Do you ever get stuck? No, of course you don’t. You’re a writer, and that never happens to us. Yeah right. 🙂

What do you do to break out and keep writing?

I found a new solution last year that has catapulted my production and creativity. Simple yet effective: pre-made book covers.

Out Of The Blue

It all started with a random email. One of the lists I subscribe to was offering a number of pre-made book covers for sale. Always curious about design, I clicked through.

Right away I saw one that I wanted. Round and round I went thinking, “I wish I had a story I could use for this.”

Throwing caution to the wind, I bought said cover and slept on it. That night I tossed and turned, not second-guessing the tiny sum I’d just paid, but flying through the images born of the dragon on the orange cover. A new world emerged.

That book cover turned into the first book of the series The Chronicles of Benjamin Dragon. Awesome.

Round Two And Then Some

Late last year I had a hard time coming up with ideas for two of my series. Remembering the inspiration from the pre-made cover, I did an online search, finally coming across a talented designer named James.

Scrolling through his work, my mouth hanging open (I only drooled a bit), the ideas flowed like crazy. Stories and scenes revealed themselves in stark clarity. It was like a painter finding his perfect model. I was hooked.

Since then, I’ve purchased numerous covers from my new friend. I haven’t used even a portion of them yet, but I will. I keep them on my desktop and refer to them when I’m planning the next book in a series. So far, the pre-made book covers have turned into five new novels.

Time after time it’s worked.

Could it work for you?



For the next fifteen minutes, write a summary of the book Island Days, based on its cover.

Post your practice in the comments section below and please provide feedback for your peers.