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I'm Marianne Richmond—writer, artist and inspirationalist. My words have touched millions over the past two decades through my children's books and gift products. Basically I put love into words and help you connect with the people + moments that matter. You can find me on my website, Facebook, and Twitter (@M_Richmond21).


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Writing Prompt:  Ocean View

The beach has always made a compelling backdrop for stories of mystery and romance. Envision yourself with ocean views for the weekend and craft your practice from the inspiration found in a seaside town such as this!

Aug 27
Three Truths for Writers to Combat Confusion

When I last posted, we were one week into our move, and now I can hardly believe it’s fourteen days later! I’m still quite unnerved with no familiarity to anchor me (except my family, of course!).

I have found myself turning inward for grounding, seeking that which hasn’t changed amidst everything that has. It’s as if I wonder, “Am I still who I am HERE though I am without my familiar people, environment, office, and coffee shop that helped support my identity? Perhaps you have experienced your own transitions that have left you feeling similar?

Jul 23
Five Simple Words to Start a Conversation Today

Life is full of inspiring conversations waiting to happen! String together five simple words to elicit information and jumpstart learning, connection and discovery.

Jul 9
Would You Rather, for Writers

Let’s play would you rather! The writing life is all about choices. Ponder a couple questions today that might enlighten you about what you’d do — if you could choose.

Jun 11
Things to Think about Besides your Manuscript

There are so many facets to creating a successful book besides the manuscript itself. Thinking about the “whole package” is a must.

May 28
How to Start Writing When You Won’t Start Writing

I have a book in mind to start writing. For three years now. I read advice that tells me “just start writing.” And still I don’t start. Because this advice isn’t working for me, I’ve had to come up with some other techniques to power through my paralysis. See if one of these might help you get started on a new work.

May 14
Five Ways to Fuel your Imagination

As the The Write Practice implies, we write (and read) to become better writers. But what other unexpected activities can help boost our imagination? Read on for a few new ones to try!

Apr 30
How to Emotionally Move your Readers

When a book moves you emotionally, you can’t help but tell others about it! But how exactly does a writer move his or her readers to take action in the form or reading, buying, sharing?

Apr 16
Family Photo Writing Prompt

The people captured in the family photo couldn’t know what would unfold five, 10, 20 years down the road! But you do, the writer who can craft a compelling storyline for one of these six characters-in-process!

Apr 2
What’s your End Game?

Knowing your end game is the best strategy for directing your steps right now. Sometimes we get so focused on current projects and the steady acceptance of others, we fail to ask, ”Is what I’m doing in line with my goals?” Three questions to ask yourself when looking at the writing road ahead.

Mar 19
Determine your Character’s Destiny

Sidney Poitier said, “So much of life, it seems to me, is determined by pure randomness.” I am intrigued by how one person’s decision can impact the destiny of another human being. Today’s exercise will explore how one decision made on behalf of our central character, sets the course of his or her life.

Mar 5
What to do with Criticism?

If we’re writing for humans, we need to accept that some won’t like our writing, our style, our topic, our work. It’s a momentary sting to the soul for sure, but don’t let it de-rail you from your passion and prose.

Feb 19
What is your Character’s Secret?

Do you love to hear a good secret? The revelation of your character’s inner world makes your story more riveting, more relatable, more real. What is the skeleton in your character’s closet? The explanation for her covert behaviors, paranoia or paralyzing worry? Humanize your character by giving him a surprising revelation.

Feb 5
What is Found Poetry?

Found Poetry is the literary equivalent version of collage. Much like the visual artist who combines multiple media (newspaper, feathers, coins, sheet music) into collage art, you can do the same with words, pulling concepts and phrasings from various sources to create “found” poems.

Jan 22
What Makes a Good Children’s Book?

We all can recall a favorite book we had as kids or one our own kids want to hear over and over. And over. Thousands of children’s books are published each year. These stories, which set the stage for a lifetime of reading, are often very simple. But publishers say that doesn’t mean they’re easy to write.

Jan 8
Finish This Christmas Story

After Christmas Eve service, my family drove into downtown St. Paul and randomly handed out 15 Christmas Acts of Kindness — envelopes into which we tucked $5 gift cards, hand knit scarves or a kid’s book. We looked for people waiting at the bus stop, cleaning a deserted office building or simply walking in the cold. I, of course, was curious about their stories.

Dec 25
Embrace the Present Moment Writing Prompt

During hectic times, I like to jump-start my creative writing practice with the Present Moment writing prompt to pull me back to today, to notice what is rich and savory about this. Very. Minute.

Dec 11
Finding Big Inspiration in the Smallest Detail

When the big life answers don’t come in my time frame, I need to turn my attention to and be grateful for the beauty that fills my life in an everyday way—and find inspiration there. The same goes for our writing. While we trying to get the big stuff down—genre, characters, plot, narrative story arc , we need to focus, too, on the smallest supporting cast if you will—the objects and experiences that can either be overlooked OR unearthed, examined and celebrated.

Nov 27
What’s Your Expertise To Help You Sell Books?

I have participated in a lot of bookselling events through the years. Radio interviews and telephone appearances, too. Some have been successful. Sold lots of books from them and made great connections. And others? Crickets. What makes my line of books unique is that some of my back list titles are still selling years after their debut. What I’ve learned, however, is that you can only use the “new book” angle once. After that, you have to get creative with your marketing to keep selling your books.

Nov 13
Are You Personalizing the Inanimate Objects In Your Story?

I just finished my newest children’s book called I’ll Never Let You Go. It’s the story of Edward (a bear) and his best friend Blankie, a fuzzy blue fabric scrap. Yep, Blankie is as real as any human friend with emotions and idiosyncrasies to match. Cuddly, thoughtful, kind, protective… and afraid of thunderstorms.

Oct 30