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The Boardwalk
by Becoming Writer in The Boardwalk
08:00 am on September 16, 2015

by Joya Williams White creamy liquid made its way slowly down the slope between her breasts. Michael couldn’t tear his eyes away from the scene. It seemed to call his name as it moved provocatively down the path of her [more]

The Cyborg
by Becoming Writer in The Cyborg
08:00 am on September 16, 2015

by Sarah Campbell Morgan couldn’t stand another minute in that room. He’d been sitting in the uncomfortable lobby chair for half an hour now. Tipping his head back, he tapped his foot on the hospital floor.  Clattering pencils suddenly broke [more]

Something Happened
by Becoming Writer in Something Happened
08:00 am on September 16, 2015

by Stuart Fish Something happened that changed everything. I met him online two and a half years ago. He sent me a wink on a gay chat site. I replied the same day. Sexyshark: Hey, Thanks for the wink. I like [more]

Timeless War
by Becoming Writer in Timeless War
06:16 pm on September 12, 2015

By Natasha Luttjeboer Nothing is harder than making a decision that could kill you. I didn’t have to join the army, I knew that, but there was nothing left for me here. Nobody worth staying for. That could change if [more]

A New Road
by Becoming Writer in A New Road
06:11 pm on September 12, 2015

By Thomas Giles Jones flicked a finger at the pewter tankard, producing a dull ring. A flurry of bubbles shot up from the side of the mug, meeting the thinning head on the surface. He hadn’t been born before the Change, [more]

The Weekend
by Becoming Writer in The Weekend
06:05 pm on September 12, 2015

By Tom Farr The note stared up at Bianca as she held it in her trembling hands. The promise of a romantic getaway sparked the slightest flame of hope before the pain washed it away again. “I’m surprised you would [more]

My Dream Man
by Becoming Writer in My Dream Man
06:03 pm on September 12, 2015

By Maria M. Dewaik I opened my eyes to a stabbing pain in my head. What happened? I look around and don’t see anything familiar. It’s a quaint little room with two windows that have pink curtains hanging on the side. [more]

by Becoming Writer in Rebecca
06:03 pm on September 12, 2015

By Frederick Fuller I knew her name, Rebecca, our fourth child, another girl. At that moment I also knew she promised a terrible reckoning someday. Her big dark eyes riveted me. I was a bug on a display board as she [more]

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