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What if you could go from story concept to publication in only 2 months? How amazing would that feel?


Show me how

 Being a writer today is hard.

You not only have to write, but you have to do everything related to publishing, too. You have to write book proposals and synopses. You have to build your platform and network. You have to find an agent and then a publisher. Then, when your book finally is published, you have to do marketing and P.R.

And that’s just if you go the traditional publishing route. If you self-publish, it’s even more work.

How do you make it as a writer? How do you write the things you want, make the living you want, and manage the chaos of the publish industry at the same time?

I know how hard it is to make it because I’ve been there. 

My name is Joe Bunting, and for the last eight years, I’ve been making a living as a professional writer. I’ve written 8 books and hundreds of articles. Many of my books have become bestsellers. And best of all, my writing has connected with and helped millions of people.

But it took years of struggle to get there. For years it was just my mom and nine other people reading my writing. I was rejected by dozens of publishers.

At the time, I was a good writer. I had even studied writing in high school and college. But I just didn’t know what it took to become a bestselling author.

Then something happened:
I learned the process,
from writing to becoming a bestseller.

I got my first mentor, an author whose blog I followed, who taught me how to write a book. Then, I got a coach who happened to be a New York Times bestselling author. Finally, my book was edited by a writer who is now a Wall Street Journal bestselling author. He taught me the ins and outs of becoming a bestseller.

These mentors taught me each step of the writing, publishing , and book launching process, and it changed my life. If I hadn’t learned the process, I would still be stuck today.

If you think you can do it on your own, you’re destined to continue to fail.

But with the right process—and more importantly, the right team—you can finally experience what it’s like to become a bestselling writer.

This Is What Bestselling Writers Know



WRITE TO PUBLISH is an online writing program that will guide you through the process of writing and publishing to an audience. At the end of the 8-week program, you will have published a new writing piece and expanded your readership, and more importantly you’ll have built the foundation of your future bestseller.


Here’s How It Works


Start by Getting the Structure to Write Something You Love

This isn’t just theory. You’ll start right at the beginning, writing a new short story, creative essay, or article. 

Then, Get the Feedback to Make it Better

Everyone needs feedback on their writing, whether you’re Stephen King or Joe Bunting, and the first place to get feedback is among your fellow writers.

Next Gather Your Cartel

A Cartel is an agreement among competitors. Instead of fighting with other writers over an audience, a Cartel helps its members create an even larger audience. In other words, your Cartel becomes your team.

We'll Show You How to Publish

Learn what it takes to send your best writing out into the world so that it can connect with your ideal readers.

Finally, Launch It With Your New Cartel

We’ll show you the process to Launch your writing successfully into the world again and again, so that when you’re ready to publish a novel or nonfiction book, you’re ready!

What You Get in Write to Publish

When you join Write to Publish, you get a proven process to become a bestseller. But that’s just the beginning.

60 Lessons and Interviews w/ Bestselling Authors

Your writing is like your baby. You don’t just want to throw it out into the world without a plan. You want to give it the best chance it has of making an impact. And that’s what these lessons will teach you to do.

Your Personal Publishing Mentor

If all this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry! We will pair you up with a personal mentor who is already a bestselling author who will walk you through the process of writing, rewriting, and then publishing a new piece—whether that’s a short story or creative essay or article. Your mentor will even stay on top of your progress to make sure you actually finish, and then give you the accountability to publish it.

The Structure to Write a Piece You Love

The program really starts with WRITING. We’ll give you the structure you need to write new piece that you love. This isn’t just a publishing program, it’s about going from writing to publishing, and so we start by guiding you through writing a new piece that you’ll be proud of.

A Built-In Launch Team

If you’re going to succeed as a writer today you need to have a team. But many writers are introverts (like me!), and the idea of “networking” sounds really horrible to a lot of us.  Just by joining this community you’ll get a group of writers on your team who WANT you to succeed and who can help you share your writing with their audiences.

Step-By-Step Publishing Walkthrough

Not only will you learn how to publish your own writing piece, you’ll actually do it, sharing it into the world with your Cartel at your back. Ready to start getting read? This is your chance.

Write to Publish also includes these BONUS resources:

Author Website Building Tutorial
($100 Value)

Don’t miss a step with this ultimate to-do list for your author website. This covers everything you need to connect with your audience online, build an email list, and start marketing your writing. And if you already have a website, that’s great! We’ll send you through our author website audit process to make it even better.

