How to Write a Book

how to write a book

The more you talk to people about being a writer, the more you’ll hear people share they too have a dream of writing a book. However, few of them actually get their idea onto paper.

Three Life-Tips That Will Make You a Better Writer

Being a good writer also being means a good character in your life story. Four life-tips that will make you a better writer: live, steal, run, and think.

Have You Made Art Today?

Prolific author Joanna Penn has a sign hanging on her wall that we all need to live by.

How Writing is Like Thanksgiving

Writing is a lot like Thanksgiving: showing off, unity, over-indulging, and gratefulness are all important aspects in writing.

Nine Ways to Find Writing Ideas

You’ve finally carved out a spare moment to write, you open up a blank document, and set your fingers on the keys. But then nothing comes. You check Facebook thinking maybe something there will be inspiring. No luck. You wonder if your muse is hiding under the stack of dirty dishes so you clean every bit of grime you can find and still come up empty. You’re at a loss for ideas and your writing time is dwindling quickly.

How to Handle Rejection

It’s going to happen someday. You’re going to open your inbox, and it’s not going to be the headline that makes your eyes leap to that one email. Your blood pressure’s going to rise, and it’s going to seem like Chrome slows down in opening that email that’s going to change your life.

What to Do When Fear Takes Over

I’m not ready. I’m not good enough. That’s not my book to write. That book’s already been written. What if they hate it? I’m scared.

Do You Finish Books You Hate?

Finish Line

Decide whether or not to finish reading a book based on whether or not you are learning from the author.

The Only Two Tips You’ll Ever Need to Find Your Writing Voice

Two simple things required of all writers in order to find their voice.

How to Show Off Your Innate Expertise in Your Writing

The Doctor Is In

The truth is we all have hidden expertise we don’t think about. There’s something you do regularly you know more about than most of your friends.

Hidden within that expertise you consider mundane is a story the rest of the world has yet to hear.