Welcome to the write plan planner Tutorial

Ready to get started with your Write Plan Planner? In this tutorial, you'll learn exactly how to use this planner to finish your book.

We'll start with the three most important sections in your planner. 

Thank you for using The Write Plan planner. I'm so excited for you to begin using this tool to write and finish your book. In this tutorial series, we will begin to fill out your new Write Plan Planner. So make sure you have it out, and that you have a pen or a pencil handy so that we can get started.

As you know, writing a book is incredibly difficult. It takes a huge amount. Of time, effort, willpower and focus. But as we've trained millions of writers at The Write Practice to finish their books and accomplish their writing goals, we've learned that there really are some simple things that you can do to make writing a book easier. More fun and ultimately help you write a better book.

There are three main parts to The Write Plan planner, but it all starts with a plan, The Write Plan 🤣 you might say.

Section 1: The Book Plan

So in the first part of this planner, you'll find our book plan, which is an extensive. Process to plan out every step of the writing process from the initial idea to the finished draft and even to publishing and marketing your book.

When you think through every step of the process, and when you break down the book writing process to a set of small, simple steps, you're much more likely to actually finish. In fact, when we've done tests. With our 100 Day Book program, we found that people who finished a book plan were 52 percent more likely to finish their book than those who didn't.

Section 2: Structure

But how do you write a good book, especially for the fiction and memoir writers among us. That's where we have the book structure section, where you'll be able to think through a lot of the content of your novel or memoir and structure it in a way that's really effective.

Section 3: Weekly and Daily Planning Pages

A plan is great to have, but all the planning in the world won't write your book for you. That's why we have weekly and daily pages to help you break up your book, writing process into small steps that you can both actually accomplish and make it really fun.

Finally in case you need more space to write, we have a notes and sketches section where you can write and draw anything that you think will help you in your book, writing process.

Ready to get started?

Flip to the title page of your planner. And if you haven't yet write your name and the title of your book there in those boxes. Then you can write the draft number. If this is your first draft, you can write one. If your second draft them write two. And so on.

This planner is best used for one draft. And so once you finished the draft, be sure to pick up another planner from our online store, thewrite.shop.

Then write the draft number. If this is your first draft, write one. If it's your second draft, write two. And so on, this planner is best used for one draft. So once you finished this draft, be sure to pick up another planner from our online store at thewrite.shop.

Finally, you can write today's date, the date that you're beginning this process. And just below that you can write your email address and phone number so that if you lose your planner, someone else can get it back to you.

Once you've done that, let's move on to the next video to continue with your book plan.

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