The word of the week is:



  1. to point out or point to
  2. to be a sign, symptom, or index of
  3. to demonstrate or suggest the necessity or advisability of
  4. to state or express briefly
  5. direct attention to (someone or something) by means of a gesture
  6. (of a gauge or meter) register a reading of (a quantity, dimension, etc.)
  7. signal an intention to change lanes or turn using an indicator British (of a driver or motor vehicle)

 Here’s an example from Indian Ghost Stories by S. Mukerji

The lady made a sign to him and he took up one of the spades. Then again she proceeded and he followed.

They had reached some distance in the garden when the lady with her foot indicated a spot and Mr. Hunter inferred that she wanted him to dig there. Of course, Mr. Hunter knew that he was not going to discover a treasure-trove, but he was sure he was going to find something very interesting. So he began digging with all his vigour. Only about 18 inches below the surface the blade struck against some hard substance. Mr. Hunter looked up.

The apparition had vanished. Mr. Hunter dug on and discovered that the hard substance was a human hand with the fingers and everything intact. Of course, the flesh had gone, only the bones remained. Mr. Hunter picked up the bones and knew exactly what to do.


Write for five minutes, using the word “indicate” as frequently as you can. When you’re fin­ished, post your practice in the comments section.

Also, extra credit if you use the word of the week in your daily practice!

photo by Todd Huffman

photo by Todd Huffman

My Practice

Indications were she’d make a full recovery, according to the clipboard above her head. The ‘Nil-by-mouth’ sign came down yesterday but she had no appetite. Sitting up she could see to the nurses’ station, a nurse pointing in her direction indicated to the two policemen where she was.

Amy sank back against the pillow, waiting for the men to walk toward her. What was she going to say? How could she explain? Jaime was driving, she was chatting about wallpaper, of all things, when the jeep failed to indicate changing lanes and caused Jaime to go in a skid in the heavy downpour. The truck came over the rise and ploughed into them. How do you say that without screaming in remembrance of pain, of loss, of blood, of anger and of grief.

She turned away and watched the indications of rain outside. Her mood matching the purple/ grey clouds and distant rumbles.


Joe Bunting
Joe Bunting

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