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The Winners of the 2015 Write Practice Writing Contest

Today we’re finally announcing the winner of The Write Practice Writing Contest!

We had over 200 entries to this contest, which was amazing since this is the first time we’ve held this contest (but hopefully not the last). The judges and I had a fantastic time reading through your amazing stories.

You should all be proud.

You are proud, right? Because we’re proud of you.

But Here’s the Thing About Writing Contests

When you select a winner, you end up creating a lot of not-winners. I understand what it’s like to be a not-winner (which is different from being a loser, I think). I’ve been rejected many times for my own writing.

That’s why I believe that instead of measuring how many times you’re published, you should measure rejections. Instead of trying to get everyone to like your stories, get as much feedback about how to improve as you can.

Don’t try to justify how good you are. Try to get better. If you do this for long enough, you won’t need anyone to tell you you’re a success. You’ll be a success all on your own.

The Judges

Before I announce the winners, though, I want to give a tremendous and hearty thank you to the judges, without whom this contest would not be possible (200 entries is far too many for one writer to read on his own):

  • Cherryl Chow
  • Ruthanne Reid
  • Kieran Meyer
  • Deborah Bailey
  • Sue Weems
  • Beth Shmelzer
  • Wendy Pearson

Thank you thank you thank you! (Everyone say thank you to the judges in the comments.)


As you know, the winner of this contest will receive a $250 cash gift, and the two runners-up will get a new Kindle.

Ready to hear the winners?

Let’s do this.

Shortlisted Stories

While these stories didn’t win a prize, the judges selected the as some of their favorite stories. You can find these and all the published stories from the contest here.

That’s Not My Dog
Second Chance Daughter
Death, My First and Last Friend
Angel’s Share
Pretty Faces
In Black and White
The Doctor
Love Takes a Hit
The Botler Did It
Breaching Clouds
Of All the Sad Words
The Cedar Chest
The Widow
A New Road
Between the Aisles
In A Name
The Cowbird Egg
Timeless War
Full Size
Maybe You’ll Meet Someone Nice
Past Insanity
Raspberry Girl With Freckles
Our Father

You can find these and all the published stories here.

Second Runner Up

Laura” by Lauren Hester. While I’m personally not a fan of horror as a genre, I always knew that this was well-written, genuinely suspenseful horror. Fortunately, a few of our judges who are horror aficionados were able to show us just how good this horror story was (it’s really good horror). You can read it here.

First Runner Up

“Death, My First and Last Friend” by Ryan Benson. A well written story about a conversation between death and a soon-to-be-newborn, this story captured our imaginations. Congratulations Ryan!

The Grand Prize Winner

The winner of our 2015 Write Practice Writing Contest, and recipient of the grand prize, is…

That’s Not My Dog” by Audrey Francis-Plante. Audrey’s story about a young woman taking a dog to the vet is both hilarious and poignant. From the opening line, through the amazing dialogue, to the surprising ending, this story won us over. You can read “That’s Not My Dog” here.

Congratulations to Audrey and to all of you who entered this contest. It was so much fun and I hope we can do it again soon!

Share your congratulations in the comments!

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