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How to Write Action Scenes That Add Suspense to a Story

How to Write Action Scenes That Add Suspense to a Story

You sit down, ready to write, and you’re excited because this scene is going to be full of terrific action-packed conflict to grab your reader. But then you wonder, do you even know how to write action scenes?

Are plot points and blow-by-blow action really what keeps readers turning pages? Do you know how to write the kind of action that will add suspense to the story, rev your readers’ heart rate, and leave them dying to know what happens next?

Creating an action scene that works on screen is difficult. Creating an action scene that works on the page might be an even steeper challenge!

Luckily, there are writing strategies to help you write an action scene with skill.

Creative Resistance: 4 Actionable Tips That Combat Your Struggle to Write

Creative Resistance: 4 Actionable Tips That Combat Your Struggle to Write

How do you overcome creative resistance? How do you handle that big, blank screen staring at you from your computer? The cursor just blink-blink-blinking its mockery.

When it comes to your writing time, do you avoid it? Choose to read celebrity gossip online, or maybe wander over to your empty refrigerator multiple times? Have you ever written one paragraph but think it sucks, so you delete it? And instead of writing more, stew in self-loathing.

Whatever your creative challenges are on and off the page, you’re not lame or a loser. There’s actually a scientific reason behind your creative resistance.

The even better news is you can change your writing progress so it is progress.

Let’s talk.

8 Hero’s Journey Archetypes Universally Used for a Protagonist

8 Hero’s Journey Archetypes Universally Used for a Protagonist

There are heroes everywhere. A great Hero’s Journey can take place in any genre. But did you know there are eight hero’s journey archetypes that work especially well for a universal protagonist? 

Your reader will unconsciously expect your story to have certain characters. If you want your next heroic story to be a success, you’d be wise to plan the entire journey around these key characters. Or at the very least, with them.

Without these hero’s journey archetypes, you might have a story that fails to “work,” and this will leave the reader dissatisfied and confused.

To avoid this, let’s go over who these character archetypes are, and why they will push your hero on their journey. 

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