Announcing Our New Book, Scrivener Superpowers

I’m very excited to announce the launch of our newest book, Scrivener Superpowers, by M. G. Herron!

 Scrivener Superpowers

Transform Your Writing Process

Like most writers, you’d like to write more and write better. You might have even tried Scrivener, the top word processor for writers, hoping it would help you with your writing goals.

When I talk about Scrivener, though, I usually hear things like, “Oh I tried that and gave up. Too complicated!” Scrivener is notoriously overwhelming to learn, and while it might indeed upgrade your writing skills, who has the time to wade through hours of technical manuals figuring it all out?

However, we’ve already heard from dozens of early readers who have told us they not only had a great time reading the book, they not only feel prepared to write their books with Scrivener, but they feel like their whole writing practice has been transformed.

Scrivener Superpowers will not only change your approach to Scrivener, it will change your writing life.

Jeff Goins

“Before you write your next book, read this one first. I highly recommend Scrivener to authors, but it can be a little hard to learn. Finally, we have a guide worthy of the work ahead of us.”
—Wall Street Journal bestselling Jeff Goins,

Sound interesting? You can get the book from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or directly from us here at (and get special bonuses).

What’s In the Book

Scrivener SuperpowersScrivener Superpowers is a 196-page book about how to transform your writing process with Scrivener, the cutting edge software for writers. If you don’t have Scrivener, but are interested in seeing how it can change your writing life, you can get a free trial of Scrivener here.

But it’s not just another technical manual. It’s an entertaining, easy-to-read, deeply helpful guide that will teach you to take your story from concept to completion using the most cutting-edge writing program available.

It will lead you through Scrivener’s best features with screenshots and illustrations. More importantly, though, it shows how to apply those features to the creative writing process to help you write more, write faster, and have more fun doing it.

The book is also packed with advice from other successful authors about how they use Scrivener, so you can focus directly on what Scrivener can do for you and your writing.

See more about what’s in the book at

Bonuses and Discounts for Write Practice Readers

I think this book will change your writing life, but just in case you’re still wondering if it’s worth it, I’m willing to bribe you.

Right now, we’re offering a fifty percent discount on the book if you get it before midnight Pacific Time on February 4. But after February 4, the price will double, so please don’t wait!

Also, if you buy the book before February 10, we’ll give you access to two exclusive video interviews with successful authors about how they use Scrivener. This is over an hour of bonus content that will help you become a more confident, savvier writer.

Get Scrivener Superpowers Today!

Scrivener SuperpowersTransform your writing process with Scrivener Superpowers and learn how to write more, write faster, and have more fun doing it.

I’m so excited for you to read this book. I think you’re going to love it.

The best place to purchase the book is here at You can also get the book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Buy the book today! Save fifty percent and get access to exclusive bonuses when you purchase the book now. The price will double at midnight PT on February 4. Buy the book here »

About Joe Bunting

Joe Bunting is a writer and entrepreneur. He is the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller Let's Write a Short Story! and the co-founder of Story Cartel. You can follow him on Twitter (@joebunting).

  • WritingBoy

    The more emails I receive about these new gimmicks, like Scrivener, that arrive simply checkmates me.

    Then we have another self-proclaimed genius comes up with a 196 page ‘book’ that will make understanding the problem ‘easy’.

    Why don’t people write; instead of spending their whole time either writing about ‘how’ to write or ‘reading’ about writing?!

    And as to the 196 page book. It could be suggested to the author, “Omit needless words”!

    I forget the name of the author, but he said, “Look, if you have something to say of any importance, if you can’t say it in seventy five pages; it won’t be any clearer after three hundred and fifty pages”.

    I don’t know how anyone has the time to write anything of worth reading all of the flotsam and jetsam that is shoveled up. The more there is of it; the less valuable it becomes. And, you have to pay for it. It’s like pay TV. There are 60 channels available but there still nothing to watch.

    • Lauren Timmins

      1. The book is written to explain how to use Scrivener, which is quite challenging to use with no instruction. That is the problem: how to use Scrivener. The book does solve this problem, and yes, it makes it “easy”.

      2. Again, Scrivener is a tool that writers have the potential to use. I stress potential. However the tool is confusing, and one may need some help figuring out how to use the tool in the first place and then apply the tool to their own style, which the book does. So, Mr. Herron wrote a book that teaches the reader how to use a tool that can improve their writing. People write about writing to help those who don’t know where to start or want to get better, and people read about it to better themselves, and that way they can write more efficiently.

