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Let's Write a Short Story!

Let’s Write a Short Story! by Joe Bunting. What is the best way to improve at writing fast, get published sooner, and build a lasting career as a writer? Short stories. More than 100 five-star reviews on Amazon can’t be wrong. Get Let’s Write a Short Story!

14 prompts: practical writing prompts that inspire

14 Prompts by Joe Bunting. Most collections of writing prompts have hundreds or even thousands of prompts, but this book isn’t meant to be a random list of ideas to begin your novel. 14 Prompts will inspire you to a new way of seeing your writing process.

You are a Writer by Jeff GoinsYou Are a Writer by Jeff Goins. An eBook about what it takes to be a writer in the 21st Century. In it, you will learn everything from how to get started with a writing career to ultimately getting your work published — and all the wonderful work in between.


scrivenerScrivener (Mac or Windows) is the best word processor I’ve found for writers, and easily allows you to keep even the biggest novels or books organized. I often use it to capture ideas months or even years before I start the actual writing. If you have a hard time keeping your writing organized, I recommend Scrivener.


Story Cartel

Amazon reviews are one of the best ways to sell more books. Story Cartel connects authors with passionate book lovers, helping them get more reviews. Story Cartel should be the first step in your marketing plan. Join the Cartel here.

Blogging Resources

BlueHostBlueHost. If you want your blog taken seriously, a self-hosted WordPress blog is the way to go. BlueHost makes setting up your blog easy. With hosting for only $6.95 a month, it makes it a no brainer.


Note: Like many of you read­ing this, I’m a poor, strug­gling writer try­ing to make a liv­ing cre­at­ing art while con­cur­rently fright­ened by the ques­tion of how I’m going to pay for my children’s edu­ca­tion, since mine was so ridicu­lously expen­sive and I earn so lit­tle from it. Unlike most of you, though, this writ­ing thing is my full time job. Thus, a few of these links are affil­i­ate links, mean­ing I get a lit­tle money when you pur­chase some of the prod­ucts I’ve men­tioned. Please don’t take this the wrong way. I only rec­om­mend prod­ucts I actu­ally use and believe will improve your writ­ing expe­ri­ence and chances of get­ting pub­lished. Thus, if you want to help your­self out and sup­port a poor, strug­gling writer, don’t be afraid to buy some of this stuff. By the way, the FTC asked me to tell you this (go gov­ern­ment!), but I’m kind of glad they did. This was a nice chat. Okay that’s all. Bye.