This Fun Creative Writing Exercise Will Change Your Life

by Joe Bunting | 212 comments

I'm sure this never happens to you, but there are times when I don't feel very creative. A few years ago we'd just had a new baby (our second), bought a house (our first), and were busy managing a thousand new details. I felt like I had nothing to give to my writing. And life hasn't slowed down any since then. All the busywork and bill paying leaves me feeling like all the creative juices are dried up.

But no matter how un-creative I'm feeling, there's one creative writing exercise that never fails to fire up my writing.

This Fun Creative Writing Exercise Will Change Your Life

Why We Need Creative Writing Exercises Like This

Over the last ten years, I've worked with thousands of writers, and  in that time, I've there is one thing that stops more people from writing than anything else.

“This is so bad,” we think after one particularly difficult sentence. “Why would anyone read this? Why would I want to read this? I thought I was better than this. I thought I was talented. So why am I producing such crap?”

And so on…

Sometimes, writers don't even allow themselves to go through this kind of painful monologue. Instead, they put off writing altogether, procrastinating until the very last minute, then whipping something together that may not be very good but at least it's done!

So while you can still use daily journal writing or creative writing prompts to jump start your writing process, the creative writing exercise I'm going to talk about in this post is designed specifically to combat that kind of perfectionism.

Where Does Perfectionism Come From?

Perfectionism begins with pride. “I'm so talented how could I not write the next great book? Bestseller? More like best book of the century.” (Full disclosure: this used to be me.)

Or, for the slightly less narcissistic, “I may not be the best, but I have the best idea. And what's more, I care the most.”

Unfortunately, this kind of pride doesn't survive “contact with the enemy”: the blank page.

I've watched so many writers be humiliated and completely demoralized by the process of writing.

“I never want to do this again,” they confess to me, usually when they're about two-thirds of the way through writing their first book. “Writing is horrible. Miserable. I'm horrible! Why did I ever think it was a good idea to write this? to write at all?!”

Neither of these two postures—pride and despair—are helpful if you want to create great work.

What's missing? What's the secret ingredient writing in a way that both displays your natural that is both an absolute joy to write and your best possible work?

The secret ingredient is PLAY.

That's right, the same thing that toddlers are so good at is the key to writing your best work.

This Writing Exercise Brings the Joy Back to Writing—Here's How

How do you play with writing?

Two words: modernist poetry.*

Pioneered by poets like Ezra Pound and T.S. Eliot, modernist poetry often makes very little sense. In fact, it can sometimes even seem like gibberish, like a Rauschenberg lithograph.

And that's what makes it such a great exercise. Because it allows you to play with words in a way that the perfectionistic side of your brain won't be able to stop.

5 Steps to This Writing Exercise

I've broken it up into five steps so simple a two-year-old could follow them:

  1. First, get out a blank page. Feel free to open a new document on your computer, get out a pen or a blank piece of paper, or even whip out your old-school typewriter (the preferred method!)
  2. Next, write the first word that comes to your mind. When I did this exercise this morning, the first word I thought of was “Boom.” Why not?! So I wrote it down.
  3. Then, the hard part: write another word. Why is this hard? Because for this exercise to work, the second word must be random and disconnected from the first. This will completely piss off that perfectionistic little writer in your head. Do it anyway!
  4. After you write the second word, write a third, fourth, and so on. After a few words, you can start a new line. It doesn't matter where you break the line. Just do it when it feels right. And as you write, don't forget the most important step of all…
  5. PLAY. When you do this exercise, write with the sounds of words in mind, not their meaning. Try out movie/historical/song/literary references, mashing them up with gibberish rhymes (e.g. “Twain's hammersaw is bringing me low slow like a long bow“). Make up new words. Pay attention to the sounds of words. Try to come up with the most random noun you can. Then, put it next to a list of five verbs. DON'T use punctation (unless that sounds fun to you, of course).

*I'm of course using the term modernist poetry very loosely here. Good modernist poetry is about much more than random gibberish strung together.

Embarrassing Examples of My Own Attempts at This Exercise

To give you a sense of how your poems might look, and to hopefully give you much room to improve upon, here are two of my worst attempts at this exercise (for humor's sake, it's best to read these aloud in the sincerest voice you can muster):

Boom story
Simple reason hides
the only response to holiness tears
and I'll love you I'll love you
Asparagus dream tell me I'm happy
Bromate the worn door
Catalyst of evergreen
I'll sing it all dusk
Thiery weeps
Allspice leaves
Kroner folder brning
Someday I'll participate in
wishful thinking

Amazingly bad, right? Here's the next one (I actually like this one):

bloom you folly seeking
pinwheeling song stealers
float your lilly feelings
youround a hold
and follow
the starring
problem holder

Ready to write yours?

Why This Creative Writing Exercise Is Genius

When you finish—after ten lines or a hundred— read your poem out loud. You'll probably be surprised at how good it is!

That's why this exercise is so perfect. Because when you try to write badly, you free up your creativity and end up making surprising connections.

Sure, some of your lines will be horrible, embarrassing, and never to be read again. But others will be much better than you expected.

Finally, with your new playful spirit, you'll be able to go back to your work in progress with a new level of creativity.

How about you? Do you ever play with words? Share in the comments!


Ready to try out this creative writing exercise? Use steps above to write a modernist poem. Make sure to PLAY!

When you're finished with your poem, post it in practice box below and offer feedback to three other writers. (Come on, it can't be worse than mine!)

Have fun!

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  1. Sandra Nachlinger

    Sounds like a great idea and definitely worth a try. I’ll be going to a writing retreat in June, so I’m printing this out to take with me. My goal will be to use this exercise to get the creative juices flowing. Thanks for the playful nudge!

  2. Marcy Mason McKay

    Wow, Joe. Though new house and new baby are exciting additions, but are STRESSFUL (she says from experience).

    Creepy sushi dancing
    Wisps of smoke prancing

    Die, bastard, die!
    Comforter comforting me now

    Wash adrift the sand
    Turning pages of my life

    Sandals wanting time
    Laughter make it mine

    Wanting more
    Wanting less

    • Susan Barker

      This is good brain relief. I like your choices Marcy.

    • Marcy Mason McKay

      Thanks, Susan. You should try it. It was FUN!

    • Matt O'Berski

      Hahah, I love that you started with creepy sushi! What a random thought: wonderful!
      Yours is certainly more together than my little pieces I wrote, but I didn’t want to have to think too much longer. It’s the weekend lol

    • Marcy Mason McKay

      Glad you enjoyed it, Matt. I really did like creating this.

  3. Tom Farr

    Interesting exercise. My perfectionist brain and definitely my English teacher brain are unsettled by the idea of it, but here goes:

    Feathers stream
    Rockets spread unseen
    Lockets touching foes unbreaking
    Feathers spray and need
    Feed the blue buttons

    Wow. That is terrible. Fun exercise though.

    • Joy

      Hey, I think it’s great! I really liked the “rockets spread unseen.” Kinda creepy and majestic. 🙂

    • Tom Farr

      Thanks. I wouldn’t have thought of it that way, but glad you did 🙂 Thanks!

    • Matt O'Berski

      There could totally be a song for that one.
      Maybe a new Bruce Springsteen original?

    • Tom Farr

      I can hear it now!

    • Joe Bunting

      Ha! This is great. Feed the blue buttons, but not the green ones, those pigs.

    • Tom Farr

      Haha! Thanks, Joe. Strange what comes out when you’re not thinking ahead.

  4. Susan Barker

    Never tried this before, but it sounds like fun.

    boast most helpful dope
    lean bean is really mean
    come down come around and be the day
    play as we may all the day
    nachos ate grouchos at the grill til morning light
    with fright in the night she wails while he’s in jail

    This is FUN!

    • Joy

      I LOVE that line–“nachos ate grouchos at the grill til morning light”

    • Jeanne Frost

      Fun stuff!

  5. disqus_x1Z1JXh2K4

    Players weep on trees
    Into the gilded forest eggs cry
    Maybe in the future planes will crawl
    If only I know when I die

    Agonizing grapes pull a ward from the hen
    Please have the finish, each screams
    One tangle of empty forges after another
    Flip and fall to hell

    Eight and every page of guards
    Death and door come to yield
    Of my apostles one hath died
    Never rise again

    Open girth weighs the justice
    Golden feathers flim and glide
    Beguile the dragons in my ankles,
    And you will be the saint of pyres.

    Forest justice ever black
    Into my heart slack and die
    Make sure the door is locked my friend
    The statue thief’s here.

  6. Traci Sims

    Chinese bells tassels scarlet swaying winds on horseback in Mongolia
    Leather gauntlet falcons grip with strong talons
    Cheese drip curds steaming face bent good and hot
    On a cold winter night on the mountains
    Snow-covered steppes step back front door and look out to the horizon horses drive towards the mud and centre of our camp
    Girls wrestle in embroidered helmets on
    Lacquered heads black as silk satin and moth wings

    I was listening to a documentary on medieval China while I wrote this. It’s scary to do this, but very interesting.

  7. Jeanne Frost


    A wisp of memory
    Fading fast
    Tinges of red and orange
    Surrounding the evening
    Memory escaping
    Irrelevant now
    Nothing necessary
    Useless to my wellbeing
    Move on
    Look at the flowers
    They don’t weep
    Does not exist
    There is only
    My happy heart

    • Joy

      (i.e. I loved it!)

    • Jeanne Frost

      (Love your summary! Thanks)

    • Matt O'Berski

      mm, beautiful is right!
      i love how you have the single-word lines.
      wonderful to see a longing end in freedom!

    • Jeanne Frost

      Thanks Matt…

    • Lisette Murphy

      I loved the flow of it! Very nicely written!

    • Jeanne Frost

      Thank you Lisette!

