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“100 Day Book was the oxygen I needed to breathe life into my creative outlet. It lit my candle and kept me focused on something that I didn’t think I could thrive in.”

Selma Writes

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I know how hard it is to write a book because I've been there. 

My name is Joe Bunting, and I've written over a dozen books. I've also trained thousands of people on how to write books of their own.

But writing didn't come to me naturally. In fact, I have always struggled to write. In high school, I decided I wanted to become a professional writer, but I couldn't even finish one chapter of a book.

In college, I even studied creative writing, but that just made it harder since I knew how bad my own writing was compared to the writers I loved.

After college, I worked as a journalist and then traveled the world to write, but every time I tried to write a book, I failed miserably.

It went on like this for years.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever had a great book idea, tried to write a book, and then failed?

Then something happened:
I learned the process.

Everything changed for me when I got a coach, a New York Times bestselling author. They gave me a proven process, and held me accountable to actually finishing.

It worked!

I finished that book and went on to write more than a dozen more.  But without that first coach, I would still be stuck today.

If you think you can write a book alone, you're destined to continue to fail at writing your book.

But with the right coach and the right process, you can finally experience what it's like to finish writing your book. (It's an amazing experience. Trust me.)

Now, I want to coach you to finish your book and give you my book writing process that has helped thousands of people to finish their books.


A Transformational Experience to Go from Aspiring Writer to Published Author

100 Day Book is a transformational online program that will guide you through the book writing process. If you follow the process I teach you in 100 Day Book, you will have a finished book. Even better, you'll learn a process you can use again and again to write books in the future.

Here's How It Works

It Starts With Expert Guidance

Daily writing inspiration, weekly lessons, and frequent check-ins with your very own book coach will equip you to write a great book.

Then, There's the $100 INCENTIVE

Meet your weekly deadlines and finish your book on time and we'll give you $100. Miss three deadlines or fail to finish your book and miss out on the $100. Pretty great incentive to finish, right?


100 days of creativity, encouragement, and feedback later and you will have a finished first draft.* What are you waiting for?

Encouraging Feedback

Get encouraging feedback from the writing community so you can know if you're headed in the right direction.

Accountability to Break Through Blocks

Your book coach will check in with you every week to hear where you're struggling, problem solve, and keep you on track.

Here's How It Works

It Starts With Expert Guidance

Daily writing inspiration, weekly lessons, and frequent check-ins with our team of authors will equip you to write a great book.

Then, There's the INCENTIVE

Meet your weekly deadlines and finish your book on time and we'll give you $100. Miss three deadlines or fail to finish your book and miss out on the $100. Pretty great incentive to finish, right?

Accountability is a Lifesaver

Our editors will check in with you every week to hear where you're struggling, problem solve, and keep you on track.

Encouraging Feedback

Get encouraging feedback from the writing community so you can know if you're headed in the right direction.


100 days of creativity, encouragement, and feedback later and you will have a finished first draft. What are you waiting for?

*Already finished your first draft? 100 Day Book Works for 2nd Drafts and Beyond

What if you’ve already written your first draft? Can the 100 Day Book program help you?


Your next step is to edit your book. And we’ve built 100 Day Book: Draft 2 to help you do just that.

In this version of the program, we’ve taken the proven 100 Day Book process and transformed it to walk you through the process of editing your book. You’ll have community, accountability, and deadlines just like the original 100 Day Book program.

Plus, you’ll get new content to teach you how to edit your book. How do you know what’s working and what’s not? How do you revise an entire manuscript without getting overwhelmed?

Whether you’ve already written your book with us in 100 days, or whether you finished your first draft on your own, this program is the perfect next step.

How do you sign up for 100 Day Book: Draft 2? Just enroll in the course and afterward, you'll get an email asking whether you're working on your first or second draft!


What's in your 100 Day Book Program membership?

When you become a member of the 100 Day Book program, you get a proven process to write a book. But that's just the beginning.

