novel), at some point, the characters become known, their dynamics set, and readers can almost guess how characters will feel about a given plot twist before it happens. Fans go beyond love for characters and form deep connections … and expectations.

Some readers love to simply love their characters and enjoy their next adventure. But don’t discount the fun of killing your darlings to shake things up.

How to Write Better By Following This One, Simple Rule

how to write better

Out of curiosity, I recently Googled “how to write better.” You should try it. I got a list of great resources that would help any writer. However, as I read each of the articles, something began to gnaw at me. Something was missing in the excellent advice these well-respected writers were giving on how to write better. A core rule had been left out.

This article is about that missing rule.

What I Learned From Writing A Novel “LIVE”

photo credit: WarmSleepy via photopin cc

A couple months ago I wanted to try something new, mix things up a bit. My wife suggested I write my next novel in real-time, for all the world to see. Grammar trolls be damned. After a day to think about it, I said I’d do it.

I was a little scared before I started, and humbled when it began, but in one more day I’ll be done with the first draft and I’ve harvested some great lessons along the way. Here’s what I’ve learned from writing a novel “LIVE”, and why you might want to try it too.

How One Writer Destroyed Self-Doubt

Our Doubts Are Traitors, Shakespeare Quote

Have you ever experienced the pains of being bullied? Did you cry for hours like I did? Did you feel you’d never rise again? If so you’re self-esteem and confidence has been damaged. You don’t feel like you’re good enough. I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong.

Here’s a Writing Prompt to Help With “Show, Don’t Tell”

Show Don't Tell Writing Prompt

Yesterday, we learned a great tip for following the essential writing advice, “Show, Don’t Tell.” Today, we’re going to continue to work on showing instead of telling with this writing prompt.

Use This Tip to Test if You’re Showing or Telling

We’ve all heard a variation of the advice: Show, Don’t Tell. In other words, don’t tell us what happened, show us. But how do you know you’ve succeeded?

The Magic of Free Writing

One of my favorite things to do is freewrite. I love it, for so many different reasons. For the most part, I love it because it’s freeing, just like the name implies. But there are three specific cases when it can be especially helpful.

Euphemism: Definition and Examples for Writers

Euphamism Definition

I’m in the home stretch of the second book of Lev Grossman’s Magicians series. Basic premise: imagine that you’re a huge fan of the Narnia series, and also a magician at magic college. And then you find out that Narnia is real, and a lot darker than the books led you to believe. That’s the most simplistic way of putting it, but you should probably read the series yourself. But the series is told from the point of view of a high school/college-aged boy named Quentin. Clearly, since there is a young adult male protagonist, there are euphemisms sprinkled liberally through the books.

3 Lessons from Successful Author Pinterest Boards

3 Lessons from Successful Author Pinterest Boards

Confession: I didn’t get Pinterest for a long time. This is embarrassing for me both as a platforming author and as a marketing professional.

But when Pinterest suddenly became the fastest-growing platform with undeniably powerful user trends, I figured I’d better at least set up an account and see if I could figure out what all the buzz was about.