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How to Write Better By Following This One, Simple Rule

how to write better

Out of curiosity, I recently Googled “how to write better.” You should try it. I got a list of great resources that would help any writer. However, as I read each of the articles, something began to gnaw at me. Something was missing in the excellent advice these well-respected writers were giving on how to write better. A core rule had been left out.

This article is about that missing rule.

Here’s a Writing Prompt to Help With “Show, Don’t Tell”

Show Don't Tell Writing Prompt

Yesterday, we learned a great tip for following the essential writing advice, “Show, Don’t Tell.” Today, we’re going to continue to work on showing instead of telling with this writing prompt.

3 Easy-to-Use Tools to Count Your Words

3 Tools to Count Your Words

So you need to get a word count for the latest chapter of your novel or an essay assignment for school? Don’t worry, here are three easy-to-use tools to count your words.

One Writing Prompt That Works Every Time

What do you want writing prompt

If you’re ever stuck trying to figure out what to write about, write about what you want.

You Need to Ask this Question Every Time You Sit Down to Write

writing Question

How can what you’re writing be more you?

Because in this world it’s so easy to be not you.

Mondegreen: Definition and Examples for Writers

Mondegreen Definition

I’m sure you’re familiar with the game Telephone? A group of people get in a circle, and one person comes with a silly phrase like, “The Orange Monkey Eats Green Bananas.” Then, the phrase is whispered from one person to the other around the circle. Each person can only say the phrase once and the listener can’t ask clarifying questions, like, “Did you mean Orange Monkey or Oral Moon Sea?” When the last person has to repeat the phrase, it’s inevitably ridiculous, usually something like, “The Horrible Pokemon Seats Green Cabanas.”

People mishear things all the time, and the game telephone proves it. When something is misheard, the resulting word or phrase is called a mondegreen.

10 Books for Back to School Moms and Dads

Far Out of the Ordinary

It’s Labor Day, and by tomorrow, the kids will be all back in school. That means more reading time for the kiddos, but more importantly, more time for reading for busy moms and dads!

Here are 10 books to read for those busy parents now that the kids are back in school!

That Feeling You Get When You Finish a Writing Project

Finish writing project

I just finished a very important writing project, a proposal for a new book project I’m ghostwriting. It was a tough project, one that took a month longer than expected, and included a journey around the world, dozens of hours of research, a few exhausting back-and-forths with my client, and over 10,000 words of writing.

Yesterday, I read through my finished proposal and then sent it off to my agent.

Man, it feels so good.

10 Painless Steps to Writing a Blog Post that Connects with Your Readers

writing a blog

Yes, we’d all like more traffic, more comments, more readers on our blogs. But if you’re writing a blog, there’s one thing you want even more than readers. You might not admit that you want this. You might not even realize it! But it’s that emptiness you feel every time you’re disappointed after checking your blog stats. What is it?

This Writing Exercise Will Get You Unstuck Every Time

Writing Exercise

Sometimes, I just stare at the screen, wanting to write but having no idea what to say. Has that ever happen to you?