  8. Joy

    Lifeboat don’t sink
    Speak louder dishwasher
    Don’t ignore the soap
    Once upon a time
    I lived in a treehouse
    By the sea
    In a boat
    Eating popcorn
    With my best friend’s sister
    After we met
    By the seashore
    Watching chickenwings dance
    Like chiropractors
    Eating mustaches
    I think I’m weirded out
    By this poem
    The end.

    • Debbie L

      I love that chicken wingsdance!

    • Jeanne Frost

      This poem paints word pictures. (Smiling)

    • Joy

      I’m glad it made you smile. 🙂

    • Matt O'Berski

      Joy, I loved it! I like having your name above your entries… It’s like titling every thing ‘Joy’!
      I especially like the line ‘speak louder dishwashwer’. What a neat personification you do there!

    • Joy

      Thank you, Matt! I’m so glad it brightened your day. 🙂

  9. Chloee


    Wind blown hair
    Sudden smells
    Dirt caked fingernails
    Keep the blood flowing
    Listen well all of you
    Faded days of youth
    Slowly crawling down my hands

    Drops slither down the lines of them

    The sidewalk will end
    The days do grow short
    The sun will someday set
    You better start running
    Nothing will keep your heart beating
    The terror of the inky blackness
    Slipping towards you
    Like a unseen hand
    Pulling towards the sky
    Silent breathing
    Eyes looking
    Holding on to something
    Anything that seems like hope
    Dropped from a hundred feet
    Slammed on top of the fear and anger

    Of those looking for it
    Never to be found
    Whispers in your voice
    The voices try to speak

  10. Alisa

    Lovely idea, tried doing this but end up with like freewriting exercise, not poetry. I wonder if I’m doing it right though, would someone mind to let me know?

    As you can see, mine is more like a threads of words that sort of rhyme imperfectly together, I’m not sure if I’m doing this exercise right.

    Should we rush the next word without 2nd thought like in brainstorming/freewriting, or should we take the time to ponder which next word that can describe the previous word & 2nd word must rhyme?

    Is it ok if we have spelling errors, i.e. we make up some words along the way?

    Thanks, this is my piece:
    boom clap boom boom pow fowl fowler
    spoiler lier spelling error rubbish gibberish
    nonsense random blank space getting better
    improve dance fun run hike trial fire hire never
    say never Justin Bieber tin dean jean man
    motivational speaker fooler fuller occupational
    redeem receipt resit deceive deceit damn realm
    delve elf power grip rip drip dip sip nim numb
    rum wine alcohol dollar dine sky high fly fry
    rye nice buy fine nine mine fine right cents
    sense make fake bake aiks ache cite poetry
    poem focus circus amazing Britney Spears songs

    • Matt O'Berski

      Hi Alisa 🙂
      You’re definitely not doing it wrong! Art is, almost by definition, to be defined by the artist (that’s you 🙂
      I’m guessing you were going for the rhyming and that the author’s mention of ‘sound’ guided you toward that specific type of sound/poetry. Well poetry doesn’t have to rhyme, certainly doesn’t have to have any lines working with each other…. but one beautiful thing is that it CAN!

    • Joe Bunting

      The best part about this is that the rule is there are no rules. Needless to say you did it perfectly. I laughed out loud at this, “

    • Sheila B

      Seems right to me. I think theepoint exercise gets the brain off the right wrong good bad wagon and allows for the revolving of the word flow wheels, creates writing momentum.

    • Alisa

      Thanks so much guys for the positive enforcement, was pretty fearful actually that I’m doing this wrong, especially after I’ve read many other writers’ comment on this page which seem like poetry to me.

  11. Matt O'Berski

    spaghetti soon twitches
    forknife held below
    knight night gnight
    long vacuous overwhelming consistency
    but that is that
    how too yearn is rending still

    unrelated frequency dulled roar riptide rush
    bloated watermelon belly
    crying infants smiling sadness
    empty full
    long the two fight

    hug me hurt me hide me rid me
    of the actions of the past
    the ones so now long forgotten
    belkin summit of faith
    radioplate maneuver fan
    running walking stillness complete
    grain texture paper thin neighbors
    credit cards fight
    plastic battles are the swimming seagulls

    sleep yellow over long side ways
    dream a dream
    questions keep chanting smoke signals
    carrier pidgeons wood pidgeon harry potter
    sunrise sunsets
    full to empty nevermore
    ravenclaw harry potter slytherin dauntless
    teen fiction rests above elbows not betwixt

    brains are concrete
    solidly cementing gray matter into dark matter
    elmer’s legends trip the nation
    glue that murdered many
    factionless fathers forget daughterless mothers
    highlighted on paper
    numbers alone

    notetaking has never neared the precipice
    starbucks mcdonalds Disney world
    songs of the weekend
    amazing handsome always
    window clotheshanger lightpole crosschair
    living lives left of lines
    leaving lines write of lies

    • Jeanne Frost

      Wonderful images Matt – “brains are concrete…..” love this.

    • Matt O'Berski

      Thank you Jeanne!

    • Tom Farr

      “notetaking has never neared the precipice.” Not sure what it means, but love the sound of it. Great images throughout.

    • Matt O'Berski

      thanks Tom! i have no idea either. of course, as an english teacher you and i could likely come up with something for it.
      eg. there has never been enough note taking; notetaking is only as good as the bottom of the mountain… etc

      lol, thanks again Tom, you’ve become faithful at commenting on my non-make-sensory posts!

    • Lisette Murphy

      Spaghetti sounds good right now… Great job Matt!

    • Matt O'Berski

      haha, right?!

      it’s not that late, and it sounds real good to me too :))
      thanks for the comment, lisette!

    • Lisette Murphy

      Anytime! It could never be too late for spaghetti!

  12. AlexBrantham

    Better not let any psychologists get a look at this free-association writing we’re doing here – they could have a field day!

    Here’s a snippet of mine – what it reveals of my inner demons, I have no idea:

    Fuchsia correct killing thyme
    Sun son jumping giants handle fun
    Haricot wimples forget-me-nots queen rapier juniper lungs
    Yesterday warrior bungle contemporary sweat linguine

    However, having done that (and a few more lines of equal gibberish), some of the words resonated and I wrote an actual poem – not normally my thing at all. Here it is:

    Celebrity cooks, killing thyme,
    Randy writers, striving to rhyme.
    Fossilised footballers, can’t keep them down,
    Rejected representatives, doing nothing but frown.
    My box is just full
    Of these unwanted folk.
    Won’t somebody tell them
    They’re nowt but a joke?

    • Joe Bunting

      I loved both of these poems Alex! In the first I especially enjoyed all the crazy nouns. Haricots? Wimples? Juniper lungs? Awesome.

      And the second is almost just as crazy! Representatives and footballers in your inbox? Great image! These were lots of fun, Alex. Great job!

    • AlexBrantham

      For clarity, Joe, where I come from “box” means “television” …

    • Matt O'Berski

      Alex, I so enjoyed hearing your thought process during the writing, and then also enjoy the writing. Thanks for sharing!

    • Lisette Murphy

      Those were both very enjoyable poems! That was great! Thanks for sharing!

    • Sandy

      Interesting explanation,

      Spices, are the most common flavore used to give the recipes a good taste

  13. Ralph Hua

    ninja use nunchaku
    whack the baby
    whack Bruce Lee
    write a song
    sing sing sing
    on stage rap swim fly
    dragon in the pond
    fly fly up with balloons
    land shaolin master punch
    matrix blue red laptop iphone smash
    medicine pills poets ted
    choose give up fly disappear
    forrest musics guitar horses flowers bill gates
    wheat weed whip whisky michael jackson fly
    fly fly fly

    • Traci Sims

      Ooh, I like this….

  14. Pandi

    Cane Shut up curl

    Keep try hop run

    Jury Jig try dig

    Methos fin help learn love

    Delve done truck hug

  15. Thomas Furmato

    mushroom bathroom in a line
    mask violate stop came in time
    grab grapple free sew line slow
    feverish tinkering mess all over
    feet globe car shadows
    blank squeeze fan
    top red bump in the road
    cemetery almost done
    pancakes shuffle indentation

  16. kim

    Firstly get away
    guitar laying down
    fluent strings play
    drawings in graphite
    where it weeps
    the songbird
    ongoing tide
    in long ago
    fields of green
    someday wishful
    thinking may happen

    • Traci Sims

      This brought a smile to my face….

    • Joy

      This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

    • Heather Guidry

      when I wrote down my ongoing may happens, I was thinking it was a long month! with a bunch of things happening in May… and it’s not over yet!!! 🙂 great minds think alike!!!

  17. Shebee

    Ripples sunlight
    rocking across time
    forgetting wisdom teeth falling out
    left and right and interdormand
    rushing giants planting tin cans
    frequent sighs undeserved highs
    racking up moments laughing
    hate spinning monumental focus
    pointless and proud

  18. Brittany Engler

    Rollercoaster Dreams
    I’m beaming at the seams.

    Moving quickly at the speed of light
    I’m crawling out of my skin with fright.

    People screaming, I hear
    My turn is getting near.

    Do I actually want to ride?
    There’s no where to hide.

    I take a seat in the rear
    Everything is becoming clear.

    We take off with a jerk
    Maybe closing my eyes will work

    to keep me from getting sick
    Maybe that’s the trick

    My stomach turns
    My heart burns

    • Traci Sims

      To free write and simultaneously rhyme is no mean feat. I am envious of your ability! Wow!

    • Joy

      Oh! I love roller coasters, so I especially liked reading this! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Volen Andreev

      Now that’s marvellous for a quick writing exercise!

    • Sandy

      What a good peice of writing, I wish I have the same ability of writing.

    • dhk

      Would be a great Rap song!

    • Zhemeng

      Cute piece!

    • Macey Stewart

      I’m beaming at the seams!?! This is gorgeous!

