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Emily Wenstrom: Author, Becoming Writer
Member since August 13, 2013

By day, Emily Wenstrom, is the editor of short story website wordhaus, author social media coach, and freelance content marketing specialist. By early-early morning, she is E. J. Wenstrom, a sci-fi and fantasy author whose first novel Mud will release in March 2016.

Website: http://www.ejwenstrom.com

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4 Lessons from Orphan Black on Character Development
by Emily Wenstrom in 4 Lessons from Orphan Black on Character Development
12:06 pm on January 4, 2016

Characters are one of the most important elements of any story. And character development can be challenging to get right.

Characters are critical for drawing readers into a story. They should also be the force that pushes your plot forward. A strong character can bring the story’s entire world to life. They can make your readers cry and even feel like a real friend. A weak one can deflate an entire book like a leaky air mattress.

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