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Want to correct your grammar and improve your writing style? ProWritingAid has everything you need to take your writing to the next level, whether you’re looking for some grammar pointers or you’re a seasoned author and want to refine your style. We’re giving away two years of ProWritingAid to one lucky writer. Will you win?

ProWritingAid giveaway

Before we get started, I do want to be fully transparent and let you know that some links below are affiliate links. If you choose to purchase ProWritingAid, it will help me be able to keep writing (and help me continue sharing what I’ve learned about the writing process). Of course, this won’t affect your overall price, and if you win the giveaway, you’ll get ProWritingAid completely free!

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An Editor Wherever You Need One

Wouldn’t it be great if you could send every word you write to a professional editor? A grammar expert who could fix all your errors, help you learn so you make fewer mistakes each time, and even give you pointers on your writing style?

Sadly, most of us aren’t able to hire an editor to read every book, story, poem, email, and even Facebook post we ever write. (Plus, let’s be honest—there probably aren’t a lot of editors who want to read all our emails!)

And while word processors like Microsoft Word and Google Docs have native grammar checkers, those checkers often miss important issues, and they won’t help you grow in your grammar expertise.

That’s where ProWritingAid comes in.

What Is ProWritingAid?

ProWritingAid is “a grammar guru, style editor, and writing mentor in one package.” It’s a piece of writing software that acts as an intricate system of grammar checkers, spell checkers, and style checkers.

You can read our full review of ProWritingAid here. I want to highlight just a few features we love:

  • It’s easy to spot issues: grammar suggestions are underlined in blue, and spelling suggestions are underlined in red. Mouse over any underlined word and it will show the suggested correction, as well as a brief explanation of the issue.
  • With twenty-five robust writing reports, you can analyze dozens of style choices throughout your writing, from repetitious words to confusing sentences to your story’s pacing.
  • You can use ProWritingAid’s online editor, download plugins to connect it to your favorite word processor, or let it follow you around the internet with the browser extension. Whether you’re drafting in Microsoft Word or Scrivener, collaborating in Google Docs, or writing an email or Facebook post, ProWritingAid will be right there when you need it.

We’ve written more about ProWritingAid’s awesome features here in our review. Whether you want to quickly correct grammar errors in your writing or do a deep dive into your writing style, ProWritingAid will grow with you and help you at every level of your writing. It’s also less expensive than Grammarly, which is a nice perk!

Sound interesting? You can get all the details about ProWritingAid here.

Enter to Win Two Years of ProWritingAid

Want to enter the giveaway? Here’s how to maximize your chances of winning:

  1. Click here to go to the giveaway page, or scroll down to the bottom of this page.
  2. At the bottom of the page, answer the (easy!) question, which is really just there to make sure you’re a human. (You are a human, right?)
  3. Then, enter your email address to enter.
  4. Check your email and click the link in the confirmation email to confirm your entry.
  5. After you enter, share the contest page with your friends. For each friend who enters, you get 3 more chances to win.

You have a few more days to get as many entries as you can. The giveaway will officially close on Monday, April 15, at midnight Pacific time.

Then, we’ll choose the winners on Tuesday, April 16, and notify them by email. If you’re ready to enter, scroll down for the giveaway.

Have you ever published a book on Amazon? Would a tool like this help you? Let us know in the comments.


Today’s practice comes to you in two steps:

Step 1: Enter the giveaway here and share it with your friends to get more entries.

Step 2: Write for fifteen minutes. Your writing prompt? What if you did have an editor who followed you around everywhere you went?

When you’re done, share your writing practice in the comments. Don’t forget to leave feedback for your fellow writers!

Joe Bunting
Joe Bunting
Joe Bunting is an author and the leader of The Write Practice community. He is also the author of the new book Crowdsourcing Paris, a real life adventure story set in France. It was a #1 New Release on Amazon. You can follow him on Instagram (@jhbunting).
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