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  1. Making, given to, or marked by noisy and vehement outcry

Here is an example from The Monster by Stephen Crane

One of the very smallest boys in the party showed signs of a wistful desire to distinguish himself, and they turned their attention to him, pushing at his shoulders while he swung away from them, and hesitated dreamily. He was eventually induced to make furtive expedition, but it was only for a few yards. Then he paused, motionless, gazing with open mouth. The vociferous entreaties of Jimmie and the large boy had no power over him. Mrs. Hannigan had come out on her back porch with a pail of water. From this coign she had a view of the secluded portion of the Trescott grounds that was behind the stable. She perceived the group of boys, and the monster on the box. She shaded her eyes with her hand to benefit her vision. She screeched then as if she was being murdered. “Eddie! Eddie! You come home this minute!”


Write for five minutes, using the word “vociferous” as frequently as you can. When you’re fin­ished, post your practice in the comments section. Also, extra credit if you use the word of the week in your daily practice!


photo by Derrick Tyson

photo by Derrick Tyson

My Practice

The twinset and pearls girls were already sat in the comfy chairs when Sophia arrived.  She smiled wryly to herself at the word girls, these women were well over sixty and in their minds were the moral majority in the community. Sophia on the other side of the social fence was tutted at as she noisily sat in one of the uncomfortable assembly chairs. The meeting was called to order when everyone else arrived. Sophia wondered as she always did why she bothered coming. The vociferous barrage from the men shouted down any idea of reasonable discussion.

The ‘girls’ chatted to themselves, commenting on the decisions made without adding their own opinions. The song she had been listening to in the car began swirling in her head, ‘If a thought came in your head it would die of loneliness, you rate absolute…” she laughed out loud. Perhaps a little too loud, as all heads turned to her and she found herself vociferously excusing her behaviour blaming it on diesel fumes.

When the meeting ended the ‘girls’ busied themselves with the tea. Sophia heard the vociferous argument regarding ‘custard creams’ or ‘chocolate digestives’ but certainly all agreed it was not the time for ‘jammie dodgers’.

Joe Bunting
Joe Bunting

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