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2015 Writing Contest Stories

In August 2015, we hosted a writing contest through our premium program, Becoming Writer, in which every writer had the chance to get published. We were amazed by the results. Not only were we impressed by the quality of stories submitted, but the writers who participated developed a close community, one that will continue on long after this contest.

This is what we love to do in Becoming Writer: we give accountability to writers to actually finish their pieces, help them find a supportive and encouraging community of other writers who can give them feedback, and then, get them published and help them share their writing with the world.

Please check out the stories below, and if you enjoy them, share them with others.

And if you’re a writer, we’d love to have you join us for our next contest. You can sign up for news and more information here.

2015 Writing Contest Stories

And now, the stories! You can also find the stories with summaries here.

A Genuine Shame” by Zach Klimczak
A Gift” by Hetie Burt
A Good Day” by E.S. Connor
A Hatred of Shadows” by Megan Johnson
A New Friend” by Mike Spara
A New Road” by Thomas Giles
A Stranger Meeting” by Elizabeth Cooper
A Stroll in the Park” by Rebecca Sponsler
A Victorian House of my Own” by Keith Robbins
Anyone Who Had a Heart” by Zannie Rose
Assisting His Destiny” by Melony Dixon
Beneath the Moon Tower” by Laura Garland
Between the Aisles” by Susanna Loosier
Beyond the Veil” by Wednesday Churchill
Bigger on the Inside” by Joana Pitt
Borders” by Denica McCall
Broken Pieces” by Brenda Liz Saldana
Caesar” by Michelle Tom
Can I Borrow Your Notes?” by Tina Seward
Cannons of the Northwest” by Stewart Conkle
Chérie” by Joanna Wyndham
Choices” by Lincoln Lew
Church Girl” by Melvia Zeigler
Cimmyr” by Reneé Madden
Collide” by Mandy Treccia
Cooking Troll for Two” by Luke Geldmacher
Cracks in the Glass” by Jugal Jain
Crossroads” by Yasmin
Damaged” by Caitlin
Death’s Sting” by Miriam Nicholson
Discovered” by Joy Burke
Escape” by Sarah Ivie
Exhibit C” by Gavin Ritchie
Exit 3” by Taylor Maurand
Extraordinary Measures” by Jenn Rae
First Meetings” by Hubert Du
First Meetings and Later Scenes” by Robert McManus
Flaws and Flames” by Aarika Copeland
Flowers and Traditions” by Hailey
Flukes” by Yoanna Novakova
Full Size” by Kenneth M Harris
Gnarled” by Mckenna
Haunted” by Caleb Schadeck
He Watches” by Amanda Avery
Hello Again” by Tammy Amaro
Helpless” by Judi A Plante
I Swear It” by Olivia
In A Name” by S. J. Henderson
In Black and White” by K.M. Updike
It was Fate or Something” by Erin
It’s All Fun and Games Until…” by Kim McNamara
It’s Unfortunate To Have Met You” by Tow Min Yi
Joseph, Joseph” by Leigh Dolinger
Journey of the Heart” by Sunny Bodenhamer
Judy’s Christmas Present” by Lilian Gardner
Knowing John” by Gloria Saltzman
Laugh Like Children” by Wanchain Leong
Laundry on a Saturday Night” by L. J. Lewis
Laura” by Lauren Hester
Link” by Elena Brabant
Love is a Choice” by Deborah S. Martens
Love Takes a Hit” by Elizabeth Solar
Maddy and Todd” by Cathy Graham
Making the Connection” by Claudia Chan
Married to the Church” by Stephen McCutchan
Maybe You’ll Meet Someone Nice” by Dan de Angeli
Meaningful Moments” by Sharon Svitak
Metamorphic Meeting” by Mary Patrick
Miranda” by Marka Ormsby
Monsters Beneath The Light” by Galen Serdreaho
Music of the Trees” by Paul Thompson
My Beautiful Being” by Donna McGuinness
My Dream Man” by Maria M. Dewaik
My Superhero Self” by Anna Savastano
Nayr Meets the Heart” by Ryan Doherty
Never Go Out Alone” by Sarah Riv
Not an Angel” by Linda Jo Reed
Of All Sad Words” by Jewell Holland
On the Contrary” by Emily Kay
One Night in a Galaxy Far, Far Away” by Ray Clune
