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That Feeling You Get When You Finish a Writing Project

Finish writing project

I just finished a very important writing project, a proposal for a new book project I’m ghostwriting. It was a tough project, one that took a month longer than expected, and included a journey around the world, dozens of hours of research, a few exhausting back-and-forths with my client, and over 10,000 words of writing.

Yesterday, I read through my finished proposal and then sent it off to my agent.

Man, it feels so good.

10 Painless Steps to Writing a Blog Post that Connects with Your Readers

writing a blog

Yes, we’d all like more traffic, more comments, more readers on our blogs. But if you’re writing a blog, there’s one thing you want even more than readers. You might not admit that you want this. You might not even realize it! But it’s that emptiness you feel every time you’re disappointed after checking your blog stats. What is it?

This Writing Exercise Will Get You Unstuck Every Time

Writing Exercise

Sometimes, I just stare at the screen, wanting to write but having no idea what to say. Has that ever happen to you?

5 Elements of a “Perfect” Blog Post

write a blog post

We recently talked about how long your blog posts should be. Today, let’s talk about how to write a blog post that helps you accomplish your writing goals.

How Long Should Your Blog Post Be? A Writer’s Guide

blog post length

I was at a meetup with a group of bloggers recently when someone turned to me and asked, “What do you think is the perfect length for a blog post? How long should my blog posts be?”

The Strongest Form of Characterization


How do you create memorable characters?

Do you introduce them with back story, summarizing their life from childhood to the present for five to ten pages? Do you describe them in detail, from the tips of their hairs to their crusty toenails? Do you open your novel line one with a snappy bit of dialogue and let your reader figure out what’s going on?

How to Become a Better Writer in One, Simple Step

write better

Want to write better stories, essays, and blog posts? There’s one trick that you can do to easily become a better writer.

I’ve read a lot of writing by amateur writers both in my work as a professional editor and as the moderator of this blog, and I’ve found that there’s one, single piece of advice I give most often.

If you master this technique, you will quickly go from a mediocre writer to someone who writes stories that people read and say, “Wow! You wrote this?”

So how do you become a better writer?

Summer Sun (writing prompt)

summer sun

It’s summer and the weather is beautiful—at least where I live. Today, write about the sun, the summer, the warm weather.

Write for fifteen minutes. When your time is up, post your practice in the comments section. And if you post, please be sure to read a few practices by your fellow writers and give feedback.

Happy writing!

Want to Write a Book? Do This First

premise writing a book

Whether you’re writing a book or a blog post, it’s tempting to just dive into your writing project. However, you will likely save yourself time and create a better end product if you settle on a solid premise before you start writing.

How To Write When You’re Really Tired

write when tired

Just last night, I arrived back home from the Middle East, where I was working for the last two weeks. I traveled over 7,400 miles over thirty-two hours, and honestly, I’m exhausted.