Some of the books that make the biggest impact on us as readers are the books we read as children and teens. If you want to write for teens, today we have some young adult YA writing prompts to get your creative juices flowing. Use one of these story ideas to write your own YA story!

25 YA Writing Prompts

Young adult fiction, often shortened to YA, is a market for literature that focuses on teenage protagonists and their coming-of-age experiences. The stories in this market range from fantasy and science fiction to contemporary realist tales. There are young adult books across every genre.

YA novels typically explore topics such as identity, self-discovery, romantic relationships, mental health, and the struggles of growing up.

See our complete guide on How to Write a YA Novel here. You can also review the six elements of plot here. Or just choose a prompt and jump in! 

25 YA Writing Prompts

  1. A teen wakes up with no memory, only to realize they're a crucial part of a hidden rebellion.
  2. Two strangers with clashing personalities are chosen as partners for a life-or-death competition.
  3. A girl discovers a magical object that grants her one extraordinary wish, but it will cost her dearly.
  4. In a dystopian world, a group of teens forms an underground society fighting against oppression.
  5. A teenager finds a secret portal that leads to parallel universes, each with a different danger.
  6. A high school outcast uncovers a dark secret that threatens the safety of their entire town.
  7. A young artist's paintings come to life, blurring the line between fantasy and reality.
  8. A teenager with the ability to control dreams discovers a sinister plot targeting dreamers.
  9. A group of teens trapped in a haunted house must uncover its dark history to escape.
  10. A girl receives anonymous messages predicting future events, but some foretell tragedy.
  11. In a world where emotions are forbidden, a rebellious teen discovers the power of love.
  12. A young musician finds an enchanted instrument that brings both fame and danger.
  13. A teenager discovers they can communicate with animals and embarks on a quest to save them.
  14. A young witch struggles to control her powers while attending a prestigious magical academy.
  15. Two teens accidentally switch bodies and must navigate each other's lives to find a way back.
  16. A girl with the ability to heal others discovers she can also absorb their pain.
  17. In a post-apocalyptic world, a group of teens forms a band of scavengers searching for hope.
  18. A teenager uncovers a secret society of time travelers and becomes entangled in their mission.
  19. A young hacker stumbles upon a conspiracy that threatens to control people's thoughts and actions.
  20. A teenager inherits a house from a distant relative, but it comes with some peculiar conditions. 
  21. Two best friends uncover a hidden treasure map, leading them on a thrilling adventure to unlock a long-lost secret.
  22. An aspiring athlete must overcome a career-threatening injury and find the strength to pursue their dreams.
  23. A teenager with the ability to see ghosts must help a restless spirit find peace and solve their unfinished business.
  24. In a world where dreams can be manipulated, a teenager with vivid nightmares must confront their deepest fears.
  25. A teen's everyday life at their parents' coffee shop is disrupted by an unruly customer who claims to know the truth of the parents' identities.

Whether you write contemporary stories for young adults or fantasy stories set in a fantastical world, try one of these fiction writing prompts to write teenage protagonists pursuing a worthy goal today. 


Set your timer for 15 minutes. Choose one of the prompts above and start your story (or jump into the middle of a scene!). When time's up, post your practice in the Pro Practice Workshop here and share feedback with a few other writers. 

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