Mate UgrinWriters are always readers, as Paul Theroux once said. Writers read books, but they also read music and video and nature and people. Today I’m going to give you five links to excellent content around the web, but only three of them contain written words.

Here we go:

You Need to Be (Better Than) a Jerk I’m honored to reveal my first guest blog on ProBlogger. ProBlogger grabs the spot for top website about blogging in the world with over 320,000 subscribers. Check it out.

You Are My Sunshine by the Civil Wars I love the haunting beauty of the Civil Wars’ harmonies and the revival-with-a-twist of a classic lullaby. I had this poetry professor once, Paul Willis, who told us to capture the same energy in our poetry as the nursery rhymes like “Ring Around the Rosey” (which, like “You Are My Sunshine,” has a very dark history—the black plague).

Nursery rhymes have been passed down person-to-person for hundreds of years. If you can bottle something of them, your writing might be able to last that long, too.

How to Get Published in a Magazine Jeff Goins gives a great summary of the way to go about writing for magazines. He covers, first, why you’d want to have your writing published in a magazine (for the money, duh), and the steps to get there. If you haven’t heard of freelance writing, this is how it’s done. Quick rundown: think of a topic you want to write about, create a list of magazines who publish articles on that topic, write a query letter, wait.

What’s a query letter? I guess you’ll have to read the article you little newb.

Better, Faster, Stronger: Tim Ferriss, the “self-help guru we deserve” Confession: I’ve long had a love/hate relationship with Tim Ferriss. I love how he simplifies each task to its most basic components, and yet I’m extremely jealous of how good he is at everything, especially tango dancing.

Besides the fact that Tim is fascinating—and that he probably has some ideas that would help you be a better, more productive writer—the profile would be worth it just for Ms. Mead’s wonderful one-liner, “Every generation gets the self-help guru that it deserves.”

Photography by Mate Ugrin I like Mate Ugrin’s photography because it captures wonder. Do you ever feel wonder? Or has that part of the child been beaten out of you? In the end, the antidote to being a jerk, as I talked about in that ProBlogger article, is just that: wonder. A thankfulness that you are alive. I think much of art is based on the idea that joy is contagious.

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Can you capture joy in words? Let’s give it a try.

Write about your surroundings but do it with wonder. If you want, you can write a poem and rhyme your words like a lullaby. Write for fifteen minutes, then post your practice in the comments.

Shine on, you crazy diamond!

Joe Bunting
Joe Bunting
Joe Bunting is an author and the founder of The Write Practice. He is the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller Let's Write a Short Story! You can follow him on Instagram (@jhbunting).