The word of the week is:




  1. To place something down heavily
  2. To throw oneself with abandon


  1. Slang term for wine
  2. Slang term for idiot, eejit or stupid person

Here is an excerpt from “Lamb” by Bernard MacLaverty

He brought back two plastic beakers, yelping with the heat in his fingers. It was the colour of blood and tasted of iron. They had thimblefuls of milk which had to be torn open and they both spilled them. Owen took some sugar lumps from his pocket and offered one to Michael, which he refused. They were wrapped in twos and Michael watched the boy unwrap three packets and plonk the lumps in his tea. Owen watched the tiny procession of bubbles rising to the surface.


Write for five minutes, using the word “plonk” as frequently as you can. When you’re finished, post your practice in the comments section.

Be Machiavellian as you plonk your words down or tap the keys.

Also, extra credit if you use the word of the week in your daily practice!

Don't mess with me by The Hills are Alive

Don’t mess with me by The Hills are Alive

My Practice

Annie MacCafferty knew she was having the worst day ever in the entire universe and it wasn’t even light yet. Her errant husband had just slipped in beside her all foreign perfume and leftover pheromones. A phrase from her favourite television programme kept rising up in her mind “You plonker,” except instead of the inept and comical Rodney, the butt of the joke being the plonker it was her, Annie. As she feigned sleep, she silently wept.

A thousand thoughts jockeyed for position, choices lit up like neon signs in a red light district. ‘GO,’ ‘STAY,’ ‘KILL,’ MAIM,’ and ‘DESTROY.’ No, that wasn’t her way, passive- aggressive the shrink had told her years before. Well bring it on now! This was the war of passive aggressive and she was queen. The tears stopped, the planning began.

Joel woke up to smell pancakes cooking on the griddle and Annie singing in the kitchen. Wow he thought I really got away with it. Normally he showered before coming home but this new girl was feisty and he was running so late. He plonked himself in the shower allowing the water to clear his head from the cheap plonk last night.

Breakfast was a light affair. Annie chatted about school and attentively asked about the big account Joel was working on. Her eyes were twinkling and he found her irresistible all over again, helping himself to another pancake. Annie smiled as she left for school wondering how long before he would plonk himself on the toilet for the day. Round one to me she said satisfied at a job well done.

Now after pancakes laced with pancakes what next, “oh, oh, oh, I know accidentally scraping the side of his car. If I go downtown from …” And she was off waging war. The moral of the tale is in this festive period be careful where you plonk your hat, there will be consequences.

Joe Bunting
Joe Bunting

Joe Bunting is a writer and entrepreneur. He is the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller Let’s Write a Short Story! and the co-founder of Story Cartel. You can follow him on Twitter (@joebunting).