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Kallista Ann

Developmental Editor and Book Coach

About This Coach

Kallista Ann is a developmental editor and book coach. Her job is to take stories that don’t work and turn them into tales others enjoy reading. With her experience in book coaching, she knows how to meet writers where they are in the process and mentor them into becoming the authors they have always dreamed of.

Throughout her career, Kallista Ann has been the teaching assistant at Story Grid, where she helped other editors learn the skills of developmental editing. She’s also been a host at ProWritingAid during their Romance Writer’s Week and gives feedback to writers who attend the “Mastering Line-by-Line in Fiction: A Live Scene Writing Workshop.”

Kallista Ann loves mentoring writers because she believes everyone can write the next best-seller. Writing is a skill, not a talent. When she isn’t reading, she can be caught listening to show tunes and Taylor Swift as she explores new things.


Book Plan Critique

Creating a book plan will help you catch and fix developmental errors before writing the story, saving you hours in editing. You will create a book plan using The Write Practice's method. That includes the premise, story arc, point of view, setting, synopsis, etc. It will also help you create a strategy to keep your writing process on track. Then, Kallista will give you two rounds of feedback on your plan and help you know where to move forward so you can save yourself hours in revisions.
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Manuscript Critique

Turn a story that doesn't work into one that does. Kallista can spot precisely why your story isn't working by doing a big-picture analysis of it. She'll pinpoint problems within the point of view, characterization, plot, scene structure, etc. She'll identify the next best steps forward and jump on a coaching call with you at the end of the process. There, she will answer any questions and help you work through any confusion so you can be confident as you write forward.
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Weekly/Monthly Book Coaching

On-going book coaching will give you the support and accountability you need to finish your novel. Whether you just have an idea or are completely stalled in the writing process, Kallista can help you get to the finish line. You'll create a book plan and get feedback on it so you have a big-picture view of your story. Then, as you write forward, you'll get one check-in email each week, feedback on up to 10,000 words per month, and two 60-minute coaching calls per month. Time commitment varies per project, but expect six months to start.
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Blood of My Heart by K.P. Burchfield

Dark Romance Fantasy

Jason's Awakening by Remy Marie

Paranormal Romance

The First Demon by Tamara Geraeds

YA Paranormal Romance

Titus Fogg by Aaron Piper

YA Action Fantasy

Death's Queen by Janeal Falor

YA Action Fantasy


Book Plan Critique
5 stars rating

Review from Sarah’s Book Plan Critique

Reviewed on March 27, 2024
Yes, I would work with this coach again!

Kallista knows her stuff.

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