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By Rebecca Sponsler

Charlotte checked the mirror one last time before leaving her apartment.  She had put on black skinny jeans, her favorite pair of black boots, and a black spaghetti strap tank top; she also had on a bright red jacket to break up the solidity of the outfit.  She was on her way to see her future husband, he didn’t know it yet, but they were going to be married.  She didn’t know his name, where he was from, or what he did for a living; but she knew in her heart that he was a good person, and could tell so just by looking at him.  Charlotte always knew to trust her instincts, and if they were telling her that she should marry him, who was she to say otherwise; the fact that he was drop-dead sexy didn’t hurt either.  She always saw him in a large park near her apartment, whether she was out for a stroll, or coming home from work, she always saw him.  She thought about speaking to him a few times, but there was the possibility that he might respond and she didn’t want to take the risk.  She was hoping though that today she could work up the courage to talk to him, or by some miracle, he would talk to her.  Thunder rumbled in the distance, and began to wish she had brought an umbrella.

Ezekiel made one last sweep of the Park, glad that the approaching storm had kept away most of the regulars.  He also made sure to keep an eye out for the reason that he was there, he was looking for the nastiest creature that had ever existed in the supernatural world.  Malicious and bloodthirsty he ruled the underworld with an iron fist.  No one knew exactly what he was, mostly because no one ever lived long enough to ask him.  He brought destruction and misfortune wherever he went, and had an irrational hatred for Ezekiel.  He was the most feared being in the entire supernatural world; and his name was Paul.  Ezekiel scoffed at the name as he pushed the branch out of his way.  Why was one of the most feared creatures that had ever walked the earth named Paul?  That name was neither scary nor intimidating.  No one ever said runaway the fearsome Paul is coming, or help Paul is terrorizing the town! Here comes Paul everyone hide!   During this mental rant, Ezekiel saw something bright red off to his left.  He turned quickly and stopped dead in his tracks, and his heart sank.  She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, the girl who was to be his future wife, only she didn’t know it yet; and now she was in terrible danger.  He knew she liked walking in this park because he saw her there all the time.  He had never spoken to her before, although had seriously considered it several times; but was afraid she might respond.  Today however, he really wished she wasn’t there.  He saw movement out of the corner of his eye off to the right, and his heart sank even lower.  Paul was here.  Ezekiel felt his fangs come into place as he prepared to fight, but he needed to get the girl out of there first.  He began running towards her and then looked over at Paul; there were giant balls of fire welling up in his eyes.  “Oh come on!”  Ezekiel said a little bit louder than he intended.

Charlotte heard a voice behind her and turned around; there was the guy she came here to hopefully talk to, running towards her like an offensive tackle.  Before Charlotte could react, he tackled her to the ground and pulled her behind a fallen log.  She was ready to punch him until she noticed two things; he had some serious dental problems going on, and the tree she had just walked past burst into flames.  She didn’t have time to contemplate either one for too long, because she was on her feet and was being pulled further into the forest by her future husband, who was apparently a vampire.  The man pulling her only slowed down when they ran into a large wall of rock that seem to spread for at least a mile in every direction, except down; which was not usable as an exit because of the ground.

Ezekiel turned around to face the girl; he could tell she was frightened but not as frightened as he thought she would be.  “We need to get you someplace safe.”

“I don’t think it’ll make much difference,” She said pointing at something behind him.  Charlotte watched the man in front of her slowly turn around to face the terrifying creature that was now in front of them.  The thing looked like scientists had tried to fuse a dog with a horse and a human; and the procedure went horribly wrong.  Charlotte watched as the man reached into his pocket and pulled out what looked like a flashlight.  Before panic could overtake her completely, the flashlight turned into a sword.  “Oh of course, it’s a sword,” Charlotte thought as she moved closer to the cliff finally touching it with her back.  The man and monster were now locked in battle, and neither of them seemed to be giving any ground or gaining any.  Charlotte pulled her pepper spray out of her pocket , she didn’t think it would do any good but it was better than nothing.  The beast let out a mighty yell and threw the man against a tree; the impact knocked the wind out of him.  It wasted no time and lunged at Charlotte, without even thinking, she lifted up her arm holding the pepper spray and pushed the button down.  The creature stopped for a moment as the spray landed on his face, and then fell backward screaming in pain.  Charlotte pushed the button again and sprayed the entire creature.  He continued to yell in agony, after a few moments it stopped moving; and then sank into the ground leaving a large crater behind.  She looked over to the man who was now standing next to her.

“I can’t believe that worked, I’ve been trying to get rid of him for years,” he said in astonishment.

“You saw that too right?”

“I did,” He said looking at the crater and then back to her.

“Okay,” She said still dazed from everything that had happened; she felt the man take her arm and gently lead her away from the crater.  “Who are you?”  She asked, looking up at him, the approaching storm was now upon them, and the man pulled her into a cave just before it started raining.

“My name is Ezekiel.”

“Okay, I’m Charlotte.”

“Well Charlotte, are you all right?”

“Yes, no, I think so, maybe, I don’t know,” Her head turned at the sound of lightning outside.

“Don’t worry, he’s not coming back.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yes I’m sure.”

“Can I ask you a personal question?”


“Are you a vampire?”



Ezekiel was stunned by her response.  “Okay, that’s it?  No screaming, running, or fainting, no get away from me heathen?”

“You’re being a vampire, is several notches below what just happened out there,” She said gesturing to the outside world.

Ezekiel could see Charlotte’s hands shaking, he wanted to wrap his arms around her and hold her until she calmed down; but he wasn’t exactly sure how she would feel about that right now.  He didn’t have to wonder for too long, because a huge bolt of lightning struck only a few feet from the cave entrance; causing Charlotte to throw her arms round Ezekiel for comfort, and security.

Charlotte pulled back quickly with a horrified look on her face.  “I’m sorry.”

Ezekiel wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close; he could feel her bury her head in his chest and hugged him tightly.  He heard what sounded like a sob and thought Charlotte was crying, but after a few seconds, he realized she was laughing.  “What’s so funny?”  He said looking at her more than a little concerned.

Charlotte looked up at Ezekiel, there were a few tears running down her face.  “The whole reason I came here today was because I wanted to talk to you,” They stared at each other for a moment.

“I’ve wanted to talk to you for a while too,” They stared at each other for a little bit longer, and then started laughing, and laughed for quite a while.  After regaining enough composure, Ezekiel spoke.  “Were a great pair aren’t we?”  He said, brushing his hand lightly against Charlotte’s cheek.

“The absolute best,” she said, looking into Ezekiel’s eyes, she felt as if she could stay here forever.

Ezekiel looked down into Charlotte’s eyes; they were the perfect shade of green.  Looking into her eyes, he felt something that beings were only able to feel once in their life: true love.

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