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Writing Prompts

Great Creative Writers Are Serious About Their Writing. Are You?

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What to Do When You Run Out of Creative Steam

What To Do When Your Creative Energy Dries Up

Here’s the thing about creative energy: it can dry up.

Writing is an amazing act of courage and creation, and it takes a lot out of us. All too often, we run out of steam, and usually at the worst possible moments—when we have a deadline, a story to finish, a publisher breathing down our necks, or even just our own internal editor’s demands.

The good news: it happens to us all.

The better news: there’s a way out. Read on.

When You’re Stuck in the Writing Process, Do This.

When You're Stuck in the Writing Process, Do This.

Have you ever felt like you needed help with your writing process, but didn’t know where to turn? Perhaps you’re new to this writing thing, or you’ve been too scared to tell anyone what you’re working on.

Or, if you’re like me, you’ve spent so much time in the writing process, so much time writing, editing, pitching, and educating yourself on the process that you truly believe you’ve done all you can possibly do on your own.

What should you do now?

What I Mean When I Say I Am A Writer

What I Mean When I Say I Am A Writer

I’m beginning a long season of travel. Yesterday, I got home from California, where I had a few meetings and spent time with family. In July, I’ll be in Portland for World Domination Summit (if you’ll be there, let me know!). In August, there’s Plywood Presents in Atlanta, and the Tribe Writers conference in Nashville, where I’ll be speaking (you should come!).

What this means for me is that I have to explain what I do for a living a lot. It’s not easy, at least for me. I am a writer, yes, but what does that really mean?

Don’t Let This Common Writing Mistake Ruin You

Don’t Let This Common Writing Mistake Ruin You

I hear from writers about your struggles all the live long day. Many problems (doubt, procrastination, perfectionism) have the same solution — it takes time, patience and practice to improve your craft. However, there’s one common writing mistake that gives me chills every time because it’s harder to help…

5 Grammar Hacks for Writers Who Hate Grammar

5 Grammar Hacks for Writers Who Hate Grammar

I see this in comments on The Write Practice all the time. “I want to be a writer, but I know nothing about grammar.” I don’t have a degree in English or Journalism, either.

I am, though, a writer. For those of you who have decided you are a writer too, you don’t need a degree in English or be an expert in grammar. There are a few grammar hacks I’ve learned that have helped me.

How To Write a Story 101: Character

How To Write a Story 101: Character

This continues our series How to Write a Story 101. See the earlier post about Conflict. You are going to write a story. Yes, today is the day you are going to write a fiction story about someone. Your character, and their development through the story is the heart of fiction.   Make your characters real, […]

10 Lessons I Learned While Writing My First Novel

10 Lessons I Learned While Writing My First Novel

Within the last week, I’ve completed the final round of revisions on my fantasy novel and started querying agents. Here’s what I’ve learned.

Woo! Huzzah! Happy dances all around.

“The Change” by Tom Farr [story]

The Change by Tom Farr

Earlier this month, sixty writers submitted stories to the Wordhaus Writing contest, which we co-hosted with Wordhaus Literary Magazine. Today, I’m honored to present the winning story, “The Change” by Tom Farr. Wordhaus has published the finalists, and so make sure to subscribe to their magazine here. If you’d like to participate in future contests like this, make sure to sign up for the Becoming Writer waiting list. We will be re-opening the community on Monday. Enjoy the story!

72% of Writers Struggle With THIS


Nearly every day, I hear from writers who are struggling to finish their stories. They tell me they have great ideas, have already finished a few chapters of their book, but they just can’t summon the motivation to finish.

Why You Should Write What You DON’T Know

Why You Should Write What You DON'T Know

“Write what you know.” We hear it all the time as writers, just as often as we hear “kill the adverbs,” “don’t disregard the first draft,” and all of the other common tips about writing. But while writing what you know is definitely useful in one sense, writing what you don’t know can be just as rewarding. Here’s why.