Story Grid Diagnostic

Get professional feedback from a Story Grid certified editor

. Writing a book is an incredible accomplishment. If you've come this far, congratulations!

Once you finish, the question becomes . . . what next?

The Story Grid Diagnostic will give you a holistic overview of your book, equipping you with the vision, tools, and plan you need to complete your second draft.

What You'll Get

The Story Grid Diagnostic consists of five deliverables that will prepare you to tackle your next draft.

The Six Core Question Analysis: Do you know what your story is about? Your editor will answer six fundamental questions about your book, drilling down to the heart of the story. This global analysis will show you where your book stands now, what you want it to become, and exactly what you'll need to do to get it there.

A One-Hour Phone Call Consultation: The best editing is collaborative, so you and your editor will spend an hour on the phone talking through your book. At the end of this call, you'll have a clear understanding of what your book is meant to be. You'll come away with fresh energy and inspiration, invigorated to write. Best of all, the call will be recorded, so you'll always have it as a resource to revisit when you get stuck.

The First Five Scenes Story Grid Spreadsheet: Your editor will conduct an in-depth, micro-level analysis of the first five scenes of your book. The concrete data in this spreadsheet will show you where your scenes are working and where they're not. It will allow you you identify exactly what you can do to improve your writing scene by scene, and it will help you outline your next draft.

Your Next Steps Recommendation Letter: With the Story Grid Diagnostic, you'll never find yourself overwhelmed by pages and pages of incomprehensible notes. This letter will walk you through a clear, practical, and achievable step-by-step plan to start and finish the next draft of your book.

Masterworks of Your Genre Recommendations: Every great writer is a reader. Your editor will handpick three classic books by masters of your genre for you to read. They'll serve as references and inspiration, showing you how other writers have solved the problems you're facing.

How It Works

Ready to get started? Here's how it works:

  1. Tell us about your book. Fill out the form below to tell us about the book you've written and let us know you're interested in a Diagnostic.
  2. Look for an email from our Editor-in-Chief. Our Editor-in-Chief will reach out to you to find out more about your book. Then, she'll work with the editors on our team to match you with the best editor for your project. 
  3. Complete the secure payment form. Our Editor-in-Chief will send you a secure payment form to purchase your Diagnostic and reserve your spot on your editor's calendar.
  4. Connect with your editor. Our Editor-in-Chief will send an email connecting you with your editor. Your editor will request your manuscript and confirm the editing schedule you can expect.
  5. Your editor will read your manuscript and prepare your deliverables. This process takes approximately four weeks from the date your editor begins.
  6. Schedule your call. When your deliverables are ready, your editor will send you an email to schedule your one-hour phone consultation.
  7. Collaborate with your editor. This is the best part: together on the call, you and your editor will discuss your vision for your book and find strategies to help you achieve it.
  8. Receive your deliverables. Your editor will revise the deliverables based on what you discuss on the call. Then, they'll send your full Diagnostic to you in a Google file. You'll receive this file within a week after the call.
  9. Edit your book! With your Diagnostic in hand, you'll have everything you need to make your next draft even better.


I've just finished my first draft. When should I get a Story Grid Diagnostic?
This is the perfect time for you to invest in a Story Grid Diagnostic. The Diagnostic will help you sort through everything you've written to find the story you want to tell. You'll skip the overwhelm and lack of direction most writers face when they start their second draft as you and your editor will develop a clear plan for revisions.
I'm working on my second draft now (or third!). Is the Diagnostic for me?
Absolutely! If you've worked through a round or two of revision, you may have a clear idea of what you intend your book to become. Your editor will help you determine how to best execute your vision on the macro and micro level.
Can I submit a partial manuscript for a Story Grid Diagnostic?
You'll get the most out of your Diagnostic if you submit a completed manuscript. You can get the support, feedback, and accountability you need to finish through our 100 Day Book program or in the Becoming Writer community.
I'm not very familiar with the Story Grid. Will a Story Grid Diagnostic be helpful to me?
Definitely! You don't need to have any background with Story Grid to reap the benefits of the Story Grid Diagnostic. Plus, there's a wealth of resources available for free on the Story Grid website. We recommend you take a look at a few of the articles while you wait to schedule your call.
Does the Story Grid Diagnostic include line editing or proofreading?
No. The Diagnostic involves high-level developmental editing, helping you shape your global story into a story that works.
Is this just for novels? What about memoir and other nonfiction?
The Story Grid Diagnostic is a fantastic tool for fiction, memoir, and even nonfiction. Chances are, your book is a great fit!

What Other Writers Are Saying

I am inspired by our work together, and I think my recent struggle with writing in is large part due to many of the things that we decided needed to be rethought in the book. You have given me so much to think about. It feels good and right. So write I shall!

I hope to hire you again after I’ve gotten somewhere in the new writing. I have met a lot of professionals in the business, and I think you have been the most memorable and constructive. Good Mojo!

Thanks so much!



The price of a diagnostic is based on the length of your book.

Up to 100,000 words: $1,200

Each additional 10,000 words: +$100

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