Our Father” by Christopher Fruge
Outcast” by A.J. Priest
Panic” by Beatriz Sasse
Parallel” by Alec
Past Insanity” by Alex Leclerc
Persistent Heart” by Angela Rooker and Katrina Hernandez
Positive” by Courtney DuChene
Potentiality” by Audra Murr
Pray Crazy” by Janet Cole
Pretty Faces” by Michelle Chalkey
Psychotic Lover” by Ann Borges
Puzzling Pieces” by Tori Purr
Rarely, A First Meeting Is All It Takes” by R. Kevin Wierman
Raspberry Girl, With Freckles” by Godfrey Coppinger
Rebecca” by Frederick Fuller
Revenge” by Sridhar Shankar
Robert” by Pamela Hodges
Rough To Find Love” by Doug Ervin
Rude Beginnings” by Juanita Couch
Sara’s Challenge” by Cheryl Rodd
Second Chance Daughter” by Morag Hastie
Secrets and Lies” by Ashley Gamrat
Serendipity” by Mez Sowell
She Lightened the Load” by Suzanne B. Woods
Shining Night” by Hanalore VanWinkle
Snap Judgement” by Sheila Michaels
So This Is Life” by Bonnie Goode
Soldiers Make Poor Scouts” by Jerry Wennerstrom
Something Happened” by Stuart Fish
Speed Dating: A Tale of Drugs, Disclosure, and Awkward Coping Mechanisms” by Chase Glantz
Staying Afloat” by Alexandra Jade Goh-McMillen
Stuck on Pause” by Roberto Adauto III
Sylvia” by Heather Tackett
That’s Not My Dog” by Audrey Francis-Plante
The Angel’s Share” by Anne VanLoon
The Archer” by Waldo Wesley
The Art of Impatience” by Danielle Segobiano
The Bet” by Gale Cooney
The Black Eyed” by Audra
The Black Pouch” by Shane Fitzpatrick
The Burrito Effect” by Keith​ Monaghan
The Catch is the Thing” by Grace V. Robinette
The Cedar Chest” by Julianne Munich
The Coffee Spill” by Kayla Tronvold
The Cowbird Egg” by Emily H. Jeffries
The Cursed Afternoon” by Elizabeth Chan
The Cyborg” by Sarah Campbell
The Dare” by Linden George
The Earl’s Choice” by Ann-Marie Derkatch
The Fog” by Jennifer Lorz
The House” by Jan Perry
The Marriage of Family” by Cade Scott
The Meet and Greet” by Keisha Boatwright-Barrett
The Music Maker” by Robert Dierden
The Musical Earthquake” by Connie Rogers
The New Girl” by Dorryce Smelts
The Night of the Velsharoon” by Suzanne Johnson
The Packer Legacy” by Janet Eshenroder
The Painter” by MC Dalton
The Panther and Princess” by Thomas Eddy
The Perfect Day” by Teri Liptak
The Phoenix’s Offer” by Allyson Vondran
The Poet’s Muse” by Antonia Papadopoulos
The River” by Ren
The Sandbox” by Mousenomia Tadpole
The Save” by Marie-Thérèse Hernon
The Scent of Safety” by Alicia Wilkerson
The Stardust That Was Aunt Jane” by Dave Dowdy
The Steps of Pergamon” by Margaret McNellis
The Story of How I Met Jessica” by Kody Wescott
The Stranger with the Familiar Eyes” by C. M. Machado
The Swordsman and the Apprentice” by Robert B Battle
The Trade” by Naomi Quezada
The Treasure Within” by Hannah Kay Orf
The Vicious Circle” by Cody Wagner
The Weekend” by Tom Farr
Three Letters and One Answer” by Natasha
Time for December” by Gary G. Little
Timeless War” by Natasha Luttjeboer
To Con a Con” by Katymarie Frost
Totem” by  Johanna Rosberg
Treatment” by Geralde Sainte
Tricky Ticket” by Natalie Walker
Tunneled Vision” by Vania Ding
Twist of Fate” by  Lara Ferrari
Unexpected Hope” by Jeff Thornton
Vent” by Aretha Nesmith
Waiting for Sara” by Scott MacKeen
War Games” by Emily
We Asked for her, and Behold, We Got Her” by Jentry Williams
What Now?” by Elizabeth Jones
When Beginnings and Ends Meet” by Mitch Hamilton
When Good is Gone” by Wade Flaming
Where Do We Go From Here?” by Niried
Yellow Ribbons” by Anna Teodoro-Suanco
You Can’t Con and Honest Man” by Bob T. Blues

HUGE thank you to all the writers who participated in the contest. This was a highlight of our year. See you soon for the next one!

Well what did you think? Which stories were your favorite? Let us know in the comments section!