  19. jo

    Love this!

    I want to steal juniper lungs and sandals wanting time…
    After just putting the words that popped up down, I wanted to then use them within a line, so did it really quick to stop my conscious brain having any of the fun! It has made me want to go back to poetry after years away…..

    Credible, cheerful, possible cream

    Cauliflower people, treading mice

    Like flowers popping tears tear in soulful

    Cake will play because foe

    Archipelago chant swear carry notice

    The archipelago of my fractured mind

    Gives chant to each spiralled thought

    I swear I will sin again

    Carry the panniers of hope

    Until I notice the emptiness.

  20. Debra johnson

    This is harder than it seems
    trees shoot out light beams
    its rays cause puss to ooze from ears and eyes
    multicolored tears soon begin to fall
    easy to say not to do
    brain filters raise defeat and letters emerge from holes galore

    Okay yea this was weird and maybe not right
    so I’m off to the kitchen to fetch a bite.
    May attempt this later I might, but it will be well into this night.

    • Susan Barker

      Cool! multicolored tears soon begin to fall, trees shoot out light beams.
      I don’t think there is a right way to do this exercise. You write what comes to mind and cool/ weird things start happening. 🙂

    • Debra johnson

      yea my editor was fighting me all the way.

  21. Asha

    Breathing rapidly
    Tongue twisted around silk
    Silently contemplating
    Ifs and ands?
    Forever is temporary
    Tonight will change forever
    Night falls, dawn cracks
    Missions are possible.

  22. Pete Joison

    Writing gibberish is a wonderful way to loosen up the old writing muscles. I have been doing this for years. I call these exercises “SOUPS” (like a minestrone of words 🙂

    Here’s a ‘soup’ I prepared earlier:

    I have hooks for ears.
    A fox for breath.
    I am alive but not for much longer.
    Passion over, I followed the posts,
    but lost her in Hades.
    The last words she spoke
    tore at my soul
    and were consumed in flames.
    I have tesserae eyes.

    • Pete Joison

      And here’s one I just did. (So much fun!)

      How the red fruit
      became a violent blue.
      Cause and effect.
      Holodecks and bears.
      There’s a fly buzzing around my antlers.
      Drinking heavy water
      by the container ship full.

  23. JulieJordanScott2

    (Preface – This was ridiculously fun…)

    Sisyphus expels fiction

    Portable headstones rumbling nowhere

    Fused opinions laugh at sweat

    Mangle Josephine and Scarlet and Rastafarian hats

    (Not even sure if that is a word, I continue)

    Rain doesn’t come here

    Snow doesn’t come here

    Pacifists don’t come here

    Snaggletooth and mulberries are frowned upon

    over there though their new wall and

    attempt at visibility works

    Voo doo doll paves the way

    So this is how this works?

    First shots. Not a dunk or
    lay up

    Hula hoop falls down the hips

    Too many EL Fudge cookies

    leave her belly trapezoidal

    Try again


    • Traci Sims

      I like it!

  24. Jenny

    I’m not sure if this was what it was supposed to be, but what the heck.
    Here it is:

    Wings darkness glow beauty

    Eyes hear broken staccatos

    Brainless batteries contain wealth

    Eat hearts oil and sadness

    Pray stay with contrite expectations

    I can’t save me, why save you?

    Breathe a breath, save yourself

    Talk up to the sky, Sing to the clouds,

    You are alone, we are alone, let me be


    Hold a chainsaw gently against a pine tree

    Keep a cigarette between the teeth, but don’t blow

    Thoughts a whirling, don’t slow down, keep thinking

    No regrets but no life as well

    Don’t fail, don’t trust

    Printers lay out a formal foundation

    Of ink splattered on a page, rhythm to it

    Like bongos, tambourines, a circus of stupidity

    Why the formality? Just breathe.

  25. Gary G Little

    Ok, I doo’d it. I tried to disconnect just write random words. The app I used has a Hemingway mode which will NOT let me go back and correct. So here it is in the raw:

    fabulous bang twins supperbanner
    moon mistriss cold laubchlaunch
    cart bicycle haeart hart fart
    fifteen minutes foervroforever as arghhhh
    terry telephone wizards stupid magic
    radar neck crackle creakle arthritis
    ouch ouch ouchouch
    age apain in the ass
    still random
    arrggghhh fifte en minutes!!!!
    ocoffee coffeecake
    telephone terry newspaper crossword
    kids running on the street raining rain falling
    umbrellas red and blkblue
    morning gratgrey drizzle falling
    people walking coffee holding starbusks and caribou
    barns and noble refugee
    writing nonsesnenonsense geern of spring
    why do I keep connecting words!!!!
    I’m a sentence pig
    that should be green of spring
    random words hah
    blue whit umbrella pblue cap pink shirt white pants black man pololder
    cell phgone smartphone everine on a phone

    • Matt O'Berski

      This is fun, I’m curious what app you use for the Hemingway mode?
      Do you like it or does it tend to just force more editing after the fact?

    • Gary G Little

  26. Shelina Valmond

    This was gold! Thanks for tuning us into this part of the brain again. I had some rhymes and even a made up word that I had to write down. Some of my words were more connected than I realized after close examination. I think I’ll do it again and keep trying for more and more obscure nouns and verbs. Very fun.

    Here’s my first attempt:

    Buzz fuzz no flibbery
    slippery to trees knees
    acid foreign plastic pom
    Dom cray lips bend send
    Growl fowl my Galaxy bar
    forage skip tip mandible
    crime time yes Fall

    • Matt O'Berski

      Plenty of rhymes and certainly some connections. Fun connections too!
      My favorite line is “growl fowl my galaxy bar’

  27. Lisette Murphy

    I decided to give mine a title. Very fun exercise.

    Hat hormonster tea says
    That is yours ill elcaire
    Crane frejuices hotdog on
    Very long train blank your eye
    Free fee to honk poink grr
    Grass hit shovel to joy
    Little carber yet kinger
    Questest am I

    • Matt O'Berski

      HA! I feel like I’m reading a combination of Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss! I enjoyed how you verbified the word hotdog – as in the “crane frejuices hotdog on”. so many wonderfully unique and made up words, as well as not being constrained by grammar: “Questest am I”

      Well done!

    • Lisette Murphy

      Thanks! It was very fun!

  28. nancy

    After first draft, I felt happy. I added some connecting words.

    Cormorant Languishing on the rocks
    I watch from the theater of trees
    carrier, freer, flier

    beyond, a boat on the foam, full of hope, stable
    before, a blue jay, sneaky, to the wren feeder, pecking, tipping,
    flapping to stay afloat.

  29. Gary G Little

    I get to Barnes and Nobles and realize that there most likely will not be a prompt today from Joe, new baby and all. So I said why not do Fridays again. So I did. I have no idea what this is but it was fun, which I think is the whole point.

    I am a sentence pig.
    I grovel in words.
    I wallow in phrases.
    I show fields of green using appositives where paragraphs are ecstacy.
    I long for chapters.
    I pray for a novella
    Oh my what would I give for a novel.
    A tome of sci-fi,
    of memories of west Texas,
    of a curmudgeon just mumbling on a keyboard.

    • Joe Bunting

      Well, there sort of was! But I’m glad you wrote this instead. This is publishable Gary! The first line and last two lines are especially wonderful.

    • Kiki Stamatiou

      A very creative piece with a lovely touch of humor.

    • Laurie Phillips

      Beautiful and such talent in this!

    • Macey Stewart

      Wow! This is such an intriguing metaphor. I love it!

  30. Kelly H.

    I loved this exercise…it felt great not to criticize the words I wrote…freeing…thank you!

    Trees avenue go
    Paper pens and doors
    Wooden leaves swing
    Flowers sign loudly
    Anger rises
    Mad men scream
    Wishes take turns
    Mashed potatoes scream, cream and laugh
    Head full of noise
    Make it right, write

  31. David

    I’m pretty good at being random so here I go ….

    random atom batman cat
    living loosely bill need a boosty
    can’t fathom random matter
    rather ponder infinite father
    you know, y’all, this random thinking
    has my inner brain’s eyes a-blinking
    tac namtab mota modnar
    line one backwards written
    makes even less sense
    this is only a test of my
    inner randomness
    random it is
    scary it is
    i think i thunk i thought
    it was kind of fun
    but book seems
    long way off

  32. Heather Guidry

    Fireworks miss you
    the forever paper friendly happy
    I’ll make the move rain
    oil painting tell me story
    earthquake end
    new house cucumber fence
    Gerber thinking crazy daisy patio fan

    and glue smile together
    sunshine hides at hard rock
    flirty guitar stage tony danza

    ongoing may happens

    Heather Guidry

  33. TBL

    Carefully crafted canvas,
    smeared by my own hand,
    as I tried to perfect the image.

    Beacon of light,
    luminous thought.
    Darkness tamped down.

  34. C. Stella

    I think this ended up being more cohesive than random…random words do come to mind once in a while though, and I make note of any interesting ones if I come across them (in order to use it later on).


    Uncertain eyes look to yonder
    Over the gleaming horizon of sparkling grays and blacks.
    No whites.
    Just in between – the uncertainty of color.

    Managing stark cold hands,
    Voices linger behind bedridden backs,
    Calling “Up! Up!”
    Back to who we are.

    The dark suits hang on dressers,
    Image of the callback days of loose shirts,
    Untucked and fondly wrinkled.
    Memories of play.

    The uncertainty of color persists.

  35. Kiki Stamatiou

    Harboring Lost Thoughts
    By Kiki Stamatiou a. k. a. Joanna Maharis

    The doormat brings with it it’s own excuses
    For harboring lost thoughts
    Of my vengeance.

    Forever embraced by the hallow deeds
    Of raspberries filled with scornful melodies
    Inside their core, their bitterness stings
    My tongue with a sourness overcome
    By vicious melodies bombarding my
    Mind so listlessly.

