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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for Writers (and Those Who Love Them)

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for Writers

In this post, we share the best Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday steals we’ve found for writers and those who love them.

How To Write A Screenplay Using Amazon Storywriter

How To Write A Screenplay Using Amazon Storywriter

Last week, Amazon released a free, cloud-based screenwriting application. Here are the details on how to write a screenplay using Amazon Storywriter.

How to Write a Thank You Note (a Real One)

How to Write a Thank You Note

Handwritten notes are like sending a hug through the mail. They have personality and character, attributes a computer screen will never have. Let me show you why, when, and how to write a thank you note.

How to Level Up Your Writing Habit

How to Level Up Your Writing Habit

NaNoWriMo demands a sudden burst of high capacity creation—it’s like sprinting a marathon. This works for some people, but if you’re not one of them, don’t feel bad. Try leveling up instead.

Why Should Anyone Read Your Story?

friday post

If you’re like many talented writers, your story might not be very interesting. In fact, it might be pretty boring. Too often, writers get caught up trying to express themselves and forget their audience. The best stories aren’t about how the author feels. The best stories are about how the reader feels

Three Ways to Write Good Beginnings

write good beginnings

Just like with people, it’s important for a book to make a good first impression. Good beginnings are vital because it is your chance to draw your reader into the story. The first few pages, even the first sentence, can be what lead your reader to stay with it until the end. Hooking your reader can be extremely hard to do, so it’s good to keep a few things in mind as you’re writing. Here are three of my tips.

4 Steps to Read Like a Writer

read like a writer

When we read, we change our world, and we write because on some level, we want to do the same for others. Do you want to write something that affects others the way you were affected? Then you have to learn to read like a writer—with your brain turned on.

How Are You? Good vs. Well

Good vs Well

When someone asks you, “How are you?” how should you respond? Should you say, “I’m good,” or, “I’m well?” Which is correct grammatically: good or well.

Since “how are you?” became a standard greeting, the use of good vs. well has been hotly disputed. Let’s straighten this confusion out.

Are You an Indulgent Writer?

Are You an Indulgent Writer

I was in the third grade when I received my first journal. And, while I couldn’t articulate at the time, that was when I discovered writing as mechanism to self-soothe. Writing helped me, and it still does.

But that doesn’t mean my journals are worth reading. When I’m journaling, I’m an “indulgent writer.”

How to Storyboard in Scrivener

How to Storyboard in Scrivener

Storyboarding as it pertains to novels and short stories is the process of mapping out your story, often using index cards, in a high-level way that allows you to see your story visually and rearrange it.

Scrivener’s corkboard view provides the perfect interface to do this digitally, with a method to transition to a physical medium.