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How to Make Money as an Author: Important Tips for a Writer’s Success

How to Make Money as an Author: Important Tips for a Writer’s Success

Writing an effective sales description is an important part of the book business. Using the basic pattern outlined above, practice writing the sales copy for a book you’ve written or one you are in the process of writing.

If you don’t currently have a book project, write the blurb for a book you read recently, or even a movie you watched. The point is to practice looking at the story from a marketer’s perspective and writing a description that sells.

Take fifteen minutes to write your blurb. When you’re done, share your blurb in the comments below. Be sure to leave feedback for your fellow writers who want to be successful authors! Based on their blurbs alone, would you read the book?

Premise: The First Step To Writing Your Book

Premise: The First Step To Writing Your Book

Whether you’re writing a book or a blog post, it’s tempting to just dive into your writing project. However, you will likely save yourself time and create a better end product if you settle on a solid premise before you start writing.

The Approach to the Inmost Cave: How to Write This Scene in the Hero’s Journey

The Approach to the Inmost Cave: How to Write This Scene in the Hero’s Journey

Every great heroic story has that moment. It’s the deep breath before the plunge. The calm before the storm. The quiet before the calamity. In the Hero’s Journey, it’s the Approach before the Ordeal.

It’s an essential moment you need to plan for and build around as you draft your story. And to do it right, you’re going to need to figure out three key elements.

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Short Story Tutorial

Short stories were once the training grounds for the best writers in the world. Discover how to write a short story, submit it to magazines, and get it published through this free short story tutorial.
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Characterization Tutorial

Good characters are why people read stories, so make sure your characters are awesome. Hook your readers and draw them into the story in this free characterization tutorial.

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Grammar Tutorial

Good Grammar might seem old fashioned, but editors and publishers still care about grammar. Avoid rejection and make your writing shine through this free grammar tutorial.


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Interviewing Tutorial

Giving a good interview is a skill almost all professional writers need. Add depth, expertise, and precision to your writing through this free interviewing tutorial.

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