This post is by our newest regular contributor, Pooh Hodges. The cat. The cat who writes. Yes, I know it's odd for a writing blog to have a contributor who is a cat, but I've been following Pooh on his blog,, for several years. He's a particularly talented cat, and we're thrilled to have him joining our team. Welcome to The Write Practice, Pooh!

Before others will believe what is true about you, you’ll have to first believe it yourself.
―Jeff Goins, You Are A Writer

A few days ago I went to the veterinarians' office for my yearly check-up. On the intake form it asked what kind of cat I was. I  asked my typist to put down, “writer,” on the form.

hospitalandgoins book 057

Humans get asked what their occupation is. Cats don't get asked.

It is such a struggle, to be recognized as a writer. I want others to recognize I am a writer, but first I have to believe it myself.

Do You Believe in Yourself as a Writer?

hospitalandgoins book 051Mr. Goins doubted his ability as a writer. I understand how he felt. I really do.  I really doubted my ability to write as well.

My mother kept saying to me, “You should be chasing mice for a living. You are not a writer. You are a mouser.”

My biggest problem was I believed what my mother said. I didn't believe in myself.

After reading Mr. Goins book, You Are A Writer, I realized the only way to be a writer, was to act like one.

3 Ways to Act Like a Writer

I closed my Mouse Hunting Business and hired Mrs. Hodges to be my typist. We work together every morning. I dictate and Mrs. Hodges types. We are working on my memoir, and an updated version of my free e-book, “Cats Are Better Than Dogs.”

1. To be a writer you have to write.

So if you want to write, call yourself what you want to be.

I know if I say I am a doctor that doesn't make me a doctor. Some skills take years of training. And I know if I say I am a lawyer, I am not a lawyer. If you say you are a cat, that won't make you a cat.

But we can be writers. Yes, even a cat can be a writer.

2. Own the word.

Own the word writer. Go run into your bathroom, look in the mirror, and say, “I am a writer.” Then go sit down and write.

3. Stop saying, ” I want to be a writer.”

Stop saying, “I aspire to be a writer.” Wanting or aspiring is an excuse to delay sitting down to write.

4. Be prepared for someone to ask, “What do you write?”

Tell them, “I write stories or I write non-fiction or I write about how to be a cat.” Hold your chin up high.

You don't have to be published to be a writer. You just have to write.

You Are A Writer.

Yes, you are. If Mr. Goins says it, then it must be true. I do recommend you read Jeff Goins book, You Are A Writer. The book is divided into three sections: Write, Getting Read and Taking Action. So lets take action today. Lets practice writing.

If you are a writer. You act like a writer. And, what do writers do?

Writers write.

Everything is practice. Every word you write and action you take is a chance to get better.
― Jeff Goins, You Are A Writer


Write about when you told someone you are a writer.

Write for fifteen minutes. It could be a real story, or an imagined one. Maybe the story you tell will come true. When you are finished, please post your practice in the comments section. I look forward to reading your stories.


All my love,
love Pooh

Pooh Hodges is the cat who writes. He is an author, an entrepreneur and a visionary. He dictates to his typist every morning before he takes a nap in a sunbeam. He is currently writing his memoir, a tragic tale of loss and redemption.
Pooh would love to be your friend and he would love to connect with you on his blog,

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