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This guest post is by Jevon Knights. Jevon is a fantasy writer and blogger who wants to entertain with amazing stories and enlighten with great content. He posts new and original short stories and writing tips on his blog, Knights Writes. You can download invites you to download his guide, Revise Your Manuscript and Get It Ready for Publishing, for free.

Ah, the World Cup, an event that we all look forward to. Timers count down months before it starts, and countries bid to host 10 years in advance. Even non-football fans (or non-soccer fans for the Americans) find themselves by a tv with snacks, suddenly the greatest supporters of popular teams like Brazil and Italy, bellowing orders as if voices could somehow ride the airways back to the players.

hook your reader world cup

What do Messi, Maradona, and… JK Rowling have in common? Photo by Moazzam Brohi

And it’s no wonder. The players compete with so much passion that you have no choice but to get hooked on the whole thing.

What if you could write with so much passion that it would hook readers like you’re playing in the World Cup?

That would be something, right?

Well, players don’t get your attention by accident. Here’s what’s necessary to ensure that readers don’t turn away.

Practice Writing Until You Can Hear the Crowd Roar

Let’s get one thing clear. The World Cup ain’t no neighborhood fete match.

The competition is packed with the best that each country has to offer. These guys don’t just play football, they are football.

The level of football played here is top-notch, and that’s exactly how your writing has to be to hook your readers.

Now don’t get nervous by that, because just like the players, no one reaches this level by accident. Even Messi started off playing the game worse than I do now (and that’s pretty bad).

So how did they get so good? Practice.

They practice over and over, training on the field, playing for clubs, through intense heat and pouring rain.

And it shows. They play with so much passion that you can’t help but roar when a forward bursts down the line.

You have to practice. Get in the habit of writing, and writing often.

Read the work of the stars in your genre, sample different styles, mix and match, get your work critiqued, enroll in a course or webinar, enter competitions, start guest posting, and make your writing so desirable that you can just hear the crowd roar when it goes out into the world.

Build the Winning Writing Environment

The World Cup isn’t played on your son’s school grounds. The stadiums are massive, with a capacity for tens of thousands.

And way before fans step into a stadium to watch a game, it has to be certified by the governing bodies.

I doubt players would compete so hard if the grounds were not acceptable. It has to be World Cup ready

In the same way, your environment should be writing ready.

But unlike a World Cup game that’s filled with cheering fans, you might prefer a place that’s a bit quieter, a place that has somewhere to sit and focus.

It doesn’t have to be absolutely quiet, but it has to be conducive to writing.

Me, I found a nice table in a huge coffee shop/food court that’s perfect.

Now, even if you have a great spot, it’s not always possible to go there and get some writing done, especially if you have a demanding job, a husband/wife, kids, and a dog.

In that case, you write when chunks of time spontaneously appear, no matter where you are.

But if you can find yourself at this place, maybe early in the morning just before the kids wake up, or just after work and before you go collect the family, then I guarantee productivity will soar and your writing will shine.

Write to Win the Ultimate Prize

Everyone is competing for the ultimate prize: the World Cup, undoubtedly the most sought after sports trophy in the world.

Standing fourteen inches tall, coming in at thirteen pounds, and made from eighteen-carats of solid awesome, you won’t find this bad-boy at your average sports store.

This prize is so desirable that players are willing to go to extremes for it, putting their best plays forward in order to achieve it.

When these guys jump, there’s no concern about how they’re going to land. When they kick, it doesn’t matter whether they’re hitting the ball, or your head.

And the country that wins the finals gets to brag for another four years.

What’s your ultimate prize?

It’s important to have a goal. Don’t just start writing with no clear objectives in mind and no direction.

Figure out what you’re trying to achieve. Are you trying to be the next great blogger? Are you trying to be the next great fiction author?

Warning: don’t think about making money. Sure, it would be great to make millions from your writing, but if that’s all that matters then your journey will be more painful than a bite from Suarez.

So set your goal and aim for it.

Celebrate Your Writing Victory

It’s interesting to see how players celebrate. Some are well-rehearsed dances, and others are spontaneous backflips and jump kicks.

Just imagine if no goals were scored, players would never get to show off their moves. It’s another thing they look forward to.

In the same way, you should celebrate for every goal accomplished, no matter how foolish or immature it may look.

Finished the first draft of your novel? Open that bottle of wine.

Landed your first guest post? Treat yourself to a steak dinner at that too-expensive restaurant.

Got your first rejection? Do a backflip.

It’s important to celebrate your accomplishments so you have something to look forward to and push to the finish.

So go ahead and celebrate.

Now over to you. What do you think of hooking readers as if you’re playing in the World Cup? Let me know in the comments.


Think about that writing that you’ve been struggling with. Now get the proper environment and write for fifteen minutes, keeping your goal in mind. When you’re finished writing, share your writing in the comments section.

And don’t forget to celebrate when you’re finished.

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