The 100 Day Book Program includes everything you need to finish writing your book in 100 days:

Your Book Coach

To get better at anything, whether getting in shape, becoming a better executive, or writing a book, you need a coach, someone who can show you the process and hold you accountable. So we'll  pair you up with a book coach, an author who knows the process of writing a book. They will track your progress and check in with you weekly so we can problem solve with you and help you stay focused.

100 Daily Writing Lessons

You don't want to write just any book. You want to write a great book. So to start, you'll get 100 daily lessons to inspire, educate, and encourage you as you write your best book. Even better, these lessons will be delivered in all the ways you learn best: video, audio, and written content.

$100 Incentive

If you make all of your deadlines and finish your book in the 100 days, we'll give you $100. Don't finish? That $100 goes away. Pretty great incentive to finish a book, right?

That's everything you need to write your next draft.
But what comes next?

Get Feedback On Your Writing

All writers need feedback on what's working in their writing and what's not. In our writers' workshop, you'll be able to post chapters of your book, get feedback, and learn what you need to do to make your book better and get it ready for publishing.

Master the Craft in Our Monthly Classes

To become a better writer (and write a great book), you need to learn more about the writing craft. That's why we host monthly classes taught by a variety of bestselling authors and editors, with topics including outlining, story structure, how to get published, how to write faster, and more. Check out a list of our past and upcoming writing classes here.

Foundations of Publishing Mockup

Learn the Publishing Process

Publishing a book can be a difficult, confusing process, but with our course Foundations in Publishing, you'll learn the ins-and-outs of every side of the industry, from traditional publishing to self-publishing to book marketing, so you can share your book with the world confidently.

BONUS! Write Like the Pros Interviews

We know everyone has a unique writing process that works best for them, so you’ll also get access to an interview series with professional authors—like Jeff Goins, Tim Grahl, and more—where you'll learn their process, their best tips and tricks to stay focused and finish their books.
$99 Value

BONUS! Outline Your Book FAST

Having an outline can be helpful for writing a great book OR a great way to procrastinate actually doing your writing. In The Write Structure course, you'll apply our proven structure methodology and create a simple outline that will help you finish a great book.
$149 value

UPGRADE! Work With Your Coach LIVE

For the first time, you can get a certified book coach in training paired with you based on genre (as available). This coach will give you feedback on your book plan, hold you accountable over email each week, have three live coaching calls during the 100 Days, and give you feedback on up to 5,000 words per month during the 100 Days. See more details below.
$1250 value

UPGRADE: The Write Plan Planner

How do you stay on track with your writing every day? The Write Plan planner is designed by writers, for writers to help you track your word count, plan each writing session, and meet your deadlines. Write your way through 100 Day Book with the planner by your side!

Ready for your next draft? We have resources that will help!

100 Day Book: Draft 2

How do you actually edit a book? In 100 Day Book: Draft 2, you'll get 100 daily lessons to walk you through the process of editing from start to finish. You'll also access to 15 fundamental writing lessons from the original 100 Day Book course, plus new lessons focused specifically on the editing process.

UPGRADE: Work With an Editor

To make your book as good as it can be, it's essential to work with a certified editor on our team. But how do you find the right one? We will pair you with an editor on our team who will give you  a full diagnostic on exactly what’s working and what needs to be fixed to get your book ready for publication.


Each lesson breaks down a technique, a piece of the writing process, or a common pain point. After going through each lesson (or choosing the lessons that matter most to you), you'll be able to write with confidence—on both your current and future books.

Book Plan

People who finish a book plan are 52 percent more likely to finish their books.


Set consequences to ensure you actually finish your book.

Build Your Team

How to get the feedback and accountability you need to keep you on track.

How Long Your Book Should Be

Know your target word count.

Characterization 101

Great characters are one of the main reasons people read, but how do you actually create memorable characters?

7 Reasons to Write a Book

Tap into your core motivation, the reason that compels you to write.

The 12 Steps to Writing More in Less Time

Essential steps to writing faster without reducing quality.

The Strongest Form of Characterization

Create memorable characters with this essential writing technique.

The Weakest Form of Characterization

Avoid this in your novels at all cost.