    I’m melting in the sun so filled with
    It’s buttery decree.
    I’m left dancing outside like a mundane
    Archer taking aim against vicious levities
    Of the outright political game.

    I’m embalmed with the crucifix burning
    My flesh with starved convictions.
    I’m famished by the powers withholding me
    And feeding me to the hungry sharks
    Swarming around my cage.

    I’m lost in a watery grave
    Where only the sadistic survive
    The maze of the harpoon.
    Dying carp freeze in the ice.
    I’m withholding my heart
    Until tomorrows spring.

    For I’ve learned to dance in the snow
    When the burrow brings forth it’s own song.
    Let the rich melodies pour out of your
    Grave, and bring me into the hourly tides.

    I’m ever floating across the lake of your
    Allow me to bring my party hats, so I can
    Topple over you mind with the fruitfulness
    Of lush shrubbery with all their essence.

    I’m driven by the fires burning up my soul
    With evergreens throbbing against my heart.
    For they bleed out the grail pouring forth
    Unto you, my friend.

    If only you’ll learn to hobble once you’ve
    Been stung on the foot by a bee.

    I create my own task master.
    For it is none other than me.
    I’m left standing there holding your
    Heart on a pole.

    I’m ready to consume the vilest taste
    Of your herbs, if only you’ll sedate me
    So I no longer have to feel the pain
    Of your leaving me behind.

    I’m drifting in the foulest pools
    Of consciousness when the melody
    Stops breathing.
    I’m the delft parted across the sea
    Of the fires.

    I long to be cast aside by the nets
    Holding me prisoner to the night,
    But the song they choose to play
    Is the feverish hours of the stars
    Blinking their light into my eyes.

    I’m gone overboard, because I lost
    My grip on life.
    I’m sailing across the sea with no one
    To guide me to you.

    How can I bring for the misery unto
    You when you’ve left me nothing but
    The hollow log I sleep in on a cold night.

    The waters thirst for survival in the grave
    Of your rite, but I’m left winded after
    Trying to tread on water for so long a tide.

    I’m sifted by the breathing fire coming
    From your nostrils when the harpoons
    Engage themselves in the shark meat
    Ready to be pounced upon.

    I’m the grave holding myself prisoner
    To you.
    For I know nothing else better than
    To sing of the wisest miser ever created
    By the Creator himself.

    I’m strong, but I’m fragile all
    At the same time.

    Help these seeds grow you left
    Planted in my heart.
    For they torture me at night with
    Their bite.
    I’m helpless in the darkness when
    Striving to breath in wicked breaths
    Of fire.
    Every time the rain goes away,

    You take a piece of my sight with you.

    Each day passing by me, I’m overcome
    With the hunger to seize your wild heart,
    And devour it’s passion with my tired spirit.
    Bring me back into the lion’s den
    So my song will continue to be heard.

    Let me be the one who lets you into the
    Coasting plight of this miracle dancing
    Before us.
    For the captor is none of than the waves
    Crashing upon our heads when disease
    Of the soul echoes on in the realms of the dead.

    © Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015

  36. Bri T

    Time stands still
    Until it can tip no more
    And then the days move on
    Until you lips bleed lore
    The birds hone down their beaks
    And the water is low
    The boats begin to leak
    With what failed to show
    I hope with all kindness
    Genuity and trust
    That we lack what makes us better
    That is
    Until we know what we have lost
    Because with pride comes the end
    And as they say
    The end is the beginning
    It’s only in the new start
    Can we begin to see meaning

  37. Pete Dancause

    Fickle beans tasty trophy
    Force winds and rings tomorrow
    Gentle sabbath soaring greenly
    Froth and spirits sending dreams of chairs and inspiration
    Karma subtle and sorcery bright as foggy lenses
    Crime and candy dabble in forts of cheesecloth and dandelions
    Bear crawls for when it has none

    Thanks for the idea. It was a lot of fun!

  38. Anthony Rodriguez

    This was a lot of fun!
    Hippo java maps connects

    My boom excites telephones

    Rapidly energize terribly memorized

    Backpack table cama pillow candles little tables

    Life stipe’s the dog and kidnaps the night

    Relentless stripes remarkable marbles scattered

  39. Jacqueline Nicole

    Where is the man
    That purposely punched pilots
    Of spoiled roses
    And oscar cigarettes

    From the steps he fell
    Fluffy clouds float
    Don’t look him in the eye
    It’s the devil in a goat

    Frolic in the fields
    The sweater astrewn
    Dream catchers above
    Still wondering about the man in blue.

    (Yeah random and fun exercise)

  40. Jdog

    Busted bread gulls gaping gushing Gucci over moonbeans
    Muppets bruising, black buckets belting, bucketing, melting,
    Droplets pelting, pelts,
    Cigarettes high, rise of smoke of fabric blokes
    Muscles choke, mice pedal, broke,
    Wrappers soak
    Wrap me up, warm, torn, tongue worn and eyes sore,
    Fingers of lore, written in pores, shivers delivers
    Knuckles raw on wooden doors.

    Sloshed and moshed and fever caboshed
    Rick Rack, thistle, high jack, delve, dig, seethe, heave
    Wrist watch, moss, laden toast
    Butter creamed and curdled and hurdled at strangers
    On bikes
    Come in
    Be gone
    Be sworn this is yours
    Its ours – our seething mess, our rubber ringworm test
    Of time.

  41. Daniel

    Culture gone forgotten
    Who what am I
    Where do I come from
    Here, there, I cannot be from everywhere
    Lost in a line
    Pen investigates
    Discover insight, delightful
    I am
    Content with me

  42. IvyMoon

    Practice moon
    green deliverance when I loved
    full but empty
    I thought I knew, I knew what I thought
    signing sounds on the wind
    christmas, crackling flowers
    druzy quartz sleep
    grey is silver
    a song isn’t a voice
    love is in crisp leaves in autumn
    smell pain and loss
    red, blue and purple veins
    sing a song of merry and bright
    scream shadows and lust
    revenge and deception and outrage
    meditation out of a void
    experience touch and sound
    walking children forest
    dark blues
    gasping for love
    remembering you
    remembering us.

  43. Anna

    Love killer season pie
    Melon dew drop
    Hug me lemon pink dye
    Books rob heart man
    Warmth in the blue snowflake
    Stars drown in lake boat
    Shy girl dress up dress out
    Dark sunlight blue sky

  44. Robyn

    Catheter betrayal
    Why bottle bowl spritz spoon
    Long bright breezy
    Simple calm sound
    Magazine in the trash
    Water never drunk
    Purple towel, folded, untrusted
    Never betrayed
    Like he had
    I trusted him in the bed
    And not the towel
    But the towel never betrayed
    He did

  45. Skylee Estby

    Food is food.
    And I am I.
    Phones are cool.
    See eye to eye.
    Don’t you know how good it feels.
    To finally be as free as a bee.
    Love is hate and hate is sorrow.
    Yolo my friends so be okay.
    Piglets are weird and so are bowties.
    But don’t be afraid, my sick little fry.
    Yolo my friend, you don’t know what it’s like to be me.
    I am a fry, and so are you, bee.
    Okay okay where should i go if ye who wanders,
    Not to far from thee.
    I am pretty cool, not gonna lie. Omg um yeah cool.
    Love is food and food is love and i am asparagus.
    Cheese cheese wonderful cheese to yee who wanders…
    I’m not really a twat just it’s complicated, okay?
    Life is stars and stars are life yasss queen work okay
    Tyler oakley is stupid and kinda is not a queen
    So is joey and shane and grade
    I should be a teacher cuz im cool and i grammar right
    Piglets are dumb
    No they’re not
    What am i saying
    Okay okay i’m okay
    Fault in our stars is actually a good movie
    Wattpad is awesome

  46. J.S.

    I long to no longer long.
    I long to chase my shadow
    I long for that moment
    when the sun takes its light
    and the shadow becomes one with darkness.
    I long to stand in darkness,
    panting and laughing at the absurdity
    of my chase.

  47. Emily Atkinson

    life fleeting
    red burning
    winter’s deep
    peel back the layers
    finding the bird’s song
    a layer of dust
    she breathes until dawn
    shining on your back
    my heart
    i pander to your soul
    the most esoteric fragments
    of my fingertips radiate
    and suddenly
    we are one

  48. c.gurvi

    Huglesnort prediction elevation
    anger redevelopment spitfire unadorned
    clickity-clack barn meadow racer
    acclimation result
    thinking adhd motherhood
    Aldrenation replicated meshining verbiage dumper

  49. Lyz Frerking

    whisper down the swallowing stream,
    aloft from the earth,
    sea green angelic melodies,
    no desire for the smothering day,
    nauseating glimmers of a sense of feeling,
    but there is no more
    there is no more

  50. Chris

    Okay, I gave this a try. Here is what I came up with:

    Singing a rain of showers
    Holding the clovers
    Wishing upon the jar
    Look the seeds are brining
    Fool heart incontent
    Slam slimming silliness
    Shapes come by hard
    Shall we ride now pard
    Hope do not despair
    Poop on the stairs

    LOL Okay, I’m done.

    That was fun. I might try this daily to get the juices flowing.
    Thanks Joe

    Chris K.

  51. D. Bay'k

    Holes always look to never
    Emptiness knows no more clever
    On life’s machine I lever
    So pull no more punches
    And ties no more sever
    Never say ever
    Today is much better
    Present gifts push tomorrows buttons
    So no loving all of a sudden
    Butchers chop no muttons
    Or see self esteem plunging
    The pen is an extension of my hand
    So stretch your arms out
    do it
    dance to life’s music
    or die
    in life’s silence sight.

