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Pooh Hodges: Editor, Bbp Participant
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Pooh Hodges is the cat who writes. He is an author, an entrepreneur and a visionary. He dictates to his typist every morning before he takes a nap in a sunbeam. He is currently writing his memoir, a tragic tale of loss and redemption. Pooh would love to be your friend and he would love to connect with you on his blog, thecatwhowrites.com

Website: http://www.thecatwhowrites.com/my-name-is-pooh-pooh-hodges/

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Cat Talk with Steven Pressfield, Author of “Do The Work”

Steven Pressfield, a dear friend, wrote a short manifesto, Do The Work. The title of the book actually answers so many questions. It is Do The Work, not Read About The Work, or Tell Your Cat About The Work, or Think About The Work.

I asked Mr. Steve only three questions, following the example of my typist who has interviewed Steven Pressfield before about his books, The War of Art, and Turning Pro. Both excellent books.

4 Reasons Why it is Dangerous To Compare Your Writing To Others

For a cat there are many dangerous things to be careful of. We are small and a car might not see us when we try to cross the road; we could be run over and killed. In our homes the humans who live with us might drop a piece of peanut butter toast on our head, and we could smell like peanuts. However, there is something more sinister than fast cars and peanut butter toast.

There is a danger that applies to writers, cats, and humans. The Danger Of Comparing Yourself.

A Cat’s Secret to Bringing Your Writing Alive

When you write a story, please use your senses.

Often writers just write about what they see and ignore their other four senses. In addition to your ability to see you also have your sense of smell, of hearing, of taste, and touch. Unfortunately, your senses are not as keen as a cat, but no one can have everything. I can hear better than humans, but you have thumbs.

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