Book Structure 101

We'll look at how to structure fiction and nonfiction books.

Fiction Scene Structure

Every scene in a novel is composed of six individual elements.

Nonfiction Structure

Your nonfiction book needs to contain these 5 elements.

Workshop Your Book

How to workshop your book and get feedback on what's working and what isn't.

World Building 101

How do you build a unique world your readers can grow to love?

Writing Scenes

The trick to writing captivating scenes.


How to find your unique writing voice.

The 4 Types of POV

First person, second person, third person limited, and third person omniscient.

POV Mistakes

The most common problem writers make when writing a book is messing up their POV. We'll look at how to avoid common pitfalls.


What new literary techniques can you pick up to enhance your style?


We'll look at 9 examples of villians to better understand how to use them to enhance your story.

Writer's Block

We all face writer's block. In this lesson, you'll get a proven method for getting unblocked.


There are three types of heroes, and knowing which one is in your story is essential.

Editing and Publishing

What do you do after your book is finished? How do you edit it? Get it published?

Why 100 Days?

You might think, no one can write a book in 100 days. And certainly not a good book.

You might even feel like a program like this is just a quick fix. Writing a book should take longer. It's about the experience!

But let me ask you this: When was the last time you spent 100 days completely focused on your writing?

This level of focus can be life-changing. You'll write more than you ever have (plenty for a book). Best of all, you'll feel creatively invigorated and alive.

This is why Stephen King said:

The first draft of a book—even a long one—should take no more than three months, the length of a season.

Writing a book in a short period of time like this gives an energy and focus to your writing.

That's why we believe that 100 days is the perfect length of time to write the first draft of your book.

Yes, your book will need more work afterward, so we'll walk you through the editing process, too.

However, after 100 days, you will have accomplished the most important part: You will have written a book! And that's something to be very proud of.

Get Everything You Need to Finish Your Book

If you commit to writing a book with us, here's exactly what you can get:

100 Day Book Membership

Daily Lessons. Each day, you'll get an email with encouragement, writing prompts, quotes from great writers, and video lessons to help you get fresh ideas on how to finish your book and make it as good as it can possibly be.

Weekly Deadlines. Every Friday, you will turn in one chapter of your book, giving you a practical structure to finish your book over the course of the program.

Incentive. If you meet all your deadlines and finish your book, we will give you $100!

Accountability. Each week, we will check-in with you to see if you met your weekly deadline. If you miss a week, we will send you a warning. If you miss 3 weeks, you will miss out on the $100 incentive!

Feedback. You'll get access to The Write Practice writing community, our writing community, where you can workshop your writing.

ClassesThe 100 Day Book membership tier includes all of our other classes, including classes on publishing and structure, plus our monthly live classes.

NEW! 100 Day Book: Certified Book Coaching Membership

Get everything in the 100 Day Book membership, plus the following:

Certified Book Coach In Training. You'll be paired with a Write Practice Certified Book Coach-In-Training based on genre (as available).

Book Plan Critique. Your coach will give feedback on your book idea, outline, and more so you can write with confidence.

Weekly Email Check InsYour coach will check in with you each week, giving you accountability and problem solving with you to break through writers block.

Monthly Coaching Calls. Once per month, during the 100 Days, you'll have a live call with your coach to work through issues, get feedback, and talk about next steps.

Feedback. Your coach will read up to 5,000 words of your writing per month during the 100 Days, giving you feedback on your next steps in your book writing process.

Limited to 10 Writers. Since this is a new program, we are limiting this to just 10 writers. Sign up before it sells out.

Note: Since these are “coaches in training,” this plan is greatly reduced in price. Next semester it will be more expensive, so sign up now.

The Write Plan Planner

As a shopping cart add-on, you can also get:

The Write Plan Planner. We'll send you our exclusive planner, designed by writers, for writers. It's packed with everything you need to plan your book, write each day, meet your deadlines, and finish your book.


What Our Students Are Saying

A proven track record of writers finishing their books.

