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Abigail is a Certified Story Grid Editor with literary agency, publishing, teaching, and film production experience. She graduated from Syracuse University (Newhouse) with a B.S. in TV, Radio, and Film and worked multiple internships in publishing after college. She also taught and created her own creative writing and film curriculum at the high school level for a handful of years; during this time she earned her masters in Secondary Education. Today Abigail works as the Content Editor for The Write Practice while also running her own freelance editing business. She specializes in MG/YA Fiction, Smart Book Club Fiction, Women's Fiction, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, and Scripts.


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New Year Writing Prompts: Write a Series of New Year’s Resolution Disasters

Have you ever seen the New Years Resolution episode from Friends? You know the one where Ross wears leather pants, Joey tries to learn how to play guitar, and Rachel tries to gossip less?

If you’re a Friends fan, I’d be shocked if you didn’t know the episode I’m talking about. Rolling Stone even suggested this episode really should be called “‘The One With Ross’ Leather Pants’ because no one else’s 1999 New Year’s resolution produces results as memorable — or disastrous.”

But even though Ross’s leather pants fiasco is what makes the episode, it’s not the only resolution that wins some laughs. Today, let’s focus on brainstorming some New Year writing prompts to kickstart your writing year with some humor.

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