Don't write your book alone.

Instead, write with a team.

How do you actually write a book?

If you’ve ever tried to write a book, you know how hard it is.

You run out of ideas, you lose your inspiration, and eventually you get to a point where writing just isn’t fun anymore.

And the writing process itself would be hard enough without life always getting in the way.

If you’re like most writers I talk to, you’ve tried to write a book several times in the past. But you get stuck, you procrastinate, and eventually you gave up.

Maybe you’re even in the middle of your book and you don’t want to fail like you have in the past.

You have always believed you would write a book… someday. But at your lowest, you worry, “What if I never finish my book? What if I die never having accomplished my dream?”

This is what you need to finish your book

At The Write Practice, we are committed to helping aspiring writers turn into daily writers. Since 2011, we have helped more than 10 million people to stop procrastinating, get writing, and share their gift with the world.

We’ve created thousands of lessons and exercises to help you to become better writers, 98 percent of which are completely free.

But if you’re ready to go to the next level and finish your book then I want to introduce you to Becoming Writer. 

Becoming Writer is a premium community within The Write Practice for people who are ready to start writing finished pieces, get feedback, and get published.


    Here’s how Becoming Writer can help you write and publish your book

    How will Becoming Writer help you? Here’s what comes with being a part of the community:

    • BONUS! Novel Plan Mini-Course. If you want to finish your book, you need a plan. And that doesn’t just mean an outline. It means a wholistic plan on how you will write, edit, publish, and market your book. With our Novel Plan Mini-Course, you’ll get everything you need to plan out your novel, just like a professional writer would. 
    • Accountability. Most writers need deadlines to stay focused (I know I do). With Becoming Writer, you have a weekly deadline to submit one chapter of your book.
    • Feedback. Want to know if your book is ready for publication or not? You’ll post it in our secure writing workshop to get feedback. Our group of encouraging writers want to help you grow.
    • Resources. You’ll get premium writing instruction—like eBooks, courses, and premium articles—so you can learn how to improve at the craft of writing.
    • Relationships. Join an interactive forum where you can build relationships with your fellow writers.
    • Discounts. As part of The Write Practice’s inner circle, you’ll get early access and special discounts to new courses and events.

    Includes the Novel Plan Mini-Course

    People who finish a book plan are 52 percent more likely to finish their books, according to a study we did amongst our writing students.

    That’s why we created the Book Plan Mini-Course.

    Normally only included in our 100 Day Book program, this mini-course will walk you through each of the 10 steps to creating a book plan.


    We’ve included our four best lessons on how to write a book. You can revisist these lessons again and again throughout your book writing process.


    How do you structure fiction and nonfiction books? How do you structure novel scenes and nonfiction chapters? In this core lesson we’ll talk about exactly how writing a book works from a structural standpoint. 


    Life is busy! How do you focus on your writing in distracting world? In this essential lesson, the most productive writer I know, Jeff Elkins, talks about how to be a productive writer in the midst of life’s craziness.


    How do you create memorable characters? How do you create interesting heroes your readers will want to root for, and villians your readers will love to hate? This is our essential lesson on creating characters. 

    World Building

    How do you build a unique world your readers can grow to love? And how do you take the time and care to build that world without letting it bog down your writing process? Learn how here. 

    Join today and get these awesome bonuses

    Included with this program are $135 worth of bonuses to help you write your book and become a better writer:

    • Book Writing Roadmap, a checklist and guide to show you each step to write your book.
    • 7 Story Archetypes, an in-depth resource on the seven types of stories, complete with the most common elements in each type.
    • Book Writing Accountability Contract. All writers need accountability. This contract empowers your friends and family to hold you accountable to finishing your book. Careful though. This is an incredibly powerful resource.
    • Let's Write a Short Story, our #1 bestselling book ($15 value).
    • 15 Days to Write and Submit a Short Story. The companion workbook to Let's Write a Short Story ($15 value)..
    • Plus,our new book How to Win a Writing Contest ($15 value).
    • You'll also get 10 Steps to Becoming a Writer, our guide on how to become a writer.

    Write your book on your own time.

    Becoming Writer will give you the help you need. Ready to get started?

    Write Your Book on YOUR Schedule WITH Community

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    What Our Members Are Saying

    Don’t just take it from us. Let our members do the talking!

    I wouldn’t be a published author without Joe Bunting. Not only did he teach me how to take an idea and turn it into a story, he showed me how to collaborate with other authors to make my writing the best it could be, which gave me the courage to share it with the world.

    Brian Rella

    Seeing that I was able to accomplish something that seemed so daunting gave me the confidence to pursue even more in my writing and personal life. The most effective part of the class for me was the accountability and community.

    Kellie McGann

    Working with Joe Bunting gave me the tools I needed to create a plan, execute in a timely manner, and accomplish my goal of writing my first draft of my book. Without the planning on the front end, the accountability of Joe’s coaching and my writing community, this would never have been possible.

    Kevin Garcia

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I have a book in progress. Would this community be a good place for me?

    YES! If you've been working on a book for a while and are ready to finally finish it, then you are the perfect person to join this program and get the focus and accountability you need to finish.

    What if I write nonfiction?

    This community is open to both fiction AND nonfiction writers. We've helped thousands of authors of both fiction and nonfiction finish their books. We would love to help you too!

    What if don't live in the United States

    This community is open to all authors and aspiring authors, whether in the United States, Europe, Australia, India, or elsewhere. We have members from the U.K., Singapore, Australia, Mongolia, Canada, France, and more. If you want to become a writer, this community is for you.

    What are you waiting for?

    Become a more focused, more fulfilled, more confident writer today. Get started for just 41¢ a day.

    For $15 a month or $150 if you pay annually, you get full access to the community, the publishing opportunities and writing contests, the support and accountability, full forum access, instant access to premium books and articles, and much more.