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Editorial Services

If you’ve ever set down an Amanda Hocking novel—or any other book by one of those self-publishing super-stars—and thought, “This would be great if only there weren’t so many typos,” then you understand the value of an editor.

Don’t let your baby of a book out into the world without the help of a professional editor. The Write Practice editorial team will help you make your book sparkle. We’re here to help, whether you just need help with a few grammar problems or a professional critique of the plot.

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Meet the Editors

Alice Sudlow is a freelance editor and the content editor of The Write Practice. She specializes in fiction and loves a great contemporary Young Adult read.

Kellie McGann is a ghostwriter and contributor at The Write Practice. She specializes in nonfiction.

If you have questions or are ready to get started editing your book, fill out this form for a free consultation, or check out the services below.

Our Services

Editorial Consultation

Find out how our editorial services will take your manuscript to the next level during a FREE one-hour consultation with our editorial team. Meet the editors, tell us about your book, and learn more about the services we offer. We’ll help you determine what editing services would be best for you.

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Introductory Critique

This is the best place to begin. The introductory critique provides a beginning edit of your manuscript, highlighting areas that truly shine as well as aspects of your writing in need of improvement. This service also includes a sample Line Edit, and a recommendation for other services that your book may need.

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Line Editing

It’s hard to catch all the typos and grammar errors when you’re so close to your own work. Not only do we provide a deep proofread and copy edit on your book, we edit for clarity and readability, helping you get your story or ideas across just as you imagined.

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Content Editing

Content Editing provides a deeper, more holistic edit than Line Editing. Not only will we look for those typos you might have missed, but with Content Editing, we will also work on your story or flow of ideas, helping you achieve your goals and bringing consistency to the book.

Find out more about Content Editing.

Content Edit PLUS

This is the deepest level of edit we provide, and is perfect for manuscripts needing in-depth rewriting and sentence-by-sentence editing.

Find out more about Content Edit PLUS.

Ready to polish your book to publishable perfection? Get a free editorial consultation.

“Joe Bunting is a rare find of an editor and human being—technical excellence, brilliant insights, uncompromising professionalism, and loving interest in the author’s growth.When I was faced with either taking a class or hiring Joe to edit my early draft, I chose Joe. It was the right decision. He listened carefully to what I was trying to do and steered me with specific suggestions, always rolling them out in a way that I could receive them. The result was a much improved draft and stronger writing skills. Most important, Joe’s intervention helped me not to give up when I was really stuck. He encouraged me and supported me and made me believe I could be a writer!

Proof of Joe’s commitment to writing is in his amazing blog and all the amazing writing he inspires through it. His giving seems endless, and anyone who receives his gifts is, like me, quite fortunate!”
–Nora Lester Murad, writer

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