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There are 9 types of stories. Do you know which one you're writing? Find out with this free plot type test. Or upgrade to the premium test to predict your subplot and internal plot, plus, our class Plot Type Mastery.

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What's REALLY Happening at the Heart of YOUR Story?

Plot types aren't about putting your story in a box.

They're about learning what's really going on at the heart of your story.

These patterns in storytelling have existed ever since humans started telling stories around campfires, and now, with this free assessment, you can learn exactly what is really driving your story (and how to make it better).

This assessment has been proven to accurately predict which of the 9 types of story your story fits into. 

You'll also get free resources to learn how to use your plot type to better understand and improve your story structure.

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Plot Type Mastery

When you upgrade to the premium assessment, you'll also get our class, Plot Type Master, so you can learn everything you need to understand what's really going on at the heart of your story.

By the end of this class taught by bestselling author of The Write Structure, Joe Bunting, you will be ready to write a story that works.

Here's what you'll get in this class:

  • Premium Plot Type Assessment. Take our proven, detailed plot type assessment which can accurately predict which of the 9 types of story is your main plot. You'll also receive scores to help you determind your subplot and internal plot.
  • Cheat Sheets for the 9 Plot Types. Learn the archetypes for each of the 9 plots, plus how to quickly apply them to your story.
  • The 3 Plot Rule. Learn how to create a solid foundation for your novel or film with the “3 Plot Rule.”
  • And more!  

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About Joe Bunting

Joe Bunting is a Wall Street Journal bestselling writer, book coach, and the founder of The Write Practice, with fourteen years experience transforming aspiring authors into published authors. 

Joe's believes everyone deserves the chance to share their story, and since 2010, he has been demystifying the writing, editing, and publishing processes and guiding thousands of people to become authors.

The Write Practice, the writing community Joe founded in 2011, is one of the world's leading resources for creative writers. It has reached over 25 million readers since 2011 and is cited by educational institutions globally for its practical take on the creative writing process. 

More than anything, Joe is driven by a passion to help people who dream of sharing their stories and ideas with the world. He is committed to guiding aspiring writers through the hurdles of writing and publishing, from tackling writer's block and structuring their stories, to obtaining professional feedback and mastering the intricacies of the publishing industry.

Joe Bunting

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How will I receive my assessment results?

Your results will be emailed to you upon completion of the assessment.

How do I know if my assessment results are accurate?

We've found that this assessment gets a writers plot type write most of the time, and even when it doesn't predict it perfectly, it will tell you how your story may appear to readers which could enable you to make your plot structure more clear.

Plus, we'll give you more resources on all the 9 plot types so you can better determine which plot type yours is.

I paid for the premium assessment but haven't gotten my premium results yet?

Oh no! I'm so sorry about that. First, make sure you've taken the plot type assessment, which you can do here. If you still haven't received your premium results, please email us at admin [at] thewritepractice [dot] com. Thanks!

How can I learn more about the 9 types of stories?

The 9 plot types are discussed in Joe Bunting's bestselling book The Write Structure, as well as on this post about types of stories on

Find the Heart of Your Story

Your stories plot type determines what's really happening at the heart of your story. Find your story's heart by taking the plot type assessment today!