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Alicya Galpin

Certified Book Coach | Host of the Publishing Workshop at TheWritePractice | Literary Fiction Author and Ghostwriter

About This Coach

Alicya Galpin is a certified book coach, ghostwriter, and the host of the Publishing Workshop at The Write Practice. With an MBA and a decade of experience in the financial and economic sector, Alicya has provided invaluable insights and content to startups, helping them achieve maximum success.

As a book coach, Alicya offers personalized guidance and mentorship to writers at every stage of their journey. Whether you’re a first-time author or a seasoned writer looking to refine your skills, Alicya will work closely with you to develop your unique voice, strengthen your writing technique, and create a compelling story that resonates with readers. Her passion for storytelling and love of the written word drive her to help authors share their stories with the world.

Alicya’s own writing focuses on literary fiction. While researching her upcoming novel, she became a certified sherry wine specialist through the House of Lustau in Jerez, Spain, and is always happy to share killer sherry cocktail recipes. A ski vacation in the Alps turned into a lifelong love affair with the mountains, leading her to make Chamonix, France, her permanent home. When not writing or coaching, Alicya enjoys skiing, hiking, sailing, and finding the perfect wine to pair with dinner.


One-Off Coaching Call - 1 hour

Schedule a one-hour coaching call for guidance and support at any stage of your writing journey. Whether you're just starting to develop your story idea or you're in the midst of your book and need help overcoming obstacles, Alicya will provide personalized advice and strategies to help you succeed. This call does not include a manuscript review, but you'll have the opportunity to gain clarity on your writing goals and develop a roadmap to achieve them, discuss story ideas, plot points, character development, and identify and overcome any challenges that may be hindering your writing progress. As a certified book coach, Alicya brings experience, knowledge, and a fresh perspective to your writing journey. With her guidance and support, you'll gain the confidence and tools you need to bring your story to life and share it with the world.
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One-Off Coaching Call with Manuscript Review

Elevate your writing with a personalized one-hour book coaching call to talk through your book, book plan, or chapter. Before the call, Alicya will review up to 5,000 words of your manuscript. You'll come away from our session with detailed feedback on your manuscript sample, and a clearer understanding of your writing strengths and areas for growth. Invest in the success of your book with a comprehensive manuscript critique. Her personalized attention, professional insight, and dedication to your success will help you navigate the path to publication with confidence.
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Manuscript Critique

Alicya will review your manuscript, analyzing its strengths and areas for improvement. You’ll receive practical suggestions and actionable steps to help you refine your manuscript as you work towards your publishing goals. This service includes a one hour coaching call to discuss story structure and pacing, character development and answer any questions you have about your next steps. (Manuscripts exceeding 100,000 words may be require a surcharge.) Invest in the success of your book with a comprehensive manuscript critique. Her personalized attention, professional insight, and dedication to your success will help you navigate the path to publication with confidence.
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Book Plan Critique

Refine your book plan before diving into the writing process. Together, we’ll assess the strengths and weaknesses of your plan, focusing on key elements such as plot structure, character development, pacing, and overall coherence, providing a clear roadmap for your writing journey. You will receive detailed feedback and specific suggestions for improvement and areas that require further development. Identify and address potential issues early in the writing process, gain confidence in your book plan and direction while saving time and effort by focusing on a well-structured plan. Don't let an underdeveloped plan hinder your writing progress. A Book Plan Critique is a roadmap to bring your ideas to life.
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Weekly/Monthly Book Coaching

Unlock your writing potential with personalized book coaching calls. Whether you're an aspiring author or a seasoned writer, Alicya will provide tailored guidance and support to help you achieve your literary goals. Through weekly or monthly one-on-one sessions, you'll receive constructive feedback, discuss writing techniques, and develop strategies to overcome challenges. She will help you stay accountable, motivated, and focused on your book project. With her expertise and encouragement, you'll refine your writing skills, build confidence, and make significant progress on your manuscript. Invest in your writing journey and take the next step towards your publishing goals.
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The Perfect Family by Denise Weiershaus

Crime Thriller

Stella, a private investigator, fled her controlling father and family after her brother Jonathan's suicide. Years later, her mother's apparent suicide attempt forces Stella to return home. Suspecting foul play, Stella investigates and uncovers dark family secrets, all pointing to her father's involvement. As she delves deeper into the mystery, Stella realizes that the true definition of family extends beyond blood ties. "The Perfect Family" is a gripping domestic crime thriller that explores the complex dynamics of family relationships and the secrets that can tear them apart, ultimately emphasizing the importance of chosen family bonds.

Lies Hidden by T.M. Duffy

Psychological Thriller

Zoe Sinclair, a lawyer grappling with her past and strained relationship with her father, discovers her grandmother's hidden psychiatric records revealing a conviction for spousal murder and institutionalization. Guided by her grandmother's spirit, Zoe embarks on a quest to uncover the truth, untangling a web of betrayal and lies. Reconstructing the final decade of her grandmother's life, Zoe exposes wrongdoings, triggering a dangerous chain of events. In a race against time, she confronts lethal secrets and ruthless individuals determined to keep the past buried, but the deadliest secret, concealed from both Zoe and her father, proves most treacherous.

The Unkindness of Ravens by S. E. Laughter

Paranormal Thriller

Sita Mason visits her late husband's lake house to sell it but encounters a missing woman's ghost. As Sita investigates, she uncovers a criminal organization called the Ravens, which her husband and new love interest may be involved with. Unsure who to trust or how to stop the hauntings, Sita finds herself entangled in deadly secrets, forcing her to confront the past to protect her future.

Empire- A Story of a Time by Robert Thomas

Alternative History/Speculative Fiction

Leighton Whittaker, a former secret service agent turned freelancer from the imperial province of Upper Canada, is tasked with investigating a secret pact between the reunifying United States and Confederate States that could threaten British interests in North America. Despite his privileged background, spendthrift habits, and skepticism towards the empire, Whittaker reluctantly accepts the mission for king and country. As he navigates the complex political landscape more than 150 years after the Civil War, he must unravel the mystery of the pact while grappling with his own beliefs about reunification and the expectations of his overbearing father who wants him to find a respectable job.


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