      3. Using your analogy of pay TV, maybe someone else would like to watch one of the sixty channels.

    • Not a gimmick, just a tool. As far as writing time, most professional writers I know, even bestselling authors, can only write for about 5 hours a day. Writing, like any deep work, is mentally draining, and it’s difficult to do much of it at one time. So, assuming you sleep 7 hours a night, what are you going to do with those other 12 hours? Learning, improving your habits, reading, even reading a few reference manuals on the best tools for writers—these all seem like a great use of your time.

      As far as the premise, the more there is, the less valuable it becomes, I couldn’t disagree more. Art, like love, is not a commodity, and it’s not a resource made more valuable by scarcity.

    • Scrivener is the opposite of a gimmick. A gimmick is cute, tricky. It breaks on third use. Scrivener is substantial. It’s powerful. It’s flexible, adaptable. No matter how communications technology changes, no matter how reading tastes change, so long as we communicate in words–lots of words–Scrivener can help us organize them efficiently to convey meaning. “Tool” is almost too small a word for it. I’d liken it to a milling machine, powerful in the hands of a skilled worker.

  • What format is the book in when ordered directly? The order form doesn’t ask whether it’s for Kindle, Kobo, etc. Only asks for email. Does that mean you’ll send a pdf? Yuck.

    • anonotwit

      You get a zip file with the book in three different formats: epub (which will work with a Kobo), mobi (Kindle format) and PDF.

    • Hey Skipper! It mentions that here on the sales page,, and as anontwit says, it’s available in ePub (for nook/iPhone/iPad), Kindle, and a beautifully formatted PDF (if I do say so myself). Thanks!

      • Yes thanks. After commenting, I went back to the page to grouse at it and saw the file format list my eyes had passed over earlier. Read the book last night. Useful for writers who might have memorized lots of Scrivener functions from a manual and still not have any idea how to use them. There was lots of overlap between what the the six quoted authors and Herron covered, and I bet Herron could have used some of those pages to cover more of his own techniques.

  • simonjm

    Trying to buy through PayPal, clicking “Continue” in the checkout/review step just loops back to that checkout/review (the same page) without an error msg or other information…looks like somebody did not program this right 🙁

    • Sorry to hear that Simon. It’s working for me, but it’s strange that that’s happening. I’ve sent you an email. Hopefully we can help see what’s going on.

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  • SO excited about this.

  • WritingBoy

    OK, I’ll accept the collective ‘up-in-arms’ about how good this it. So I went to PP to pay for it and as Simonjm says below, when Continue is clicked it just loops back to the Continue button.

    Yes, it looks like someone is costing someone a lot of sales.

    • Strange. I haven’t heard of anyone else having that issue. I’ll definitely look into it! I’ve sent you an email. Perhaps you can provide me with more details about what happened there. Thanks!

  • WritingBoy

    Well, this is just bloody lovely…I tried to pay for the book, and clicked on the Continue button a couple of times just to make sure I’ve done the right thing…PayPal have shut my account down until I can prove it’s me using it.

    Get it right Joe!!!

    • I’m sorry to hear that! How strange. While this is the first time I’ve heard of an issue like this happening, I can imagine how frustrating it would be. In general, it’s good to be careful about pressing the purchase button several times. Sometimes it can result in several charges. While I don’t see any duplicate purchases on our end (perhaps because Paypal is holding them), we’ll of course refund them for you if they come through. I’ve sent you an email, and while I’m not sure what’s causing that, I hope we can help. Thanks.

  • Hunter Emkay

    Still getting Paypal loop problems. Tried first thing Friday morning, now it’s Monday morning my (Aussie) time. Continue button does not work on Paypal for this transaction page, although I risked clicking it twice.

  • Lou

    It’s not PayPal, it’s the function on your order page which does not work

  • Lou

    paypal did not shut anyone’s account, I am using mine all the time.
    Rectify your order page please

  • Penelope Silvers

    Ordered the book through the link in the e-mail and didn’t have any problem. I started with Scrivener, and just using the basic features, so looking forward to unlocking all the secret stuff! 😉

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  • MCD’ Alton

    Bought and paid for have the receipt but it won’t download or open or do what ever it is supposed to?