Writing Contests Are Amazing Practice

Writing contests are some of the best writing practice you can get.

We’ve found that if writing contests are set up the right way, participating in them can be life changing. That’s why four times a year, we partner with literary magazines to host writing contests, giving away over $5,000 in prizes and publishing hundreds of writers for the first time.

$1,000s in Prizes

To the victor go the spoils. When it comes to writing contests, we believe it’s about the experience more than what you win. But that doesn’t mean prizes don’t make things more fun! Since our first writing contest, we’ve given over $10,000 in prizes to writers.

Every Writer Gets Published

Your writing deserves attention, whether it’s a winning story or not. That’s why we’ve made the bold choice to work with literary magazines to publish every entry to our contests, whether your story wins or not. If you want to get published, you’ll get published.


Includes Writing Critiques

Our writing contests aren’t about winners and losers. They’re about working together to become better writers. That’s why before you submit your writing to the judges, you’ll share it in our critiquing community, ensuring you get the feedback you need to make your writing better.

Become a Better Writer Faster

To become a better writer, you need to practice writing deliberately. Deliberate practice requires two things: focus and feedback. That’s what you’ll get in this contest, giving you the chance to grow as a writer faster than ever. Plus, it’s really fun! 

Spring Writing Contest

Registration is now open for our Spring Writing Contest, hosted in partnership with Short Fiction Break literary magazine. 

  • Prizes: Over $1,300 in prizes, plus everyone who enters gets a copy of Story Grid by Shawn Coyne.
  • Theme: Person in a Hole. A character gets into a big problem, then finds a way out of it. (See Kurt Vonnegut’s video that inspired the theme.)
  • Registration deadline: Monday, March 6
  • First draft deadline: Monday, March 13

This contest is currently ongoing.

Summer Writing Contest

Registration opens soon for our Summer Writing Contest.

  • Prizes: Will be announced soon!
  • Theme: Will be released soon!
  • Registration deadline: June 5
  • First draft deadline: June 12

Useful Resources for Writing Contests