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Hi [wlm_firstname]. Welcome to the Twitter Challenge Pack!

First of all, if you haven’t already, please listen to the course orientation here.

This is a 14-day online course to walk you through the process of building an online platform for your writing. You can learn more about the course or jump right into the first lesson here:

Lesson 1

Most writers tell me, “All I care about is writing. I know I’m supposed to do all this platform stuff, but what I really want to focus on is my writing!” I want you to know I understand. I’ve been there. That’s why this course breaks things down into winnable, bite sized chunks.

Platform building is overwhelming, and personally, I find Twitter to be the absolute worst. It’s chaotic, confusing, and impossible to keep up with, like trying to drink from a fire hydrant.

A few years ago, I decided I was going to conquer my fear of Twitter. I spent several hours every day exploring the Twitterverse, discovering new people, and learning how it worked. While I wouldn’t say I’ve completely mastered it, I at least know how to use it in my overall Platform strategy.

What The Twitter Starter Pack Will Cover

In this course, you won’t just learn. You’ll actually start to build your platform using Twitter. You will…

  • Grow your community of followers
  • Connect with busy publishing professionals right through Twitter
  • Get more traffic on your blog through Twitter
  • Compose the kinds of Tweets that help you build your audience, connect with your true fans, and sell more books

You’ll learn how to grow your audience directly from Twitter experts, like my friend author and publisher L.L. Barkat, who founded a magazine and publishing company based on a half-serious conversation that happened on Twitter.

Last, you’ll learn how Twitter fits into the other pieces of your Platform strategy. When I first started The Write Practice, Facebook sent me most of my traffic, almost 30 percent. Now, Twitter is my top referral source for social media. My hope is that by the end of this course, you’ll be able to expand your audience, sell more books, and maybe even have a little fun.

To get started, just click on the first lesson in the sidebar (or find the first lesson here).

How This Course Works

The Twitter Starter Pack is a multimedia course, with media lessons, text readings, and daily challenges. I’ve tried to create a variety of content to meet every learning style’s needs.

In each lesson, there will be a discussion section where you can interact with other platform builders and ask questions. Just look for the comments box at the end of each lesson.

The Platform Starter Pack will only be as good as the time and energy you put into it. I expect you to show up and do the work, just as you would any normal class. The lessons and exercises in each Rule will take several hours to complete each week. Make sure you set aside time to participate.

If you need anything or something isn’t working right, you can always email me at I’d love to help.

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