Join the Spring Writing Contest

This April, The Write Practice is partnering with Short Fiction Break literary magazine to host a writing contest with $1,200 in prizes and in which everyone who enters can get published.

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Writing Contest Guidelines

Open to writers of all kinds to write a new story based on our contest theme, workshop it in our writing community, and submit it for publication in Short Fiction Break literary magazine.

All writers who participate may be published if they choose.*

Maximum length: 1,500 words.

Contest theme: Happily Ever After.

Enrollment deadline: To participate, you must enroll for the contest by Thursday, March 31. Your story will be due for workshopping on Monday, April 4. Your final submission is due Monday, April 11.

Over $1,400 Prizes, PLUS Publication for Every Writer

The panel of judges will select one grand prize winning story, two runners-up, and five honorable mentions. These winners will receive:



The grand prize winning story will be featured on the front page of Short Fiction Break. 

They’ll receive one year of free Classes Tier membership to The Write Practice, normally $588, as well as a cash prize of $300.

This prize is valued at $888.


Two runners-up will have their stories featured on the front page of Short Fiction Break. They will also receive a cash prize of $100 each, and one year of free Feedback tier membership to The Write Practice Pro, normally $180.

This prize is valued at $280 each.


The honorable mentions will have their stories featured on the front page of Short Fiction Break.


Every writer who submits a story to this contest will be published by Short Fiction Break.*

Winners will be announced in December.

*Authors who do not wish to be published may opt out.


Those who choose to have their stories published will be entered for the Readers’ Choice Award. Readers and fellow contest participants will have a week to vote for their favorite story, and the winner will be featured on the front page of Short Fiction Break.


The Write Practice Pro is the premier workshopping community from The Write Practice. Contest participants receive six weeks of access to the workshopping community to get feedback on their short stories, novel chapters, and other writing pieces.


Participants in this contest get three bonus eBooks worth $30, including our guide How to Win a Writing Contest and the bestselling book on writing short stories, Let's Write a Short Story.

What Other Writers Are Saying About Our Writing Contests

My writing improved faster in one week than a whole year’s worth of studying

The feedback from the judges was great. It was the kind of feedback I crave and can't get from family or friends.

Just to have my work published somewhere, and to be able to point people to it is great for me as a writer.

I'm addicted to writing contests now!

I’m so glad I chose to enter the contest! Has been the best learning experience. We all need a safe place to get feedback and this contest provided that. I’m forever grateful and glad of the experience.

I just wish I had a contest deadline all the time!

It has been a phenomenal experience for me…. I have learned more than I will be able to digest anytime soon.

It was the first time entering but it won't be the last.

This contest was a tremendous boost for me…. I gained so much from the critiques others had of my work. But the greatest gain was in being able to read the work of others and to learn the power of editing and rewriting.

Though I didn't officially win the contest, I'm a winner because my writing improves each time I enter a contest.

It has given me a sense of belonging to a community of writers.

I was in a creative rut for some time before hearing about the contest and being part of this pushed me to break out of it.

This Contest Is Now Closed

The writing contest is closed. But don't worry! We host new writing contests all the time.

Full Contest Rules

Want to know all the details? Here's how the writing contest will work:

  1. Write a new story based on the contest theme: Happily Ever After.
  2. Join the Write Practice Pro community. All entrants get six weeks of access to the Write Practice Pro community, where you'll be able to workshop your piece for the writing contest and join a supportive, encouraging community of fellow writers.
  3. Finish your story. This isn't just a writing contest. We want to give you accountability to write something new. We'll give you the support you need to write a new story of up to 1,500 words.
  4. Workshop your story. After you finish your story, get valuable feedback from other members of the Write Practice Pro community. Then, edit your story so that it's the best it can be.
  5. Submit your story to the judges. After your story is workshopped, you can submit the final draft to the judges, who will review your story for publication.
  6. Get published! Every writer who enters has the option of getting published by Short Fiction Break. Whether the judges select your piece or not, you'll get the exposure your writing deserves.
  7. Get feedback from the judges! If you choose the premium entry, you'll also get personalized feedback about why your story was or wasn't selected by the judges.
  8. Celebrate the winners. The judges will choose several winning stories. These top stories will get featured publication and cash prizes, as well as be publicized to The Write Practice's community of readers.
Enrollment for participation in the contest is only open until Thursday, March 31 at 11:59 pm PT and your story is due for workshopping Monday, April 4. Your final submission is due Monday, April 11. The sooner you enroll, the more time you have to write a better story.

This Contest Is Closed

The writing contest is closed. But don't worry! We host new writing contests all the time.