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You’ve written a first draft, and now you’re wondering how to tackle your second. You’ve written five drafts, and you think you’re ready to publish, but you’d like professional feedback first. You’ve written a short story or a scene, and you’re a little (or a lot) stuck on how to make it the best it can be.

No matter where you are in the writing process, a professional editor can help you clarify your ideas, spot hidden problems (and ways to fix them!), and get your stories publication-ready.

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Editing Services

Considering a professional edit? We offer a variety of editing packages. Click on the editing services below to learn more about which is right for you, then fill out the form at the bottom of the page to get started.

Line Editing / Copy Editing / Proofreading

Line Editing

You’ve written an amazing story. A developmental editor has helped you master each plot point, every brilliant twist, shocking revelation, and climactic character choice.

Now, it’s time to polish every paragraph, sentence, and word until they shine. A line editor will help you do just that, combing through your book to hone each word while preserving your unique writer voice.

Perfect for: A book that’s received content editing (for example, a diagnostic or developmental editing) and is just a step or two away from a final draft.

Price: Fill out the form below for a quote.

Time: Varies by project.

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You’ve finished your content editing and even your line editing, and you’re a step away from going to print. The next step is to hire a copy editor to catch any misplaced commas, errant semicolons, and that one time you forgot your main character’s nickname is Margie, not Margy.

Your copy editor will read every keystroke of your book with an eagle eye. They’ll mark each correction in Suggestion Mode/Track Changes for you to review. They’ll also create a style sheet explaining each copyediting decision so you can keep track of all the pesky details in your book.

Perfect for: A piece of writing that’s received content editing and is ready for a final check before publishing. This is available for writing of all lengths, from short stories and blog posts to novels and books.

Price: 3 cents per word.

Time: Varies by project.

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The Write Practice Pro Critique

Members of our Write Practice Pro writing community share their writing every day for community feedback from other writers. (Not a member? Join us here!)

Looking for a critique from a professional editor? You can upgrade any piece you share in The Write Practice Pro, and an editor on our team will read your piece and share their professional feedback.

Perfect for: Short pieces up to 10,000 words, including short stories, chapters, or scenes.

Price: 1.5 cents per word.

Time: You’ll receive your professional critique in one to two weeks.

Get a Pro Critique: First, sign in to The Write Practice Pro (if you’re not a member, join us here). Then, fill out the critique upgrade form.

Story Grid Diagnostic / Manuscript Critique

Have a finished draft of your book and wondering what to do with it next? The Story Grid Diagnostic is the perfect fit for you. This one-off developmental editing package is designed for completed manuscripts.

An editor on our team will read your manuscript and prepare a set of deliverables that will help you find exactly what’s right, what’s wrong, and how to make your book even better. Then, they’ll join you for an hour-long editorial call to share their best recommendations and help you craft the book you’ve envisioned.

Perfect for: A completed manuscript of a book (whether it’s a first draft or a fiftieth!).

Price: $1,000 for a manuscript of up to 100,000 words. After that, $100 more for each additional 10,000 words.

Time: Your editor will work with you to schedule your diagnostic. Once they begin, you’ll receive your diagnostic in four weeks.

Get a Story Grid Diagnostic: Get all the details about what’s inside the diagnostic and sign up for yours here.

Developmental Editing

Want more support than a one-off editing package? Meet with an editor for an hour each week with developmental editing! Not familiar with developmental editing? Check out our guide to see whether this level editing is right for you.

If you’re editing a book, but getting stuck along the way, this is the perfect package to help you find focus, clarity, and direction. You’ll be matched with an editor on our team for a weekly editing call. Send your editor your week’s writing before the call, and they’ll give you feedback and direction to help you write and edit with confidence in the coming week.

Perfect for: A partially-completed draft, or a writer who’s received a diagnostic and would like ongoing editorial support to complete the next draft.

Price: $600 per month.

Time: Varies by project (your editor is happy to work with you until your book is complete!), but expect a six-month commitment to start.

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Query Letter Critique

Ready to publish, but stuck writing your query letter to potential literary agents? The last step before getting traditionally published is to send the best query letter you can. Our editors who have literary agency experience can help.

Here’s what your query letter critique includes:

  • 3 rounds of revisions from an editor with query letter experience to make your query letter perfect
  • A 45-minute consultation call to give you confidence about the process
  • A finished query letter that will stand out in the slush

Perfect for: A novel that’s complete, edited, and ready to be published

Price: $350

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