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Show Off AnthologyReal writers read.

  • Writers read the classics.
  • Writers read bestsellers in their genre.
  • And writers read the work of their peers.

The problem with today’s market is there are just too many books to be read. How do you know if what you’re reading is going to be any good, especially if it’s a writer I haven’t heard of before?

Personally, I have so much reading to do, I’m rarely interested in reading books by writers I don’t know. Why take the risk?

And this is exactly why we’ve created the Show Off Anthology. For the last year, I have combed through the work of literally hundreds of writers. I read short stories until I got to the point where I never wanted to read short stories again. And from about 500 entries, a team of judges and I selected the ten best stories.

The nice thing for you is that there’s no chance that you won’t get something out of this anthology. We have painstakingly selected each one to bring you a truly wonderful read.

This book represents over a years worth of work from me and these ten writers. I know you’re going to enjoy it.

About the Book

I’m biased, because I’ve read some of these stories on before they made their way into a book, but I loved these stories. They are short and addicting. They will both haunt you and leave you wanting more.
—Jeff Goins, author

The ten talented writers featured in the anthology were chosen from our monthly short story contests we’ve held over the last year here on The Write Practice.

You’ll read stories about courage, love, loss, and desperation. Florene, a three-time beauty queen, is betrayed by the pastor she’s having an affair with, but finds her own way to get revenge. Ray is a floundering Vietnam veteran who confronts the wounds of the past to help his controversial neighbors. A dying cowboy says goodbye to his horses after one last ride.

This book is for people who like good writing, powerful stories, and want to discover exciting new voices.

The fantastic actress Emily Barnes, recorded the audio version. Zak Erving designed the cover. If you’re looking for help with your own book, I highly recommend working with them. Also, special thanks to author Brandon Clements for walking me through the process of publishing our first print book!

What People Are Saying

Nearly fifty people have already reviewed the book. Here are some of my favorites:

“… I found myself wanting more and will check out those authors to see what other work they have created.” —Tonya Overstreet

“Each story shows the voice of each individual writer and all will leave you with goose bumps.” —Katie Axelson

“I would recommend this book for anyone who wants a good story, doesn’t have a lot of time, and wants to discover new authors.” —Nancy Hendrickson

…I liked the raw human emotions expressed in the book. Each writer sure does pack a lot of story into his or her short story. Some of the stories surprised me in their endings.” —Ryan Edison

“The ten stories in this anthology run your emotions up and down like fingers on the neck of a guitar.” —Boocoos

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Get the Book

The Show Off Anthology is currently available on Amazon in both print and digital versions. You can also get the audiobook here on our website.

For a limited time, you can also get it in all formats for a pretty amazing price on the website. Check out all the packages here to find out more.

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Discover 10 new, talented writers today. Get the Show Off Anthology. FIND OUT MORE.

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