“This program gave me the tools I needed to create a plan, execute in a timely manner, and accomplish my goal of writing my first draft of my book. Without the planning on the front end, the accountability of Joe's coaching and my writing community, this would never have been possible.”

Kevin Garcia

“The most effective part of the class for me was the accountability and community. Having other people to take that journey with me was a substantial force behind my success.”
Kellie McGann

“I wouldn't be a published author without Joe Bunting. Not only did he teach me how to take an idea and turn it into a story, he showed me how to collaborate with other authors to make my writing the best it could be, which gave me the courage to share it with the world.”
Brian Rella


Enrollment in 100 Day Book program is now closed. Stay tuned for when it reopens in 2024.

Apply for a Spot in Our Next Semest.

Enrollment to the 100 Day Book program is now closed.

We have upcoming semesters of the 100 Day Book program available for application.
The application fee will be applied to your course fee if you are accepted.

Apply for one of our semesters below:


The 100 Day Book Program opens three times a year to writers who are ready to embark on the process of writing a book.

Fill out the form below and we'll let you know when enrollment opens!

Want to join the community in the meantime? Click here.

The Finish-Your-Book Guarantee

We believe that by the end of this program, you'll have finished your book, BUT if you follow this process and by some crazy chance you DON'T finish your book by the end of the 100 days, we will fully refund your money.

Let us help you transform your writing goals into reality. Sign up for 100 Day Book today.

Go Deeper in Our 1 Year to Publish Mastermind

Do you need like long-term support beyond the first 100 days? If so, the mastermind upgrade is for you. Here's what's included:

  • Monthly live mastermind meetings to workshop your writing with your personal mentor and your “One Year to Publish” cohort
  • A customized book plan created for your book
  • Two rounds of 100 Day Book to write and revise your book
  • Prominent placement of your published book on the Write Practice website, as well as promotion to the Write Practice community of writers
  • A manuscript critique from a professional editor to prepare you for your second draft
  • All our best training, including Foundations in Publishing, The Write Structure Course, monthly classes and more
  • Small cohorts limited to 15 writers or less

Frequently Asked Questions

When do the 100 days begin?

We run three sessions of 100 Day a year. As a member of the 100 Day Book membership tier, you're entitled to take as many of the sessions as you like. Typically, our sessions start in February, May, and September. 

Our 2023 schedule is as follows:

Spring – February 12 through May 21

Summer – May 27 through September 3

Fall – September 9 through December 17


I have a book in progress. Is this course open only to people who are starting from scratch?

If you're in the middle of a book—or even rewriting a previously finished draft—that's great! You are the perfect person to join this program and get the focus and accountability you need to finish.

I have a finished draft of my book and need to edit it. Will this course help me?
Yes! We've designed 100 Day Book: Draft 2 specifically for writers who are editing their books. You'll get all the lessons, structure, and accountability of the original 100 Day Book course, plus exclusive content focused on the editing process.


What if I write nonfiction?
This challenge is available to both fiction AND nonfiction writers. We've helped thousands of authors of both fiction and nonfiction finish their books. We would love to help you too!
What if don't live in the United States?
This course is open to all authors and aspiring authors, whether in the United States, Europe, Australia, India, or elsewhere. If you want to write a book, this course is for you.
How long to I have to make payments?

You can cancel at any time!

However, in order to be eligible for the $100 incentive, you must make a minimum of 5 payments during that session of 100 Day Book, assuming you are signed up for the full 100 Day Book experience.

When do I get my $100 back if I finish my book on time?

Participants who are signed up for the full 100 Day Book experience (not the Audit plan) will get $100 back if they complete their book in 100 days and miss no more than two deadlines. The payments will be sent out about a month after the finish of the 100 days, or after 5 payments have been completed per session.

What if the book coaching spots are sold out?

We have a limited number of book coaching spots as we train our new coaches, but keep an eye on our editing page and newsletter for when we open new spots or one-on-one coaching separate from 100 Day Book.

Still not sure?

Have a question about the program I didn't answer above? Send me a note and I'll get right back to you.