Bestseller Launch Copy Library
($100 Value)

Not sure how to actually sell your books, let alone sell at the level to become a bestseller? Want to know how to communicate with your readers so they actually leave you reviews? We have you covered. As a member, you’ll get full access to our ever-expanding Bestseller Launch Copy Library, with examples of the best emails and social media posts that will actually help you become a bestseller.

That includes everything you need to publish. BUT what do you do after? That’s where these BONUSES come in.

12 Months of The Write Practice PRO
($180 Value)

Launching your first writing piece is just the beginning. You also have to write the stories you’ve always dreamed of so you can publish again and again (and again). That’s what you’ll get to do in our premium workshopping community, Becoming Writer, where you’ll be able to workshop one story per week in our private community.


Each lesson breaks down what you thought about the publishing industry and reveals how bestsellers are actually made.

How Bestselling Writers Built There Careers from Nothing (and How You Can Too)

How to Actually Live Your Dream of Being a Writer

How to Thrive Despite the Troubling State of the Publishing Industry

How to Sell a Lot of Books with a Book Launch

How to Find Your Writing Voice With This “Avatar” Trick

How to Write More Than Ever

How to Make Your Writing Better Through Feedback

And more…

What Our Students Are Saying

A proven track record of writers succeeding.

“I used to dream of being the next J. K. Rowling. Reality check—the fiction business isn’t magical; it’s hard work. Write to Publish makes it easier. In addition to the rich course material, I had the support of a network of my fellow students, or the Cartel, and my strongest supporter was founder Joe Bunting.”

Staci Trolio, Bestselling Author

“Write to Publish helped me build upon what I had already started with the publication of my memoir. I was able to access the course material and forum activities in my own time. I also feel I have made enough meaningful connections with classmates to hop on board at any time. I am very happy I took the plunge when reason would have cautioned me to not take on one more thing.”

Kathy Pooler, Memoirist

“I wouldn’t be a published author without Joe Bunting. Not only did he teach me how to take an idea and turn it into a story, he showed me how to collaborate with other authors to make my writing the best it could be, which gave me the courage to share it with the world.” Brian Rella, Thriller Author



Write to Publish only opens a few times per year. Stay tuned for the next enrollment period.








The Write to Publish Guarantee

Our mission at The Write Practice is to help writers accomplish their goals, but if after 30 days of writing you feel this program won’t help you grow as a writer, you can email us, show us you’ve done the work, and we will return your membership fee.

There’s no risk, unless you continue to put off publishing your writing!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program begin?

Unlike many online courses, Write to Publish has an official start and end date so that we can all stay together as we go through the process of learning, writing, and publishing together. One of the best parts of this program is that you will be building connections with other writers as you go through the program with them.

This semester officially begins on April 8 and ends with your published writing piece on June 3! However, as soon as you sign up, we’ll guide you through the preparation process, helping you build the foundation of your publishing success.

How many hours per week does the program require?

Writers usually spend between three to six hours per week going through the course material, completing assignments, and connecting with their fellow writers. Compared to our 100 Day Book Program, that’s less than half of the time requirement. 

Every Monday, you’ll receive a set of lessons and an assignment. You’ll spend about four to six hours throughout the week reviewing the lessons and completing the assignment. After eight weeks at this pace, you’ll have published your writing.

I haven't finished a book yet. Is this course open to people who are just getting started?

If you’re in the middle of a book—or even still at the beginning—that’s great! You are the perfect person to join this program and get the tools you need to be successful as a writer.

What if I write nonfiction?

This program is available to both fiction AND nonfiction writers. We’ve helped thousands of authors of both fiction and nonfiction publish their writing. We would love to help you too!

What if don't live in the United States?
This course is open to all authors and aspiring authors, whether in the United States, Europe, Australia, India, or elsewhere. If you want to write a book, this course is for you.
When do the payments end?

We’ve tried to make this program affordable by breaking up the full price of the program into 12 payments that you pay once a month over 12 months.

You can also choose to save 20 percent by paying for the program in full. See the pricing section above for details.

Still not sure?

Have a question about the program I didn’t answer above? Send me a note and I’ll get right back to you.

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