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About the Certification

We want to train a cohort of coaches and editors in our unique system to expand the number of writers we can support while also helping more writers in our community earn income from their work.

Here's what you'll get out of this program.

  • Professional Growth: Become a better writer through coaching others, learn how to earn from your craft, and explore new ways to earn income as a certified writing coach.
  • Mentorship and Personal Development: Learn The Write Practice's unique coaching process from Joe Bunting and The Write Practice team and experience the fulfillment that comes from helping others achieve their writing goals.
  • Community and Networking: Become a part of an encouraging and supportive cohort of writers and coaches, and get ongoing support and potential partnerships to expand your coaching and writing career.
  • Entrepreneurial Advancement: Learn entrepreneurship basics, gain flexibility in your work, and get client leads from The Write Practice, helping you achieve success faster.

Why Choose The Write Practice?

Since 2011, The Write Practice has successfully trained thousands of people to write and finish their books through its unique process of deliberate practice. Our founder, Joe Bunting, has personally coached, edited, and ghostwritten for best-selling authors, as well as trained thousands of writers in book writing process that works, which means the training you receive is rooted in industry knowledge and hands-on experience.

The Write Practice is a leading writing website, helping over 3 million writers per year. It's used by universities and high schools worldwide to teach students the writing craft.

Furthermore, The Write Practice provides ongoing support and coaching in a private community, fostering a sense of belonging and offering a platform for continued learning and networking. You won't just be left on your own after certification, but have a supportive community to turn to.

Program Structure

Here's how the program works:

Comprehensive Training (20+ hours): The program includes extensive training on all the critical aspects of becoming a successful writing coach.

  • The Write Practice’s Method: You'll learn our unique process for book writing, editing, and coaching for both fiction and nonfiction genres.
  • Product Offerings for Coaches: You'll learn the different product offerings you can provide as writing coaches to meet the needs of your future clients.
  • Entrepreneurship Basics: We'll give you the essential business skills—such as sales and marketing, accounting, and productivity—to equip you to run your own coaching practice.
  • The Write Structure Framework: We'll teach you our simple framework for story and nonfiction book structure that will help your clients quickly and easily find and fix the problems in their writing.

Certification and Practical Review Process: We will test you on each of the main core competencies to make sure you have a deep enough understanding and ability to practically apply the skills to help your future clients. (See more below.)

Ongoing Support: Once certified, you'll get access to a private community to continue to learn, get peer support, and find networking opportunities with other writing coaches.

The structure of the program is designed to give you what you need to know about how to be a successful writing coach.

Certification Process

Our goal is to equip coaches with the skills and knowledge they need to effectively help writers finish their books and accomplish their writing goals with our unique process.

1. Coursework Review

Throughout the training period you will be required to review the training materials in a timely way and complete assignments.

2. Peer Review

Upon completing the training, you will perform mock coaching among your cohort and get feedback from your peers.

3. Practical Application

Finally, you will work with a paid coaching client (either one you select or one we assign you) as a “coach in training” to demonstrate your skills under guidance from The Write Practice team.

4. Certification

After you complete the training, peer review, and practical application, you will receive feedback and be graded by The Write Practice team. If you pass, you will receive your certification!

5. Yearly Training and Recertification

To maintain your skills and stay up-to-date with the latest in the field, we will have a yearly review and recertification.

Program Fee

For our pilot cohort, the fee is $2,400 or 5 payments of $480. This price will likely increase in the future.


For our pilot program, we are only accepting 10 members. Apply now.

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