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Katie Axelson is a writer, editor, and blogger who's seeking to live a story worth telling. You can find her blogging, tweeting, and facebook-ing.

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Nine Ways to Find Writing Ideas
by Katie Axelson in Nine Ways to Find Writing Ideas
07:00 am on November 14, 2013

You’ve finally carved out a spare moment to write, you open up a blank document, and set your fingers on the keys. But then nothing comes. You check Facebook thinking maybe something there will be inspiring. No luck. You wonder if your muse is hiding under the stack of dirty dishes so you clean every bit of grime you can find and still come up empty. You’re at a loss for ideas and your writing time is dwindling quickly.

How to Handle Rejection
by Katie Axelson in How to Handle Rejection
08:00 am on October 24, 2013

It’s going to happen someday. You’re going to open your inbox, and it’s not going to be the headline that makes your eyes leap to that one email. Your blood pressure’s going to rise, and it’s going to seem like Chrome slows down in opening that email that’s going to change your life.

When You Want to Quit Writing
by Katie Axelson in When You Want to Quit Writing
07:23 am on March 28, 2013

I don’t want to be a writer anymore. Why should I bleed on paper just for some editor’s red pen to bleed all over it? My ideas aren’t that good and no one ever reads my work. No publisher’s ever going to like it. Besides, it’s giving me tendinitis. No, I’m done with writing. I’m going to find a career with a steady income and consistent job description.

by Katie Axelson in Wunderkammer
07:34 am on March 14, 2013

Every item has a set purpose. Sometimes that purpose is merely entertainment or wonder. Other times the purpose is intrinsic and habitual. But what happens when an item is re-purposed?

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