Why You Need to Harness Your Sorrow to Write Well

John Cooper Clarke, the British poet, was once told by a fan, “Hey John, love your poems. I write too, but I can only write when I’m depressed.” Clark replied, “Well I hope you never write then!”

However, most writers use emotion as fuel for their writing. There is a stasis, an equilibrium that our bodies and minds need to maintain their function, but as writers we fight against balance, we encourage any emotions that are on the edge. We embrace and harness our emotions and write about them.

INTRODUCING: Words on Wednesdays

Today, I’m thrilled to introduce a new aspect of The Write Practice: Words on Wednesdays.

One of the most important parts of improving at writing is expanding your vocabulary.

Which is why once a week, Suzie Gallagher and I are going to share a new vocabulary word, in addition to our normal post. We’ll learn the definition, see an example from literature, and then, in true Write Practice form, we’ll get to practice writing with the word for five minutes.