  52. Joey Burton

    I was really skeptical for some reason when starting this exercise. I was doubting myself and the process, but something happened to me once I got going and this is what I came up with. There are definitely some crap lines, but true to what Joe claims, there are also some keepers!

    Lust crust stuck to my nose.
    A seed planted where wild things grow.
    Now I have no room to breath.
    Rub elbows while desires seethe.

    Polarity creates a daunting rift.
    Between extremes I seek, I sift.
    Close my eyes and there I find.
    The alleyway that is my mind.

    Wedged between a corner store.
    And failing rotten tavern door.
    Graffiti art laments the day.
    That all we see should turn to grey.

    Hypodermic desperation.
    Apathetic consternation.
    Should I share my deepest thoughts?
    With the naked body I’m draped across.

    Rejection looms beyond the mist.
    Savagery consumes our tryst.
    Explosive climax from both ends.
    Meets the middle spectrum trends.

    Morning brings mundane expressions.
    Forgotten by the twilight lessons.
    Of what to do when passions raw.
    Begin to rip, and tear, and gnaw.

  53. Abby A

    Thanks! That was fun!

    Here it is:
    fast taken long yellow road
    funny laughter dog takes a wheel of cheese
    boom goes the cat in winter
    wintery gloomy sad and desperate
    final dinner sees broadcast
    trucking along in the winter
    snow capped feelings
    it’s all allowed
    it’s all aloud
    cheese strings of death
    scary and morbid
    spooky and wrongly written
    bitten apple snow and white

  54. Sarah Wagoner

    I stumbled upon this post two years later, but thought I’d join in the creativity. Arriving fashionably late to the party…

    Miraculous Ezra writes now
    And never did he whistfully boast
    Loud cymbals dampen darkness
    Lulled by sweet melancholy trees
    Torn amber flickers in kerosine
    Forgotten resorts listless in new days
    Harpoons by night
    Enslaved carvings hangers of folly
    Miracle girl
    Paisley lover
    Blinded and languid forever mine
    Shells and shambles balloon or fray
    Liquid ignition and lusty eyes
    Pooling careening cereal magic
    Employing adoring your bickering teeth
    Pliable queens of utmost sincerity
    Important or pleasurable it matters not
    Sandy hearts quake and shudder in time

  55. Vahid

    Me foolish window was astonished
    Right poster under my keyboard tried to be sympathy
    Pen afterward might seek another coaster
    Hello if my chair help me to kick the wire off
    vegetable sicks coal sky

  56. CK

    words trickle ever so light
    sounds seem sharper tonight
    emotions cutting edges
    thank God for freedom
    long walks
    nighttime stories
    the world moves slowly
    in the distance i see
    a perfect stranger in front of me
    she wears nothing but black
    with a devious smile & ready to attack
    eyes as sharp as daggers
    but a laugh so beautiful it puts my french horn to shame
    she walks with pride in every step, taking her time
    soaking in her surroundings
    gratitude is an action word
    and to be breathing today is more than I deserve

  57. Nathan Huang

    what are your interpretations? i’m interested

    Ton bam landfill mining on a truck
    Unsure what the jar has struck
    On the grass a settle petal
    We sat lavishing flowers in sight
    To old and young,
    They all played
    In songs of mass and greed
    We stood like pires
    Eating the way for those saddened
    In the dormant spaces of their lives
    Unlucky and solemn
    Truth be told we aren’t the saints
    That paper sent us through disdain

  58. J Knopf

    Random, chair, purple, millenium falcon, buzz, silver
    Double, fingers, contact, nod, blank, empty, crack,
    Jump, tweet, snore, light, cat, breath, duplo, criss-cross
    Applesauce, orange, wood, song, island, coaster, basket,
    Egg, video, stupid, dumb, nonsense, soda, dim, car, morning,
    Awake, early, email, thoughts, tasks, day, ahead, drudge
    Time, scared, moron, promising?, not, dictionary, web, blog, feather,
    Kettle, knife, bowl, lunchbox, time, slow, poor, worthy, light switch
    Ceiling, floor, table, rug, avoid, tray, card, lego, figure, television,
    Books, breathing, silly, impossible, another avenue, keep, trying?,
    Exercise, practice, hi-low, plug, outlet, moving, awake, resolve,
    Undecided, laundry, dust, webbing, sad, afraid, anxious, inferior,
    Awful, no use, boring, coffee, progress, no, banana, wii, hat,
    Swallow, fingernails, click, snap, bulb, roar, big, engine, fast,
    Dawn, light, street lamp, trees, branches, dark, binoculars,
    Slow, view, pop, nothing, inhale, exhale, move, suddenly,
    Time, a.m., what, meaning, tires, pavement, stop sign,
    Text, edit, white, black, housecoat, feet, decision, waste,
    Possible, not, last, minute, keep, forward, sometime,
    Expression, money, job, administrate, look, busy,

  59. shiwangi agarwal

    Pain and failure
    easy to come
    difficult to go
    it’s just a phase, really?

    Coldplay- hope and kindness
    generosity and love
    happiness, calmness

    crazy ideas
    overpowering fear
    negative to positive
    long lost dreams.

    words, words, words
    time not enough
    lost in transition
    waiting to be found

    curious minds
    to care or not to care
    here or there
    now or later
    to create or not
    don’t know

  60. PaisleyCat

    New excersize for me, but what fun. Cant say mine makes a bit of sense, but here it is:

    Running through the leaves
    Hyper on my life
    Hoping past hoping that pain will be
    Put to rest
    Open wide
    Feel free
    Slide in home
    Cheaters tea

  61. shiwangi agarwal

    Pain and failure
    easy to come
    difficult to go
    it’s just a phase, really?

    Coldplay- hope and kindness
    generosity and love
    happiness, calmness

    crazy ideas
    overpowering fear
    negative to positive
    long lost dreams.

    words, words, words
    time not enough
    lost in transition
    waiting to be found

    curious minds
    to care or not to care
    here or there
    now or later
    to create or not
    don’t know

  62. Adeoti Oyinlola

    It seems difficult, yet you must face it, feels likes it never going to end, but you have to get to the end to prove that, when it looks too long, all you need to do is to walk all the way to see how short it actually is…
    Such is life, we must learn to overcome our fears daily; be rest assured that every unpleasant situation will definitely end, and walk confidently through every daunting and challenging experiences to see how helpful they have been.
    I think that’s what I’m going to do…. I’ll keep overcoming the fears, enjoying the process, and celebrating the fulfillment of my writings so that someday, I’ll look back and be amazed at how much I have written in a short time….. I hope I’ve been able to walk through these few lines to show that my writings can become better.

  63. Juwi

    So after my Physics lesson I wrote this for fun..

    Your soul was embedded within every particle of my being
    Thus with a kiss my body caught alight
    From one phase to another my bonds broke
    Until I was one with the air

    You lifted me up

    Drifting aimlessly, until you breathed me in slowly
    I flowed inside of you, through every inch of you
    Until you were consumed by me

    I brought you life

  64. Sri

    Full I fell in well of will
    There is alot n lots thrill.

  65. Thinking Too Much

    I love this exercise: it’s fun and it greatly helped with my creative slump. I had a go at it. Here are my results (warning: contains swearing (hope I’m not breaking any rules).

    Watch out for the smack attack; making a jam.

    If you’re in first class, I’ll put some glass in your ass.

    Vroom vroom bam, doing the jam slam.

    I’ll beat you till you spew faecal; coming out like treacle.

    Gonna end this poem like I did your dick.

    Don’t forget this brutality; my formality is a fatality.

    Next time I’ll beat you with a stick. (damn right that was sick).

  66. Sebastian Halifax

    Atop my tower
    Gazing in despair
    at all my hands wrought.
    I strove to raise
    a better order.
    Slowed by hubris
    of the oligarchy.
    Heads rolled as I pressed on,
    the weak cowed into place.
    Behind my back
    they plot my fall.
    I am betrayed by all,
    and I betray all.

  67. Zeina

    All I want
    Is to shout
    Really loud
    Because I’m so mad and sad
    Since I was bit by a turtle when I was a young lad
    Make me clap
    See me slap
    That ugly turtle face
    It’s such a disgrace
    messing up that place

    … well this was fun.(Ps. I love animals I swear, it’s like my hand wrote on its own)

    • Barbara O'Donnell

      I thought this was really good. You seem to have a flair for poetry.

  68. Barbara O'Donnell


    proud victorious free

    Soaring high above trees

    Beady eyes watchful frilly

    It was fun to be silly

  69. Debby Hattan

    the treasure
    of sound
    by dancing trees
    from the swinging wind

    the treasure
    of smell
    by dropping water
    from the falling rain

    the treasure
    of taste
    by refreshing life
    from the rising sun

    the treasure
    of sight
    by coloring sky
    from the varying lights

    the treasure
    of smell
    by blossoming petals
    from the growing flora

  70. Overthe Rainbow

    Post modern poem

    Sketch elephant shoe

    Badoom badoom baddom

    Jukebox millionare

    Becky with the guitar hair

    And suddenly, I’m soaring

    Poop boop and cute

    You’re raining and your snoring

    Gravy pad thai pouring

    Luke warm Jonathon cold

    Badoop badoop badoop.

  71. Just4fun

    Spirit rider
    Pickle in syrup
    Jump out of your skin
    Pull the rope to freedom
    Roar like the sister wind
    Waves of emotion
    Perfectionism sucks….


