I don’t want to be a writer anymore.

Why should I bleed on paper just for some editor’s red pen to bleed all over it? My ideas aren’t that good and no one ever reads my work. No publisher’s ever going to like it. Besides, it’s giving me tendinitis.

No, I’m done with writing. I’m going to find a career with a steady income and consistent job description.

Peace out, pen, we’re getting divorced.

Quit Writing

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Do you ever have days where you feel like that? Days where you’re willing to sacrifice your dream to do something more feasible?

I do.

But as I nurse my physical wounds with ice and emotional ones with a brandy old fashion, I take a step back and re-evaluate.

Why do you write?

If you’re writing to become famous, maybe the pen and paper isn’t your optimal medium.

But if you’re writing because you can’t not write, then keep going.

How to persevere

1. Anticipate rejection, failure, and low self-esteem.

It happens. It’s part of the journey to writerhood. One thing that helps me is a cute coffee cup full of colored index cards with words of encouragement from people who mean a lot to me. I know someone else who wrote nasty words on the wall with rejection letters.

2. Stop comparing yourself to other writers.

Unless that comparison gives you the courage to keep writing, don’t do it. You are not that writer. You never will be. Be you. That’s what you’re best at.

3. Keep writing.

Don’t let your fear debilitate you. Writing is hard but not writing is harder. Your story needs to be told. So tell it.

Why do you write?


For fifteen minutes, free write about why you write. Share in the comments and find common ground with other practitioners.

Katie Axelson is a writer, editor, and blogger who's seeking to live a story worth telling. You can find her blogging, tweeting, and facebook-ing.

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