9 Guidelines to Improve Creativity

These scientifically proven guidelines are extracted from an article in The New Yorker entitled “Groupthink” by Jonah Lehrer.

1. Brainstorming doesn’t work.

2. Working alone is better than working in a group.

3. Criticism and debate allows for more creativity than being nice.

4. Wrong answer and failure promote creativity.

5. Creative teams that have worked together before produce better work than teams of strangers.

6. Creative teams that work together too much produce poorer work than teams with a few strangers.

7. Creative teams that work in close proximity (within ten meters) produce better work than teams that  live far apart.

8. Creatives working around other creatives from widely diverse fields (e.g. pianists and astrophysicists) produce better work that creatives working around people in their own, narrow discipline.

9. Working alone in a diverse group of people you know and a few strangers while participating in healthy debate is the best.