    Furry boy
    Big boy
    Bad boy
    Loveable boy
    Playful boy
    Handsome boy
    He’s my boy
    Loves to look outside at the pretty birds,
    Wonder what he would do if he were to ever catch one?
    Headbutting, bread kneading little boy
    Fat boy, furry boy, does he know how much I love him?
    Chewy is my handsome, loveable, furry CAT

  73. Argiris Fytakis

    Eerie palms swinging
    in the northern breeze
    Endless summer leaves are playing
    to the wind
    The relatively of relatives
    just brings me in
    this awful place of hill
    where sun does not shine
    either on your door or mine
    I still hope that the city dream
    would tell me to sing
    But I can’t do the party animal
    I can sing all the genres of dreams
    Let me do this
    for you

  74. Sandy

    She was standing over there , chewing her gum , when the old man stumbled on his face on a rainy day , and she sarcastically started to laugh louder, louder and louder , and merly she was trying to help him , what a sorrow to be such sarcastic and regretful at the same time , the man was barley looking at her with eyes full of shame .

  75. Steve O

    So I take a random word. Then write another word disconnected. And then just let it go. Sounds really good. just clarifying.

  76. Nicole Phoebe

    Emeralds form in my heart
    Rubies and rainbows show in the dark
    Crazy molasses engraved in my skin
    Elevated munchkins makes it harder to kin

    Justice prevails, to you I love to hail
    I am a woman and you are a male
    Courageous enough to show that I care
    This is goodbye, get out of my dare

  77. BobbiJo

    Baby diapers are
    Fuel for cars
    Carnation corsage for her
    Hotrod partner
    Swimming is fun for
    Cats who like to skate
    Honorable mentions for
    Meticulous wheels
    Of happiness outfitting
    Our highways

  78. Antix80

    Thank you for this. I’ve been wanting to write but don’t really know what to write and where to begin. This was an enjoyable way to begin though. Here is my very first attempt with this exercise:

    Surging pain for the demented brain
    Never underestimate the fate of the absurd
    Words have meaning but why do I care
    Follies of life and static despair
    Where is the bag of time wasted
    When do we trade this agenda for mourning
    Laugh and you shall see
    The tears that run through me
    For I can’t believe anymore
    I had faith but realized it was fruitless
    Time can heal but I still remain rootless
    Fly in the breeze to separate thoughts
    Grounded for life until I take flight
    Energize your procrastination to delay the inevitable
    Chaos ensues we are the idols of temptation

    • Sue Gore

      That is amazing

    • Zhemeng

      liked the last two sentences

    • Diksha Sharma

      Energize your procrastination to delay the inevitable.
      Wow great!

    • Macey Stewart

      Wow!!! This is really great! Your choice of words is inspiring! (It makes way more sense than mine!)

  79. Martha

    What a nice exercise, I like how random it is. The results are terrible though 😀

    mirror is a random word
    stars and rainbow windows
    the wet dogs sleep maroon
    Mr Swish is waterbottlishly pale
    I like to be sad
    sometimes is never as good as trees
    the lasagne contains the summer
    and Brutus runs as top speed drummer
    cats wail in narrow alleyways
    I like words
    radish radish softly blood
    when cavernous halls sing
    piano and the taste of iron
    my key hole is black
    chocolate leaves verbs are missing
    Jesus is not here today
    my mind spins spoons
    running time out of setting
    stage work and French class
    under the weapon shot Kenmare
    ink blood navy feather table blue
    glue sandwich green ocean cold
    my door is open splashing
    No! out of tune
    like the big fish
    and the past and the future
    we are laughing
    laughing still

  80. Nicole Phoebe

    Jeopardy, what’s this word
    A lot to think about this torn world
    He wouldn’t even talk to me
    A new topic to envy

    Wishing upon my diaries
    I never went fishing with such families
    Climbing stories and craving lamenities
    Leverage powers of beauty custodies

    I am a woman, or maybe just a girl
    Crying in depth for when I twirl
    With sentiments of a wiggly ride
    Slowing down with a sudden pride

  81. Nicole Phoebe

    Louminous hearts so bright as to see
    to jolt is to wander, an unending tavern
    While darkness hold to what it is told
    Lies the secret where truth never gets old

    Shall I perish?
    How bout today? How bout tomorrow?
    Tired as the dog who journeyed restless
    Chasing the devil who stole sight nevertheless

    Allow the highness to judge you of what you are
    Or what you could have done to save someone drowning

    Its u and me today.
    But not tomorrow.

  82. Nicole Phoebe

    I do this fun exercise now and then whenever i didnt have the motivation to contine my WIP or there werent just any ideas coming up.

    Reading my peoms, I sound smart ass to myself. It’s like reading something very fine and well thought – “Wow, those words are deep!” – but really there’s not much of an effort put there.

    It really was fun and helpful.

    Thanks, Joe

  83. the explainer

    Spring like morning
    Dust like wind
    Feel your mind
    Wander within
    Think about
    The emptiness inside
    You will find nothing within.

  84. Aira Crimson

    Broken wings,
    like a strangling theme.

    Wanting to be green,
    In a deserted dream.

    The wings that I wear,
    Were once white and fair.

    Now stained with despair,
    they look dark and glare.

    Rubbing the stains,
    To get them off.

    I end up realizing,
    My hands are also stained dark.

  85. Deborah S.

    I love this idea and the freedom it brings. Here is what I strung together.

    Maine bears eat ice cream
    From the hands of children
    To see if they will cry
    They lick it sweet and
    Suddenly find
    The tree and rope
    to hang it by
    The furry feet of mothers fretting
    Will keep us busy and fight
    for meaning in the night

    Crazy but fun! Thanks Joe.

    • Unidentified Me

      This is such a fun poem! Main, bears, and icecream? Oh my!

  86. Jen Mulholland

    Boldly the endless
    nighttime waits

    For tricking tears
    and synapse connections

    Stop fearing
    It longs to hold you

    To free you
    from your body’s

    Fleshy envelope
    Break apart

    Shatter in the glass
    and be free
    Darkness passes.

    • Unidentified Me

      It feels so mysterious. I love the flow of this poem. Thanks for sharing!

  87. Peter Ryan

    I might have missed the point of this exercise by taking so long, but here’s what I wrote.

    demolition garden
    fate a residue keeps its promise
    some people are far under sea
    I imagine their tents are ragged
    live to starve when she eats the fire
    bowly poley nobody likes me
    sad that sailboats aren’t more popular
    what a waste now, people don’t care
    salvo codec lips eat the rose thyme
    we live in a deceitful world
    where presidents are from TV
    where poetry sucks
    and the ends justify the means
    never say always, it always is never right
    so say the sunken swollen sorry sallow sot
    air at the mountaintop is thin
    but the sun can be beautiful on the clouds
    he with he and she with me
    how many hidden sets they give to them
    when their own did that with him and me
    she didn’t even reply to those dark deeds
    boat in the fog she leapt off
    as always, nobody cares
    air is filled with water
    matter is filled with me
    suck it
    and the morning and the evening were the twenty-first day.

    I spent way too much time making it unexpected, but it sure was fun!

  88. hector

    Apple. Alms. Rib cage nuns fall in the
    Dark of day looking for a way
    Today a heart thaws and hurts raw
    World blurs feel so small
    A doll on a staircase childhood memories like sand in my hand
    Words burns towards nothing
    low blow Angry frothing
    doe eyed Cocoa dark
    Honey in the night
    Rib cage tight pretty sight
    Mage bites a knife
    Circus call backstage brawl
    Crawl away skin bright tonight
    Black and blue and purple too
    White elephant fly high die specify
    Ivory burst sorts retorts shorts
    Reaching his knees these people
    Stones and moans groans in pain
    Worthless street rat in a fancy shy
    hat die in glory tell his story ain’t an allegory remembered by none no friends till the ends funeral flowers every hours sours his name sins weigh a ton everyone cries lies say they won’t forget about that I have my doubts. Someone shouts in the back
    Golden boy rusted never suspected
    Him of this sin never let it
    Rejected motivations dissected
    Like a frog in biology class
    That was never kissed missed
    So close to last year’s Christmas
    Laughs burn the tongue so young
    Last laugh worth frothing nothing
    If nobody to share it with.

  89. AK

    Love board it happens
    Phone rings now
    Can marker paper love
    Water flowing randomly
    We are present
    We are absent
    Could I be that
    Picture flowers
    Girl getting moving dancing crying
    Where do you go
    Am I funny or am I not
    Is it real or is it not

  90. Lunaire

    Hello simmering thinking
    Eye arises clicks sees
    Silent tears no fear
    Heart strong quiet warrior stone
    Black white words shine fight conquer
    Breathe die live
    Bell rings toxic fume
    Mystical ramblings and foes
    Fantasy reality illusion. Dreams.

  91. Unidentified Me

    Kitten Birmingham fossils share
    Brimming torture fairly there
    Wither so the bees dew frown
    Spinning fruit from wayward cow
    socks and parrots collide until
    Fevers surging writing well
    Cancel pain from yonder square
    Fancy prancy all the daywear

  92. Fatima Zohra

    This is a great idea for starters like me. Thank you.

    Roar ocean loud
    You powerful prudent proud
    Dusk towards fire
    She goes nowhere
    Leaves burning astray
    I’ll love you today
    Tomorrow stars will play
    Dark fading day
    Fairies sing lilac tears
    I’ll wait years

  93. Sue Gore

    Flower: of mine planted in the
    Ground: To grow and stretch and
    Beach: itself in a truly fine
    Wood: That aromatic substance is not
    Amiss: To a fresh pressed garment sprayed with
    Starch: A garment that sits up around the neck and chaffs the

  94. Anon Mouse

    I’ve got a terrible cold right now and my head doesn’t feel quite right, but I thought I may as well give this a go. It was very fun once I got into it! Here is my first one, not really sure where it all came from but I suppose that’s the point!

    Stumbling tumbling with yet
    dawn lawn on shallow peaks
    some yet speak but some yet don’t
    humbling lounges
    spiraling peaks
    Who might
    Shoe might
    Shulamite miss
    With wide brass buttons and
    a harrowing kiss
    close quarters

    • Faith McGill-Cossick

      “Shoe might
      Shulamite miss”

      LOVE it! Are we talking Abishag here?

