How to Write When You Don’t Feel Like it


As a writer, it’s easy to fixate on your mistakes, like a poor first draft or your inability to find that perfect word when you need it most.

Fortunately, the solution to your writer’s block is easy—you just need to go for a walk in your pajamas. Let me explain.

Why Crutch Words Are Holding Back Your Writing

Crutch Words Are Holding Back Your Writing

It’s a rule of thumb for any writer to follow Strunk’s advice and “omit needless words.” That’s easier said than done. Sure, you know which filler words to cut, and you know how to hunt down those pesky weasel words. But sometimes, sheer editing isn’t enough.

Your writing can still suffer after you’ve gone through your piece seven times. Why? Because you’re likely using crutch words and have become blind to them. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal, it can bog down your writing.

How to be a Better and Happier Writer

better writer

If you’re like me, you love writing. And…you hate it. Sometimes at the time. We writers are full of contradictions when comes to writing. We savor our alone time, yet we want to be loved by our peers. We want to create art, yet we want to be on the bestseller lists.

How to Out Write Your Inner Critic

How to Outwrite Your Inner Critic

When I first started writing seriously, I burned everything I wrote because I was afraid of anyone reading it. The reason I’m sharing this is because I now know my inner critic was the cause of each of these moments of self-doubt. In this post, I want to show you to outwrite your inner critic.

How to Use Life Experience to Write Better

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Readers want something that’s real. They want to live in your novel. They want to become your characters, and feel every joy and heartache right along with them. They want to see, smell, hear, feel, taste. Our struggle as the writer is to deliver to them what they want. Our careers and our very lives depend on how the readers feel. No pressure, right?

3 Ways to Find Out Who Your Readers Are

discover your readers

Sometimes, the readers you think you have actually turn out to be someone else. Knowing who they really are can be pivotal…not just in your writing, but in your marketing as well.

Follow These Rules To Write Conditional Sentences Correctly

ollow These Rules To Write Conditional Sentences Correctly

Of all the nuances of grammar in the English language, this is my greatest pet peeve. No, it’s not “its vs. it’s.” It’s not “there, their, and they’re.” It’s not even the Oxford comma.

Let’s talk conditional sentences.

7 Playful Techniques to Shatter Your Writer’s Block

writer's block

You want to write, but the words don’t come.

You want to write, but you’re utterly blocked.

Writer’s block can occur because you let self-criticism obstruct the easy flow of thoughts from your brain to your writing fingers. It’s akin to hardening of the arteries.

Grammar: Your Secret Writing Weapon

who vs whom

Looking for a way to achieve an edge that will raise your writing to the top of an agent’s or editor’s inbox? Dreaming that your pitches, cover letters, query letters, and actual prose will stand out and be noticed? Just want to be taken more seriously as a writer?

It’s a lot easier than you think.

4 Writing Tips From a Former Creative Writing Major

4 Writing Tips From a Former Creative Writing Major

For a year and a half, I studied as a creative writing major at a tight-knit private university. I wrote poetry under the guidance of a published poet, learned how to develop a narrative arc, and attended readings by local authors.

Now, I’m a professional freelance writer and English major at a different school. But as I look back on my creative writing studies, I see many mistakes that I made (and that other students made, too).