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7 Tools To Help You Write a Novel (+ a free ebook)

Tools to Write a Novel

Do you want to write a novel? Are you one of those people who has always dreamed of writing one, but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’ve started, but got lost somewhere in the middle? If you said yes to any of those questions, you’re in luck. You’re in exactly the right place […]

4 Reasons Why it is Dangerous To Compare Your Writing To Others

comparing yourself

For a cat there are many dangerous things to be careful of. We are small and a car might not see us when we try to cross the road; we could be run over and killed. In our homes the humans who live with us might drop a piece of peanut butter toast on our head, and we could smell like peanuts. However, there is something more sinister than fast cars and peanut butter toast.

There is a danger that applies to writers, cats, and humans. The Danger Of Comparing Yourself.

Pyrrhic Victory: Definition and Examples for Writers

Pyrrhic victory

I’m a little bummed that I’ve missed my chance to see the first part of Mockingjay in theaters, since movies apparently only live in theaters for six weeks these days. (Anyone else remember when The Lion King was in theaters for like 9 months?) I enjoyed the Hunger Games trilogy a lot, but Mockingjay was probably the weakest of the three in my opinion, so I’m curious to see how the movie compares, and if any tweaks were made to the story.

8 Tips From Literary Agents About How to Get Published

Tips from Literary Agents

If you follow a lot of writing blogs, you have probably heard a lot of the same tips about the finding-an-agent process. Here is some advice that you might not have heard before.

Which Writers Would You Like to Learn From—Living or Dead?

which writers would you like to learn from, living or dead?

One thing I’ve learned writing this blog over the last three-and-a-half years is that we never “arrive.” The more you learn about the craft of writing, the more you realize how little you know.

What Your Favorite Books Tell You About Your Writing

What Your Favorite Books Can Tell You About Your Writing

Four novels sit on my desk at all times: To Kill a Mockingbird, A Prayer for Owen Meany, The Lovely Bones, and The Book Thief.

There are many other books I adore, but these are the ones I keep nearby for writing inspiration. Each changed me in an unforgettable way.

Those are the stories on my outsides, but what about the ones inside?

Have you ever analyzed your inner stories?

You should because it’s where you’ll find your most powerful and un-put-downable writing.

10 Steps to Express Yourself Better in Writing

How to express yourself in your writing

Good writers can express themselves thoughts. But with so much flowing through the chambers of the mind, it is not easy to concisely find just the right words to express and idea or emotion, or to narrate action.

What phrases convey to the reader exactly what the writer is thinking? How do you express yourself while keeping your reader following a logical description, dialogue or argument?

How Into the Woods Got it Wrong (And Why You Should Too)

Into the Woods

This weekend, I finally got around to seeing Into the Woods. Years ago, I saw the play the film is based on with my high school drama club on Broadway. Of course, because Into the Woods is a Disney film, there were a few things from the original musical that didn’t make it to the big screen (the fate of Rapunzel, the Baker’s Wife’s encounter with Cinderella’s Prince, etc.). Despite those changes, the overall theme of the musical remained intact.

5 Key Elements for Successful Short Stories

Successful Short Stories

As the editor of a genre fiction website, I’ve seen my share of short stories—the good and the bad.

No matter what kind of fiction you write, being able to craft a good short story can help you sharpen your skills. Ray Bradbury recommended writing one short story a week—it seemed to work out pretty well for him.

How to Use Google Images to Make Your Writing More Vivid

google images for writers

Creative as we might be, sometimes our imaginations dry up.

Our scene might happen in a coffee shop, but the coffee shop in our heads is ghostly. In it, people don’t talk, don’t move, don’t even have faces!

And that, well, is creepy.