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One Surprising Way to Write Better

One Surprising Way to Write Better: Rest

As writers, we often find ourselves squeezing in extra writing-work time around many other demands in our lives, from paying jobs to family responsibilities to house chores and more.

But don’t forget to take to take time to rest, too. It can improve your writing in a number of ways.

Run Writer Run: Why Exercise Will Help You Write Better

Run Writer Run

Confession time. How much exercise have you done today? How about yesterday? Over the course of the past week?

And why am I talking about exercise on a website for writers?

Because getting your body up and moving is good for your plotlines.

Mondegreen: Definition and Examples for Writers

Mondegreen Definition

I’m sure you’re familiar with the game Telephone? A group of people get in a circle, and one person comes with a silly phrase like, “The Orange Monkey Eats Green Bananas.” Then, the phrase is whispered from one person to the other around the circle. Each person can only say the phrase once and the listener can’t ask clarifying questions, like, “Did you mean Orange Monkey or Oral Moon Sea?” When the last person has to repeat the phrase, it’s inevitably ridiculous, usually something like, “The Horrible Pokemon Seats Green Cabanas.”

People mishear things all the time, and the game telephone proves it. When something is misheard, the resulting word or phrase is called a mondegreen.

10 Books for Back to School Moms and Dads

Far Out of the Ordinary

It’s Labor Day, and by tomorrow, the kids will be all back in school. That means more reading time for the kiddos, but more importantly, more time for reading for busy moms and dads!

Here are 10 books to read for those busy parents now that the kids are back in school!

That Feeling You Get When You Finish a Writing Project

Finish writing project

I just finished a very important writing project, a proposal for a new book project I’m ghostwriting. It was a tough project, one that took a month longer than expected, and included a journey around the world, dozens of hours of research, a few exhausting back-and-forths with my client, and over 10,000 words of writing.

Yesterday, I read through my finished proposal and then sent it off to my agent.

Man, it feels so good.

Want to Write Better Dialogue? Break the Rules

write dialogue

Want to write good dialogue? Then you’ve got to break the rules.

When you and I talk, we sometimes break the rules of grammar. (I know, it’s a shock, but it’s true.) To write good dialogue, it’s not so much that we are breaking the rules, per se, it’s just that there are rules for dialogue that trump grammatical dogma.

Writing Prompt: Ocean View

Capitola by Don DeBold

The beach has always made a compelling backdrop for stories of mystery and romance. Envision yourself with ocean views for the weekend and craft your practice from the inspiration found in a seaside town such as this!

Finagle’s Law: A Writer’s Guide

Finagle's Law

Sometimes you have a bad day. Sometimes that bad day stretches into a bad week, or a bad month, if you’re really struggling. Usually, that’s not fun for any parties involved. However, if you’re an external observer, and the action is taking place in a book or movie, disaster can be the whole reason you’re paying any attention. If disaster is inevitable, it’s because of a concept called Finagle’s Law.

The First 90 Days to Your Writing Success


Recently I started a new (day) job. I was really excited, so in anticipation of the new position, I read The First 90 Days by Michael Watkins. The book basically outlines a set of strategies to ensure the reader is on the track to success from day one.

I read it, and I realized—despite its corporate/management focus, some of these tips are applicable to writing projects as well!

10 Painless Steps to Writing a Blog Post that Connects with Your Readers

writing a blog

Yes, we’d all like more traffic, more comments, more readers on our blogs. But if you’re writing a blog, there’s one thing you want even more than readers. You might not admit that you want this. You might not even realize it! But it’s that emptiness you feel every time you’re disappointed after checking your blog stats. What is it?