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In the last year, we’ve partnered with literary magazines to host four different writing contests, giving away almost $1,000 in prizes and publishing hundreds of writers for the first time.

We believe writing contests are some of the best writing practice you can have, and have found that if they’re set up the right way, participating in them can be life changing.

We host these contest through Becoming Writer, our premium community where writers get critique on their stories, build relationships with other writers, and get published through our partner literary magazines.

Upcoming Contests

Here’s the upcoming contest schedule for 2017:


We’ll be hosting a contest in the Spring and registration will open on March 2nd.


We’ll be hosting a contest in the Summer and registration will open on June 1st.

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Essential Writing Contest Resources

Here are a few helpful resources and articles about how to get the most out of writing contests:

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10 Steps to Becoming a Writer. In this 10-step downloadable guide, you’ll learn what it takes to become a writer. Linda says about the guide, “Gave me more food-for-thought than any other advice I have been given.” You can get your copy here.