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By Maria M. Dewaik

I opened my eyes to a stabbing pain in my head. What happened? I look around and don’t see anything familiar. It’s a quaint little room with two windows that have pink curtains hanging on the side. As my eyes slowly begin to focus, I see that I’m in what appears to be a young girl’s room. There are toys scattered all around and a large, very old-fashioned baby buggy in the corner. I see a table and chairs with a beautiful miniature China tea set sitting as though for a tea party. On one of the chairs is an almost life-size doll dressed in Victorian style.

How did I get here and where am I? That last thing I can remember was walking along the beach with the cool breeze blowing and the sky suddenly turning very dark. As I scan the room, I notice the windows are open and the sea air is gently blowing the curtains. I can feel the sunshine and hear the waves as they lap on the beach. There are no other sounds of life coming through the windows.

On the wall opposite the bed, there is a very old fashioned clock that shows me it’s two o’clock. I try to sit up, but my head starts to spin. I feel as though I’m going to throw up. I’m really beginning to get scared now.

All of a sudden I hear a small dog barking in the distance, getting closer and closer. Then I hear the voice of a woman calling the dog, “Come on Barkley, time to check on our visitor.”

Visitor? Is she referring to me? I’m just too dizzy to stand. My head is really pounding now.

Soon the door opens gently and the little dog bounces in, followed by a woman of about 65 or so carrying a tray with food.

“Oh, you’re awake. I hope you’re feeling better. That was quite a bump you got on your head. These spring storms come so quickly at times, you just can’t get out of their way. I’m Sandra Billings and this here little guy is Barkley.” She introduced herself with a smile as she placed the tray on the table next to me.

“I’m sorry, but where am I and how did I get here?” I asked her. “I can’t seem to remember anything. I know I was walking on the beach getting some fresh air and that’s all I can remember.”

“Don’t worry dear, you’ll be fine now. It seems while you were walking on the beach, one of our quick spring storms caught you when a wooden plank was blown from the beach onto your head. Barkley here found you unconscious on the beach. He’s always running off on me and exploring on his own. This time I’m glad he did; otherwise we wouldn’t have found you. My grandson, Jordon, helped me bring you here. That was yesterday morning. You didn’t have any ID or a cell phone with you so we just brought you here to my home. Jordon is a doctor and said you’d be just fine in a few hours, so I thought we should just let you rest and then call your family when you awaken.

Just then a young man walked through the door asking, “How’s my patient Grams? Has she come to yet?”

“Well hello, Jordan. It’s about time you came back. Our guest has just come around. Come and say hello.”

It was all I could do to say hello. My mind froze when I saw Jordon. It was Deja vu. I’ve seen this man before, in my dreams. On many occasions and in varying scenarios, and in each he had saved me from certain disaster. Could this be a sign? Could he truly be the man of my dreams?”

“That’s quite a big bump on your head. You’ve been out for a few hours. You have a slight concussion, but you’ll be fine, as long as you take it easy. We didn’t know who to contact so Grams though it best for you to stay in Mom’s old room until you woke up.” Jordon explained. “How are you feeling? Can we call someone?”

“No, not really.” I replied softly, so my head wouldn’t pound so hard. “I’m alone and have no family around here. I’m a bit woozy and my head hurts. Thank you for your help but I should get back to my place.” I tried to sit up but almost passed out from the pain in my head.

“Whoa there! Take it easy. You shouldn’t be getting up just yet. You’re more than welcome to stay her, but if you insist, I can take you home. Where do you live, Miss….?”

“My name is Margo Tyler. I’ve been staying at the old Johnston bungalow.” For some reason, I trusted this good looking stranger. I don’t know why, but I felt comfortable around him and no anxiety, so I accepted his offer to take me home.

Home, as it turns out, was just a short half mile down the beach. I invited Jordon in, which is not something I usually do when I first meet someone, but I felt totally at ease with him and couldn’t explain why I was so comfortable in his presence. It was as though I had known him my whole life. Being a romantic, I used to dream about the man I would someday marry, even having visions of him in my sleep. I knew his personality, the sound of his voice, and almost everything about him. That’s why when I first saw Jordon, I was almost in shock. He was the image from my dreams. Even his voice was the one I heard. Kind of strange to actually meet someone whom you fantasized and dreamed about.

After my parents died in the car accident two months ago, I was having a very hard time, so Mr. Johnston suggested I take some time off and come and stay at their beach bungalow. “The solitude and the ocean always seem to have a calming effect and help people.” He said. “It would be good for you to get away and have time to figure things out.” So I accepted his invitation.

It was getting late. So after Jordon saw to it that I was okay, he let himself out and promised to come by in the morning, which he did. For the next couple of weeks, Jordan stopped by every morning to make sure I was fine. Each day he stayed longer and longer and I found that I really enjoyed his company and looked forward to his daily visits. We talked until late some nights and spent a lot of time down by the beach just getting to know each other. It was just like in my dreams, except there were no mishaps. Everything was wonderful.  With every passing day, I grew stronger and more like my old self.

I was never really one who believed in love at first sight until now. It seems I had fallen hard for this wonderful man in only a few short weeks and I knew that we would be together for a long time. I knew this, because Jordon expressed the same feelings to me. He, on the other hand, does believe in love at first sight, and told me he always knew that he would someday meet the girl that would be right for him.

We may have only just met a few weeks ago, but love works its magic in strange ways and I think that we have found proof of that. With each passing day, my feelings for Jordon grow stronger and stronger and I now know that this is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with because I have fallen head over heels in love with him.

Mr. Johnston was right about the ocean doing wonders to help you figure things out. It certainly worked for me.  Now I know that there is such a thing as love at first site.  Since the first day I set eyes on Jordon, after waking up in his mother’s childhood room, I have been sure that he is the Man of My Dreams.

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