  95. Phyllis Chubb

    Exercise #3
    The lights are out.
    The coffee has been drunk.
    The phone is ringing,
    The computer is on.
    The dog is snoring
    and so is the cat.
    The paper came
    The news was checked
    There’s a desire for dreams.

    No great imagination here!

    • Faith McGill-Cossick

      I love the passive voice here:
      “The news was checked”

  96. world imagined

    So, here is something that I managed to write, using your prompt and my brain working with no expectations whatsoever :D.

    Bridge monologue news anchor
    Lies and tries the fifth
    Heavy headset rumbling
    Pantless actor’s face
    Words blasphemy roll
    Fear the enemy no 1
    Danger we all face
    Heartless jerk in mic
    Eyes empty on the cup
    Thoughts on a coffee sip
    News anchor sitting up
    Weather forecast amiss
    Raining lies wash away
    Truth in it’s making
    Realise the bridge monologue
    Of the puppets and a puppetier
    Strings and strands
    Pulled by the fifth king

  97. UnderLocknKey 4Ever

    A Lie

    Delightful smiles
    Non-stop fun
    Take a break
    Wipe the few that escape
    Rest your mind
    Replenish energies
    Youthful spirit
    Ignite a flame
    Make the most of the day
    Funny jokes
    Incessant laughter
    Never breaking
    Every day the same game

  98. naima

    excellent is word you want to hear from people for you
    Pakistan is my lovely country:
    Mirror can describe you face not your personality, attitude, behavior and inner soul:

  99. Jeff

    I don’t really know what does this means but I enjoy it:

    Make it top
    Evil drops
    Crops and the bots
    I care
    Bear the pain
    Cain ain’t rain
    Main system
    Get together
    Love it better
    Leave the mice
    Leave it
    I can’t
    Bear the pain
    You should know
    For you

  100. Pigs Mcgee

    When I awake, I see the light
    And if I don’t, then it is night
    Too much tv is bad for the mind
    Just spot the difference
    Then you will find
    Love is blind
    But so am I
    Like a diamond
    In the sky
    I wrote this poem for you
    Because the internet told me to.

    I wrote this in Messenger and immediately sent this to my sister. Ahhh well.

  101. Alan

    In a dark forest far far away from the truth. A deadly husband waits alone for his wife. Alone, and drunk in despair, dream terrors at night are his companions. And now the end is coming soon. Everything he wanted for his life was to receive some love, but now it is too late, all too late, all is doomed.

    … A little disturbing but really fun to write!

  102. Siska

    Stop drop tired

    blop glop ayer

    what is that

    this is so bad


    crude brood

    read and brood

    tense happy angry and sad

    all the reaction when I read

    will they be there when you read

    my story

    the end

  103. Takira Hodges

    My violena
    major upgrade senior quality
    Ten thousand hore radishes eating popcorn
    why must I beg
    I shall not go to the zoo with monsoon
    rain brian burger main
    why must I be the source of misery
    misery alli oop
    Arcana my cana chi cana
    everybody jutsu ray
    say ray gun rain
    May scary play
    of course the dang blang
    demented as a hoodlum
    I acquire a plan tum
    Jump off the cow
    Into my arms
    You dog

  104. Deeksha amin

    Thanks a ton! this was amazing and fun! I always wanted to write something of this style and finally i got to know the mantra. here is something that I wrote just in five minutes. Thanks to you.

    sound of the soul loud and clear
    shines so bright in the dark sky
    never blame it for your actions
    close you eyes and feel the sensation
    try not to tame it
    free bird flies high so does the soul
    far from the destination
    but closer to the realization
    breathe in breath out
    let the peace be all yours

  105. sibylk

    I feel like I should print this and read it again from time to time.

  106. sibylk

    I did this one a couple of days ago foe similar reasons(i felt stuck but wanted to keep on writting)
    I am at the edge waiting
    I know i must jump
    I want to jump
    But I pause
    There’s rocks down there
    My bones will shatter
    There’s water down there
    My lungs will falter
    But there’s also grass
    And a whole new life
    Maybe I wont die
    Maybe it wont hurt to crash
    I wanna jump
    I’m gonna do it
    So Help me god
    Faith as my fuel
    I can do it
    I’m doing it
    I jump

    I enjoyed writting it. It felt like describing a dream.

  107. suncorn megadeers

    Thanks, Mr Bunting! This exercise is fun indeed. It took a decade for my next ‘poem’. I’m weird at it, so here it is. 🙂


    unserious this, please
    logger dee, logger done
    twisty legger gum
    lettuce risen, damage dome
    fractions munchies calleth sie
    Zed makes weatherly weasels
    in to the suncorn megadeers
    and teenage tentacles
    to whiperdone and tiny
    bababas riped with abstract peopees
    how is the glue Hank achieved?
    bristing breaching broth
    reacus propelled pud-ding
    liberation fungae, clouds of joy
    champion of life is tot
    pocket oh, the last escape!
    jurney knocked china ware
    spacege cracks inself
    wieseldorf a bee
    an a, a c through tyne
    enterprise euny pewney cow
    need a shrinky sauce
    brutalized canvas steer
    globe around is fear
    or is ith, dearling tooz?
    cangashnouze statues work
    pensil hack up underdust
    cut off the deal me a ninja skill

    Greetings to all from Slovenia!

  108. NeilJuan Juan

    Grand new start
    Beautiful beginning
    Sunrise so peaceful
    Ready to work
    Writing at best
    Looking forward at the rest
    Same spirit of fluency
    Guided at best

  109. Zhemeng

    Straining night
    Wine before dawn
    Cat goddess is the only oath
    Book stacks are craving for fire
    Peony blossoms yet nobody cares
    Illusion you saw
    Weaknesses I sought
    Fade away
    In the songs of white birds
    You are here, my darling,
    Wander in the wild

  110. Toni Merflag

    Lesson #3
    writing practice assignment #2
    “modernist poetry”

    compare final plans with initial brainstorm
    prepare night fight right, is it delight?
    brisk frisk makes fakes angri-nervy
    singing ringing hinging binging etiquet
    music in my ears famous woodwind quartet
    there are no saints here, only strange and queer
    people from the steeple, who wait for the second shoe
    drop that gat Looey, watch out! it’s gone kablooey
    lotta hooey if you ask me
    take your “poem” and climb up a tree
    distract compact and also retract
    I break I bend here lies the end

  111. Toni Merflag

    Reworked this and I like it better.

    Lesson #3
    writing practice assignment #2
    “modernist poetry” version #2

    compare final plans with initial brainstorm
    prepare for night fight, am I gormless or gorm?
    brisk frisk makes fakes angri-nervy
    singing ringing hinging binging topsy-turvey
    music in my ears famous woodsy wind quartet
    beef steak and kidney pie, finger bowls and pretty etiquette
    there are no saints here, only stranges with not-a-clue-ish
    people from the steeple, waiting for the second shoe-ish
    to drop that gat Looey, watch out! it’s all gone kablooey
    if you ask me it’s a lot of hooey
    take this “poem” and stare at a fractal
    distract compact and also retractal
    I break, and broken I bend
    here lies welcome, this is the end

  112. Nika Gravador

    This poem is for my daughter who’s always curious with everything

    Hovering into the screen
    Wide eyes, feelings melting into one
    Dawdling like a cat purring in the ground
    Screaming, gnarling feisty feline
    Up she rose, up she goes
    Totally immersed into the pooling water of depth
    How was she to know when the music stops?
    How was she to know when all things would last?
    She’s just there, staring, sitting into the bewilderedness
    She’s just there, feeling the tick of the clock of eagerness
    Now and then, the bell will rang
    But she would not bear the raging sound
    Alas! The time has come to an end!
    And then she stood again
    She prowled into me with eyes like diamonds
    Snuggly, relaxingly came into my embrace
    As I slowly uttered these words as I say
    “ What do you have been dreaming my dear?”
    “ Come here my darling”
    “ Let’s venture forth and sail”

  113. GrrzzlyRose

    smooch pooch
    when coffee quivers
    write out of sight
    down deep delving sleep
    hope for now unturning
    turn twist toasting
    tumble flip and sigh.
    Sleep short sweet shiver
    sleep soon surest shout
    ships and skips come shooting
    through a starless sky,
    bible black, and blue.

  114. judas

    My love
    Your not alone
    Running in the the uphill battle
    I will be silent
    Till the day I die
    Take me somewhere nice
    Bring me the horizon
    Seize the day
    I see star
    My chemical romance
    Leave me blind
    My love
    I’d like to write a love letter in your arms
    I hate you, I love you I don’t want you
    Just give me a reason
    A war inside my head
    Broken open
    I’m yours
    Yet I’m still broken holding-on

  115. Mizzcharm333

    Sanity Chaos Dreams
    Living life in what seems
    Spiraling up then down again
    Always moving never proving

    Ive told that little girl before
    When you grow up this will be no more
    But here I am yet again
    Drowning Swimming oops..Suffering
    I promised her on many nights
    Those thieves would never steal her light
    I need to fix this make it right
    I promised her we would always fight.

  116. Sampath Kumar

    I really don’t know what i came up with..!! 😀 may be a mordern rap. Here comes my first attemp.

    Shape the wire
    practice at office

    Door with the write privilege
    is the politics of the car

    auto made of cabbage taking charge
    meet the idea of mid-brain

    avengers of the scent
    shop is the pickup

    app that chirp
    fan could walk
    cloth sing, spoon flap

    motor of fish
    rain bike was a fraud

    [bump horn]
    Sun just honked

    Font that wireframe
    zoom at the article

    contestant can check
    smile with smule

    run for the missed ad
    be like a snail in Facebook

  117. zainab mushtaq

    Phew said Phil from boomerang

    He blew a thrill so slang

    Confused so full of twang

    Bulbous frills swing till I sang

    So many pills in my hand

    Crazy in love til I’m mad

    To show how much good to the bad

    Filled with surprise till I hang

    Dead from the ceiling fan

    That was fun!!

