When I last posted, we were one week into our move, and now I can hardly believe it’s fourteen days later!  I’m still quite unnerved with no familiarity to anchor me (except my family, of course!).

I have found myself turning inward for grounding, seeking that which hasn’t changed amidst everything that has.  It’s as if I wonder, “Am I still who I am HERE though I am without my familiar people, environment, office, and coffee shop that helped support my identity?  Perhaps you have experienced your own transitions that have left you feeling similar?


Through daily introspection, I have come back to these three simple truths to help anchor me and keep me moving forward.  This may seem like an overly simplistic post to some, but it’s a reminder I need right now and perhaps you do, too.

1.  I am a writer.

Crazy as it seems, since being transplanted 2,000 miles from my home of two decades, I have questioned my skillset. When you’re is feeling loved and supported, it’s easy for you to put yourself out there. However, with my support system missing, I am looking inside for those parts of me that haven’t changed.

Just because I am not writing RIGHT NOW does not mean that I am not a writer.

To help remind me, I have taken time to page through my past creations while unpacking in addition to writing other things like thank you notes, journal entries and e-mails—anything to just keep writing.

2.  I am creative.

For a writer, creativity is most associated with that ability to pour wonderfully, compelling words on the page.  You may have seasons, however, when creativity means figuring out how to set up a new kitchen or how to put 3000 sq. feet worth of belongings into 2100 sq. feet.

Creativity is problem solving and mind stretching. It is finding a new walking route, dog park and hair dresser, and I am learning this can be practiced anywhere, any time.

Just because I am not creatively WRITING does not diminish my creativity.

3.  I am intuitive.

You want to tap into your instincts?  Wondering if you are intuitive?  Plunk yourself into unfamiliar territory and you will find instinct is all you have to go on!

Yesterday we met some of the folks from the kids’ new schools.  Within two seconds, I figured out who would be helpful and who would not be.  Within two days, I figured out which neighbor would give me a cup of sugar and who is a crab.

Without others’ opinions and inputs, you need to turn inward for instruction, and it’s comforting to know it’s always there.

Have you ever felt confused or discouraged about your writing? What truths will you use to remind yourself you are a writer?


For your practice, share a time when you found yourself in unfamiliar territory and how you found your way back to center.  Is it setting up your office?  Developing a writing ritual?  Joining a club?  I would love to hear from others how they have made the unfamiliar work for them.

Write for fifteen minutes. When you’re finished, post your practice in the comments section. And if you post, please be sure to leave a few comments for your fellow writers.

Marianne Richmond
Marianne Richmond
I'm Marianne Richmond—writer, artist and inspirationalist. My words have touched millions over the past two decades through my children's books and gift products.
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