As I sat down to write this post, once again late at night (you a parent, too?), I realized I’m still not quite out of the holiday fog yet.

That’s by choice.  I love the holidays. We celebrate Christmas in my family, and for me this is the coziest, warmest, loveliest time of the year. We relax with every cell in our bodies (we really seriously do), enjoy the warmth of the house and the lights on the tree (got a potted tree this year), and we disconnect from the world outside. Completely. Oh, and we watched all ten episodes of the stunning MARCO POLO series on Netflix and then fell over when we realized we’d have to wait another YEAR (!!!) for Season 2.

So forgive me if I’m not my usual go-get’em-tiger-no-excuses-for-writer’s-block-gimme-100-pushups-while-you-edit self.

But hey, why fight it. When in fog, do as the deer do. No, wait, that’s headlights… or something.

Photo courtesy of B. Rasine

Photo courtesy of B. Rasine

Point is, I thought I’d take a walk down TWP memory lane and pull out some of the best nuggets from my past blog posts, as a little post-holiday inspiration. What better way to start a new year than with an avalanche of writing practices, recommendations, musings, and vicarious suffering?

‘Tis the Season to Be Writing

Whether you’re spending winter break in the Caribbean (you get zero sympathy for writer’s block) or the North Pole massaging Santa’s worn-out reindeer, harness Nature’s meteorological powers for the good of your next opus.  And if cooking is your way of waiting out those cold cold nights, you might dip your narratives into some of my writer’s sauce.  ‘Tis neither organic eggnog nor your mama’s cranberry sauce, but this post sure will marinate you in motivation.

Desperate to carve out more time for your writing but not sure how to pull any more nanoseconds from that hectic daily schedule that started back up oh just about yesterday?  Here’s a good roadmap to find those golden nuggets of sacred time.

Then, once you’re settled into your blessed writing time, invite the Muse in for a little duet.  Tell her a bedtime myth or two. But don’t get too cozy with her… she’ll spin lifetimes of romance around your head if you’re not careful.

Above all, whatever you write this year that’s historical, based on true stories, or plain vanilla non fictional, always, always back it up with research.

Gotta Be Practical

Going to a writer’s conference this year? Here’s an inside look at one and how to make the best of them.  Before you pitch that agent, however, have a good developmental editor look at your manuscript. Talk to some of your readers and listen to their input.

Then get in there, your perfect pitch blazing, and convince them your books are worth their weight in gold. Or at least Bitcoins.

One last word of advice. Never, ever, let oil get onto your computer screen.

Whew, that was exhausting…

…watching all the Marco Polo episodes. Think I need to go for a good long run tomorrow to work off that couch-shaped bottom. Or at least watch a (marco) polo match. Er, soccer match. That. Was. A. Typo. I swear.


The world’s your oyster on this one! Choose any of the above nuggets of writerly advice and put it into practice today. Then, whatever comes out of it, share your practice or simply your thoughts and experiences with the community in the comments section below.

Make 2015 the year of your writing!

Birgitte Rasine
Birgitte Rasine
Birgitte Rasine is an author, publisher, and entrepreneur. Her published works include Tsunami: Images of Resilience, The Visionary, The Serpent and the Jaguar, Verse in Arabic, and various short stories including the inspiring The Seventh Crane. She has just finished her first novel for young readers. She also runs LUCITA, a design and communications firm with her own publishing imprint, LUCITA Publishing. You can follow Birgitte on Twitter (@birgitte_rasine), Facebook, Google Plus or Pinterest. Definitely sign up for her entertaining eLetter "The Muse"! Or you can just become blissfully lost in her online ocean, er, web site.