  118. Anja Voigt-Schraudolph

    Muten gelingen traute Versagen

    zeig nicht genügend

    Sinn sinnieren transzendental

    tausend brillieren versanden zum Ziel

    ohne ein Leuchten Paläste und Schwärme

    Sanftmut verwundbar zertreten im Staub

    Großes gebären Brombeeren nur Mut

    Taglicht gesendet rasch kräftezermürbend frömmelnd vergleichen

    plaudern zum Troste Rüschen gereichen

    …well, it’s German, my second try, but I certainly had fun and I loved most to play with the sounds – the most incredible words flowed out of me, interestingly many quite oldfashioned words that I never use in my day-to-day language. Wonderful! I take it as a beautiful wordfinder and certainly as a good practice whenever creativity seems to be sleeping 😉 Thank you!

  119. WakeUp!

    Just amazing! is all I can say!!! this method relaxes that internal ‘perfectionist’– completely sacks it really.
    I kind of like my rendition…sort of poetic:

    Picking Up Down It goes
    Where up your nose
    Silly as it seems to be
    Why ask what happened to me

    Tip toe in the dawn tulips
    A blip goes blop and ends in slop
    Why whistle when the wind wildly wings where
    No one sings

    Purple dermis does a do for you
    Far away it scatched and sizzled
    Sinking Rising over the rainbow
    Far Far Away working while we wink

    This tis tarry til tall tail tell
    Signs sickly sink sound
    Down dares deeply distressed
    Crossword carries Carmel convenience

  120. Olivia Carrender

    I think this exercise was great fun! Here’s one I came up with

    Cant handle the night
    Hope is a nightmare
    Dressed in leather and steel
    Lace and taffeta laugh at the night
    Boots stomp on the moon
    Sheep smell the fear of the farmer

  121. AG

    hoorah lets get there
    somewhere to get free
    and have a bit of coffee
    and shall not have to pay the fee
    for everything there is free free

    waves of the sea
    always in motion
    they are always at work
    is everyones’s notion
    when there is a storm
    they are at commotion
    when you find that
    you are stuck up in emotions
    peace to the heart is what we get
    on observing the waves devotion

  122. coco

    wire put
    fire truth
    pour lyre
    soar drier (i had to work so hard to not write higher over here)
    mere crier
    sheer liar
    pasty admire
    hasty prier

  123. Ce

    Foam scared blue
    Love you too
    Don’t dive in
    Love is mean
    Floor jump sky
    Feet can fly
    My heart has fainted
    I wish it was worth it
    I wish I was worth it

    What do you think? I have mixed feelings about it

  124. Snip

    Halo on high
    Silver stag midnight woods
    Time slows
    Bittersweet snowflakes hang
    Mutual missing
    Longing stinging wind
    Howl under night’s cowl

  125. Natalie Swift

    Reading all the poems here and then looking at mine= definitely not motivating 😉
    I’m going to post it anyway though…

    Fall candy sweaters
    Makes me laugh
    With sadness
    Pencils destroy me
    Coffee an addiction
    Of despairing minds
    Paper is linked with
    Letters and words unmanageable
    Glasses of kindness
    Fill my heart with joy
    Speakers speak with perfectionism
    Destroy me
    When people stoop
    Or slouch and bend
    So stand straighter

  126. kelly

    I dream as I lay
    From last night’s play
    I wore armor
    That feels warmer
    To fight the enemy
    And win for my army
    I shout in victory
    That has become history

  127. kelly

    this was a terrible one

    I blink aim and target
    With knife that made me feel joy
    As clear as death
    Dad claim bed
    Shout stop gloom
    Laid slain in clean mid marsh
    Shave hand and claim bold
    Chomp stop and dance

  128. Gary Mauricio

    Awesome exercise, perfectionism is definitely a force to contend with.

    Mind tool freak teak speak geek
    Hello computer find me where you roam
    Ventually you step through the foam of life and home
    Recover not what you once knew but what you will
    Whereto are the masters of the abyss
    End of new comes strength and resilience
    Btw this is was supposed to be gibberish
    Foiled again damn creative mind

  129. lizfizzink

    Here’s my poem using random words:

    Folly fools eat forest leaves
    Lyrical leaves fall gushing blur confusing watchers
    Birds tweet longingly to distant hills
    Falling wings soar endlessly
    Fragile features form in tree tops amongst the clouds
    Dropping tender tears onto branches
    Sip my nectar slowly

  130. ramnem

    Here is my try at it:
    Telephone mushroom giveaway
    morning eagle closet
    green danger value rose
    entry speeding blank tube
    window future whispering hidden
    modern trembles plastic jokesters
    parables onion storm demanding
    eternity venues zero mixtures
    nibbling honesty general spanning
    blowing thrust inclement product

  131. Diksha Sharma

    Nothing could be more embarrassing than this one. But it’s fun, life is better when you’re laughing.

    Water in Mumbai,
    Happiness sensation.
    Awkward moments!
    Formed creative bonds
    Made artistic expressions
    Experience art and architecture
    Different bond with passion
    A joyful trip captured.
    Work hard and travel,
    Wellness through satisfaction.
    Enjoying writing having fun!
    Forget limits and recapitulate childhood,
    Free as an infant,
    could go to everyone in the neighborhood.

  132. Claudia Smile

    Let me start by saying the last word of every line was the random word. Except for the last line, the last line is the name of the poem. And this is probably dumb sounding but it’s more of a KIDS’ poem, so it’s supposed to be weird and maybe funny. I don’t even know if it counts as a poem because the last word of every line doesn’t rhyme, but whatever. It’s more like a bunch of incomplete sentences… Well, here goes:
    Heard Biscuit, my dog,
    Biscuit had my shirt.
    I had bed-head,
    Had slept in my closet.
    Ran into the sink,
    Last night at the skating rink.
    Got home on the bus,
    Sat on a pencil.
    Broke a mirror,
    And a doorknob.
    Tripped on a bouncy ball,
    Lost a yo-yo.
    Can’t watch TV.
    Popped some balloons.
    Found dirty headphones.
    My dog ripped a pillow,
    He tore up the grass,
    Messed up the rocks,
    Then chewed my sock,
    Ripped the head off my doll,
    Crashed my model airplane.
    But when he sits on the chair,
    I know I’m not totally,

  133. ellalita

    It’s true; it is a fun exercise! Here are the words I wrote down, and I did a bit of straightening up to them:

    Ghouls smile to girls
    Like wolves they twitter
    Whitewashed curtains
    Behind wreaths and dolls

    But teenage games
    Have copious spice
    Like a box of ginger and flowers
    Crumbs and cables
    Goad ghosts

    But we worn-out tires
    Hair stiff split flat crooked and parted
    Await the amorphous death
    Bright as the moon

  134. JamieB

    I enjoyed the exercise! Thank you for posting! Here’s my first attempt . . .

    Bum with rum
    Tantalize your mind
    Bust a move, not original, but worthy of movement
    Post much sound waves, talk a lot
    Be free, run far – don’t get caught
    Smile with style and hitch it
    Beyond my dreams, I live
    Trees and stars
    Black as night, right as rain, clearly not original but descriptive
    Abate do not rate
    Something inside squirms
    Bringing the A back
    A time line stopped and reset
    Refresh to start over
    Again with the A
    Stoic empathy
    Brave beyond fear
    Sympathy sucks, love is real

  135. T.L Mora

    I don’t know exactly why most of these things popped into my head. But they did. So here you go. Enjoy!

    They shall rue the day
    For morning comes after night
    Red blood shall rein true
    For the night is young
    And we shall bogey to our hearts content
    Cease and desist all intrusions!
    For it takes only two to tango
    And one more to be rude
    Yay verily!
    For the day is short
    Shorter than expected
    Because it’s like that
    And that’s the way it is
    Pity the fool who’s never watched the A-team
    Ed Sheeran should be King of Westeros
    Spoiler Alert!
    This life weird
    Annotations are key
    Antonio Banderas is lord
    Shut the gates!
    Let’s do this!
    Logang for life
    Thank you

  136. Agave

    Holy shower devours hours
    Mannequin brains strain until they fade
    Believable bars of sand can afflict the conscious
    Markers of grain make gains upon the day
    Optimist birds float upon dandelions of smoke
    Golden spires of ancient dust reflect unjust days

  137. Macey Stewart

    This exercise is amazing! Here’s my poem.
    Pineapple chair doodles peanut
    Can flair mixed poodle rut
    Dinosaurs weep
    Tiddlywinks sleep
    Day draws long of noodles or cuts
    Page flip harness his slip
    Face diet checkers whiz hip
    Munch lid ponder
    Wide-eyes wander
    Doorknob squishes priss lip

  138. Sue Walker

    I wrote this in the comments section. The starting of each line is the word I came up with. Then I fleshed out with minimal thought. Wonderful exercise thank you!

    pain is inevitable
    life is complicated with hopeless promises
    curry stimulates the senses painting yellow stars in the brain
    strife fuels courage fueling greatness
    peel the skin of perfectionism and expose the priceless flaws
    foam bleeds white cuddling bubbles and picturesque mirage
    brain fiends optimum success but the line above average houses gold
    fight the fear of failure
    white knight throwing worded spears
    village like happiness no technology just you and the greenery
    procrastination insidiously creeps up on you, quick stop while your ahead
    vacuum your mind of negative thoughts
    barely stop and you’ll be a perfect writer!

  139. Heather McGregor Ferguson

    duck boomerang never laughing

    macabre brain riot

    question volume tomb belonging

    boom zoom doom and gloom

    square leaping sawing bouncing boinging

    quitting smoking in the morning



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