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Marianne Richmond: Author, Bbp Participant
Member since August 13, 2013

I'm Marianne Richmond—writer, artist and inspirationalist. My words have touched millions over the past two decades through my children's books and gift products. Basically I put love into words and help you connect with the people + moments that matter. You can find me on my website, Facebook, and Twitter (@M_Richmond21).

Website: http://www.mariannerichmond.com

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Three Truths for Writers to Combat Confusion
by Marianne Richmond in Three Truths for Writers to Combat Confusion
11:38 am on July 23, 2014

When I last posted, we were one week into our move, and now I can hardly believe it’s fourteen days later! I’m still quite unnerved with no familiarity to anchor me (except my family, of course!).

I have found myself turning inward for grounding, seeking that which hasn’t changed amidst everything that has. It’s as if I wonder, “Am I still who I am HERE though I am without my familiar people, environment, office, and coffee shop that helped support my identity? Perhaps you have experienced your own transitions that have left you feeling similar?

How to Start Writing When You Won’t Start Writing
by Marianne Richmond in How to Start Writing When You Won’t Start Writing
10:05 am on May 14, 2014

I have a book in mind to start writing. For three years now. I read advice that tells me “just start writing.” And still I don’t start. Because this advice isn’t working for me, I’ve had to come up with some other techniques to power through my paralysis. See if one of these might help you get started on a new work.

What’s your End Game?
by Marianne Richmond in What’s your End Game?
08:00 am on March 19, 2014

Knowing your end game is the best strategy for directing your steps right now. Sometimes we get so focused on current projects and the steady acceptance of others, we fail to ask, ”Is what I’m doing in line with my goals?” Three questions to ask yourself when looking at the writing road ahead.

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